Friday, March 4, 2011

You Gotta Watch Secret Millionaire

Recently I was watching the Oprah show and saw a segment that highlighted a new show called, “Secret Millionaire”. As I watched the show, I thought that the concept was good but it did not move me enough to want to watch the show. I was glad to see this young secret millionaire, Dani Johnson, giving back to the community. I thought it was a noble idea.

A few days later, I received an email that sparked my interest. I decided to investigate and boy am I glad I did. I decide to do a review. So here it goes….

ABC has a hit!!!! Much like the other show that did the boss going into work with the staff, this show is a reality check for many people who don’t realize that there is a world out there that needs our help.

I like that fact that “Secret Millionaire” is not about the super high profile millionaires, but about people who have a story to tell and have never forgotten where they came from. Their focus is on helping the community, not an individual person or company. ABC is highlighting charitable organizations that need help from us all, not the secret millionaire.

The first millionaire is Dani Johnson. She is a self-made millionaire and the author of several successful audio/video series, like “Recession Proof Your Income”. Her personal story of triumph is amazing, from welfare to wealth. Even though she is now a millionaire, Dani still understands the impact of poverty and what a helping hand will do for someone. Her heart and love for God’s people is exemplified on this show. The mission of the show is to find some local charities and then bless them with a donation from the Millionaire’s coffer. The idea is to really put some consideration into who gets what and why.

Dani is thrown into the impoverished neighborhood of Western Heights, Tenn. She is given only $40 for the week and must go out and find someone to help. At first, I thought, this is way too easy. But in reality it is not. I appreciated that the Network placed her into one of the hardest hit neighborhoods and she could see the devastation of the neighborhood, just by driving into the town. Then she was left to field her way from there. I appreciated that Dani was not afraid of venturing out in the neighborhood and talking with the local people. She learned of three organizations that were local the Western Heights that she could help.

• Love’s Kitchen

• The Joy of Music School

• Special Spaces

In the premier episode, Dani Johnson, revisited her past issues, such as homelessness, welfare, sickness and poverty and how she had experienced similar circumstances. Because she was able to quickly and correctly identify with those she was helping, I felt that the story line was very credible. She even gave a special gift to a family whose daughter is very ill.

Secret Millionaire shows the rest of the world that we all can do something to help someone else and even though Dani did not mention or reference the Lord in her episode, she was found reading the Bible, praying on a rock and with others. This is not so say that was her only criteria for giving but it shows her love for people through the heart of God. This was truly an inspiration to see. I am glad that the Network allowed the content to be seen.

The Secret Millionaire is a wonderful show that captivated, compelled and inspired me to take the next step in local giving. I feel that this show will do quite well and is going to be the next, “Extreme Home MakeOver”. The value of what they are doing, especially in this economy, is priceless. I loved every minute of the show and hate that there will be commercials.

Way to go ABC and Secret Millionaire it is your next Sunday Night hit. I’m telling everyone I know to watch and help keep this show on the air.  In these times, we need more inspiring, responsible and positive television.  Tune in this Sunday, March 6, 2011 at 8:00 p.m.  Watch with your family and let me know what you think!