Friday, July 16, 2010

Living Beyond Limits

Struggling doesn't always make you stronger; sometimes it can just make you tired. ~ Terry McMillan

No where in the Word of God do I find the actual word struggle. Therefore, I do not believe that we have been called to struggle. I keep hearing people say, "it's a struggle or I'm struggling". But I cannot speak these words in peace anymore. I know that the Lord has not called us to a life of struggle. He has promised that life will be more abundant, if it is in Him.

When I saw this quote from Terry McMillan (the famous, "Exhale", author), I knew that she knew. I am tired of struggling and I refuse to affirm my life in these terms.

Here are the affirmations I choose to use:

I am victorious.
I am living life abundantly.
I am the head and not the tail.
I am above and not beneath.
I shall suffer no lack.
God is my source.
I am healthy, wealthy and wise.
I give and not take.
I believe to see, not see to believe.
I am a peacemaker.
I am going to Jamaica!!!!
Ladies, we have so much power in the words we speak. Make your own affirmations, speak over yourself, encourage yourself. We have to use the positive to overcome the negative in every situation. As I move forward in my life, my dreams are getting bigger. So I cannot allow negativity, doubt or naysayers to infiltrate the positive words I know have been spoken over me. I want to be with people who are ~ Living Beyond Limits. And I want to affect people so much that they also want to live beyond limits.

I no longer see a boundary to my dreams. I believe that they can exceed the capacity of my vision and break all barriers of the terms I set. I believe that God is just that BIG that He can increase my faith beyond what I can see.

My dreams/life cannot be limited by finances, education, family, or people. My dreams are bigger than just me. My dreams include you and your dreams, so they are limitless. In Hebrews 11:3, we are told that "through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of thing which do appear." In other words, God dreamed and spoke non-existent things into being. What we see today, is a manifestation of a dream/vision of one.

I challenge each one of you reading this to really take some time and dream. Your dream should be for you. Write it down and review it for 30 days. Speak life into it. If it is a promotion, a scholarship to school, a business, a plan for your finances, etc. The key is to write it, make it plan, read it and run!!!!! Live in faith that the vision will come to pass. (Habbakuk 2:2-4). Don't stop starting to dream, because you might have to start over but don't struggle, LIVE!!!!

Enjoy life where you are, struggling is making you tired, not stronger.

I am learning that can find peace, joy and refreshing in small things. I can look beyond the limits to the hills, where I know I find my help. I can sit still and hear what the Lord is saying. And I can speak life, love, peace and grace unto the hearers. I can edify and glorify God through my life, my words and my good works. I can have all that He promised. I can LIVE BEYOND LIMITS and so can you. I'll be right here cheering us on!

Keep Walking in Faith,