Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Team Bill, O'Reilly that is.....

Hey All,

I know this is a day late and a dollar short. I also know it is roughly 80 pages long.  I also know that this post is going to get me in a lot of trouble with the fans of Bey…..but let’s just get it out there…. I agree with Bill O’Reilly regarding Beyoncé's new music. 
She does have a responsibility to our youth, especially our young girls.  I saw her as a role model of empowerment and of substance, which is why I didn’t object to the girls listening to music like “Single Ladies, Girls Run the World, Halo, and Love on Top”.  The Beyoncé that sang at the President's inauguration, the Beyoncé full of life and class.  I guess I am not used to seeing her as a sex object.  What is that the old folks say? Give a person an inch….they will take a mile.

I have read so many reviews and heard so many talk show hosts blasting Bill O’Reilly for correcting or questioning Beyoncé’s behavior.  Now Bill had no right in questioning Russell Simmons but his inquiry was right on point.  Bill, you will need to ask Beyoncé these questions, not someone a) who is not her husband and b) someone who is not her manager/publicist/mama/cousin/etc.   What struck me as hilarious in this whole interview is that Russell wouldn’t touch the issue with a 10 foot pole.  He kept talking about mediation and Zen.  (I had to giggle.)

As I still hear conversations about how bad Bill O’Reilly slammed Beyoncé, a grown woman, with a husband, and a child yet I also think about the fact that Beyoncé is my daughter’s favorite performers.  My daughter is a young girl of 16 with no husband, and no children, that I know of.  In the past, although I was not a major fan, I respected her.  Her growth musically; her aspirations; her empowerment of girls.  Now, I am teetering on banning Beyoncé.

Wendy Williams (How u doin’?), who came to Beyoncé’s defense is totally right in saying that Beyoncé should be allowed to express herself in any manner that she chooses because she is grown, has a husband, and a child.  Wendy is also correct in implying that it is the parent’s responsibility to parent.   However, both ladies should realize that Beyoncé’s following is comprised of a myriad of ages, genders, and ethnicities.  Many of whom are impressionable young ladies and that may act on the lyrics without the husband, marriage, and the like.  I was once a young impressionable girl and yes, I made it through but with some scars and issues to bear but my idols really helped me to make some bad choices in the 80s. 

In my day (I sound like an OP (old person), Prince was the villain with his provocative lyrics.  We however were banned from listening to him, at least at home.  Prince had a large following of ages, genders, and ethnicities but we had parents who shielded us from these things or at least tried to do so.  I still love him and Prince is still a “Sexy….” You know the rest.

I am not mad at Beyoncé, for being who she is!  Yay you! I just want her to realize that Blue Ivy will one day have a role model or someone they look up to, which may be just as persuasive as she is and I wonder will she morph into mommy mode when surfboarding is no big deal 15 years from now?  She will because she a woman and a mom. She will protect her young!  Don’t be fooled.  I know she will SHUT IT DOWN!

So back to my issue, during the Christmas holiday, my daughter asked for the new Beyoncé CD.  She is a good kid, with good grades, and generally does the right thing.  So we obliged her request and brought her the CD.  Yes, I did so without listening to the music or knowing anything about its content.  It had not been preview, review, listen to, or scrutinized, just a blind purchase for a daughter we love…..wrong move mama (where is that shield?).  I thought it would be more of the same girl empowerment music I had heard in the past. 

On our way to Christmas dinner, we played it in the car.  And boy was my face red! (   I did not have one but both of my daughters riding down the highway listening to some very suggestive music.  We did not look at each other the entire ride.  When we arrived at our destination, I said, “This will NOT be played on the way home” and “What was that?”  Neither girl objected nor have we listened to it again.  (It was trashed).  It is something we whisper about in passing.  “Like, I’ll make you listen to Beyoncé”.  And typically the response is…..In the words of Jimmy Fallon “Ewwwwww”.

Let me admit, I didn’t have a clue as to what Beyoncé was singing about.  Until the oldest girl of 21 said, you can google the lyrics.  Why OH Why did I do that? Again my face was red.

So Beyoncé mission accomplished. You have created much conversation, isolated some responsible parents of your followers, and yes, you have been banned from our home.  I was really surprised when I heard “Bow Down”.  Sorry Bey, that act of submission will remain to be reserved for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I just read that you joined Sheryl Sandberg, one of my idols, in the campaign to ban bossiness when it comes to girls.  Great PR move, since you just called us the “B” word, while remaining “Flawless” to many. 

Bill, I stand with you on this one.  I cannot, will not expose nor condone my girls listening to explicit music or watching sexual shows in my home.  That is my choice as a parent and again, Wendy is right I am choosing to parent.  Beyoncé, your records will continue to sell and concerts be sold out without my hard earned money but I won’t.

Bottom line, here is my plea…. “Beyoncé please sing responsibly” my daughters are watching you.
Mi Vida




Monday, February 3, 2014

On to the Next!

Last month I closed a chapter in my life.  I went from student to Graduate!!!  Yay ME!  I am very pleased with my accomplishments because I decided in 2008 that a Bachelor Degree was indeed within my grasp. 

On January 25, 2014 at 10:30am, I participated in the 102nd Walsh College Commencement and was selected as the speaker to boot! 

Commencement Speech

With this new found knowledge I plan to take on the World!!!!...well not exactly, I am just plain wore out right now.  World domination will have to wait until I open the next chapter.  However, I do plan to use my talent, skills, and knowledge as an asset to help someone else. This is an open invitation to all of the companies clamouring to get an newly minted graduate to give me a call. 

Right now I am so glad to have completed my degree and will be moving forward in my personal goals.  This was no easy task.  As a parent, I worked, not one but two jobs and went to school.  Also as if I hadn't already deprived myself of enough sleep, I worked overtime and volunteered for every conceivable event I could possibly squeeze in. I also started a Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association at Walsh.  With so many commitments, I think I was actually in two places at one time but no one will really confirm it, they are scared by the mere thought of it! 

This busyness has caused me to put so many that I truly love on hold, waiting for this chapter to be done.  Well now it's done and time to get on with things; to live a little; to dream more; and become the person that I have imagined. 

My Grad Shoe ~Audrey Brooke
Earth Platform
Closing this chapter will prayerfully open up some more time to blog, write, and think.  Yesterday, I was amazed. I actually had time to polish my toes AND read a magazine.  This must be how the rich and beautiful people live...and I am well on my way.....well not exactly, starting the Walsh MBA program this Fall! What can I say I am a glutton for punishment.

As I move through this new chapter, I will be updating my blog and emailing info about events and causes that I am supporting.  Hope you will ride the roller coaster of life with me and continue walking in faith!  I know I always do! 

My Life Is Golden!