Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bid Me To Come

OH MY GOODNESS! (My computer or my fingers have a mind of their own). I posted a blog with no writing.

On Friday night, I experienced my own personal breaking. I am sharing this with you because I believe that many of us are experiencing the same thing. I had to admit to God that I am afraid to walk on water.

I am finding that writing this blog each week is therapeutic. Although, it is scary to do something that exposes your inner thoughts and feelings and allows others to scrutinize what you say or think. I do want to be pleasing to the Father and even when I am unsure of how it translates to the brethern (sisteren), I must be about my Father's business. My goal is to let others know that it is okay to be you. In the past five years, I have learned that no matter what anyone else says or thinks about me, they have not had to live, think or breathe in my shoes. Their experiences may have mirrored or been similar to mine, but we all have to make our own choices.

I have had people say that they have read the blog and it is "interesting". Well the only thing that I can say is "I guess, I am "interesting" too", because it is about me. That is the only person that I have authority to expose. I have to understand that when you put yourself in a position of scrutiny, you will be scrutinized.

Last year, my cousin gave me the book, "If you want to walk on water, You've got to get out of the boat", by John Ortberg. I have read it front to back two times. This weekend, I read the passages about Peter walking on the water. And I am now finding that it is time to get out of the boat. He is bidding me to come. Just like Peter, I am sure that it is Him but I keep saying, If it is you Lord, command me to come.

I have to continue to do the things that I know will be helpful to someone else. I keep hearing "Fear not", but that just strikes up more fear. Why is God telling me not to fear? Because in saying that, there must be something to be afraid of. Am I afraid of failing, am I afraid of succeeding, am I afraid of what someone else thinks, am I afraid of what it will cost me, am I afraid of the sacrifice?

This is the time of testing. I have to do some hard things right now. I have to set goals, WRITE THEM DOWN, get out of the boat and WALK ON WATER. In this season of my life, I will have to really rely on God to order my steps and to keep me under the shadow of His wings. I expect great things in the season and as He bids me to come, I must be obedient to His command. I must trust that He knows exactly what I need and shall supply it in that time.

In each one of you, there is something that is calling you higher. Please take the first step and get out of the boat. "Even the longest journey must begin where you stand." (Michael Moncur, 9/1/04)

Keep Walking,

MiVida es de Oro!
My Life is Golden!
(When I am tried in the fire, I shall come out as pure gold!)
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Bonnie said...

Your blog was a 2nd unexpected find this morning. Both of your postings shared the same chord on some things....things that God has spoken to me as well. I will trust that finding you was God's doing. Just wanted to introduce myself, let you know that you have an adorable blog (love the shoes, girl!), and let you know that I'll be back. The Lord Bless you today!


Stiletto's said...

Much Related. Like you, there are areas in my life where I must walk on water. These areas are areas that I am not very fimiliar with, yet I believe that God had called me to walk these water. It will take a greater measure of faith to walk with winds blowing all around me, yet I do know that if God has bidded me to come, that He is there with me. Even if I begin to sink, I can just call on Him. I'm trust in God that the desires of my heart will come to pass. I believe that I have good success and my ways are prosperous. There is no failure in God!

Golden~1 said...

Thanks so much Bonnie. I really appreciate your comments and pray that you continue to join me and leave an encouraging word. You have been entered into this weeks shoe give away. Even if you don't wear size 10 you can always give them away!

TAR said...

God is calling me "higher" too. In my marriage and in the spiritual talents He has given me. Friday I was reminded of my "yes" to God. Although it is scary at times to pursue what He has put in me to be or my flesh just doesn't want to comply, I know that the provision is there through Christ.

Anonymous said...

I was 9 years old when I tagged along with my sister to her Cadet Troops overnight outing to the YWCA. We were around the swimming pool and the echo of everyone laughing and jumping in filled the room. They were encouraging me to do like wise. How I wanted to join in the fun. The exhilaration of it all...but the "sight" of all that water coupled with my inability to swim, overwhelmed me.

Finally, someone who discerned my fear said, "Just close your eyes and jump in; the water isn't that deep! In the shallow end you can even stand up and it won't overtake you." Just for a moment-in spite of the fact that the bottom of the pool looked so far away; I believed it! In that second, I did it! I closed my eyes and jumped in...but as I hit the water, fear overtook me and I clammed up. I went completely down and remained underwater. I opened my mouth to scream and heard everyone around me screaming for me to stand up. I couldn't, I was paralyzed.

Someone finally pulled me by my hair to a standing position . I couldn't believe that the water had not drowned me! I was standing and my head was above water. In that moment the echo of the pool room was silent and I felt the spirit of fear recede and the Spirit of victory take it's place. All because of the hand of help that was offered. I found myself moving around in the water even as my feet ever so slightly left the bottom of the pool which I could not see. What made me able to overcome the spirit of fear that day and walk not by sight but by faith, was the knowledge that I was not alone. It was that day that I began my lesson of walking by faith and not by sight in the Holy Ghost/water!

I wear a size 8, but I'd be glad to bless someone if I win!

Love ya,

Minister Lorrie

Beauti4ashes said...

My my my what a topic and once again your blog continues to bless me. I have been facing a "Bid Me To Come" moment in my finances, with in the ministry, and in my personal dreams and aspirations. For many years I have been afraid of all the what if's in my life...you know the what if I don't succeed, what if no one except me, what if it's not right and all the others that you could think of.

But since the beginning of this year by the power of The Holy Ghost I have chosen to believe God no matter what I see or don't see. In order to truly walk on the water in our lives we have to walk on the word of God...think about what Peter actually walked on was the word "Come" because he believed in the word that Jesus spoke to him.

We as the people of God must realize that when we walk on the Word of God how can we not walk on the very water that God create by His "Word". Continue to be blessed and simply "Come"~ Smooches

Much Love,

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I really enjoyed my visit here. The gospel and shoes? Who woulda thunk it? LOL Love what you have going on here. Visiting by way of SITS.

Meaghan said...

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Tammy R said...

I love the name of your blog!

Your words were real and right up front. Getting out of the boat is scary but I've learn to just keep your eyes on Jesus as you walk on the water.

I came over from Bonnie's blog and glad that I did. Need to get my morning started so will be back later to read more.

Aleta said...

Your post makes me want to put on some high heel shoes and jump out of the boat. I loved the message and the sincerity in your words and I wish you the best as you take your walk.

Diana said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your words of encouragement. Forgive me for responding here, but I didn't know how else to contact you. And this post seemed apropos.
Blessings to you in your ministry.