Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Fall Y'all

Fall Is Here

What comes to mind when you think about fall? I usually think of cold weather, catching colds, high heating bills, snow and shoveling. I can truly say that I have not been a big fan of Fall. As a child, I didn't care that it was cold outside, I just wanted to keep playing. As I grew into a teenager and the coats got shorter and thinner, the biting air would literally freeze my behind off. In adulthood, I drag out the heavy, long coats and still cannot seem to shake the chill that runs through my body. Fall...I was definitely not a fan.
This year as I was driving down the street, I recognized how beautiful the trees were, with all the colors they had on them.
My mind does marvel at the beauty of the season and all of the magnificent work the Lord has put into it.
I saw the rolling clouds and how they reflected the light as the sun went down. I saw the sky change from gray to blue in just a matter of minutes and I had to say "How GREAT is our GOD!"
His handiwork is all around us, and all I could see is the impending cold (and flu) season ahead.
Well the buck stops here, little Missy. I am challenging myself to become more selfless and less selfish, this season. Many things I don't do because "It's too cold outside, " but what if I had to live in that state for an unknown amount of time? What if I had to make my home in a tent or under a bridge? I have to appreciate the fact that the Lord makes everything new and that Fall and Winter are a time of regeneration. It is an opportunity of thanksgiving and gratitude for all He had done for us.
What if I didn't know where my next meal was coming from? What if I lost everything? Because of the Lord mercies, I am not consumed, therefore, my heart goes out every time I see someone in a homeless shelter or out on the streets. I have learned to keep some change in the car, so when I see them, I can give them a few dollars to make it through.
This holiday season, I am going to energize my house with the outpouring of thanks for the things we do have and gratefulness for the ability to give to others. For Thanksgiving, I am extending my hand to help feed the hungry, homeless and even those without families. My children and I are not talking the talk, we are walking the walk. (I have some of those shirts if you need one, smile).
During the Christmas holiday, I am asking each one of my children to contribute some of their Christmas funds to help buy a meal for a family. You can do the same or something like it for someone else.
I would like each of you to pass this post on, and ask your co-workers, neighbors, classmates, and friends, to join me as I go out into the community and help others. I am looking for opportunities to be a bless, so if you know of some, email me at The purpose of FWHs is to be a resource network, so we want to know about things happening in and around our communities. Help ME, HELP OTHERS!!!!!
Let us help you spread the word! Help us spread the Word. Check the newsletter for opportunities not only during the Major Holidays' (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) but allllllllll year long!!!!
Your hands mean a lot to these organizations, your skills are needed and your life is a shining example of Love in Action.
Keep Walking!!!!!!
MiVida (also, I think that it would be great for someone to get these boots for me, be selfless why dontcha!)
Vince Camuto ~ Alician