Monday, July 28, 2008

Faith that Is Pleasing

But without faith [it is] impossible to please [him]: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and [that] he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Hebrews 11:6

This morning I woke up thinking about the level of my faith. Is it pleasing unto God? This scripture is so powerful; in that it asks us to do something, to receive something. We must seek the Lord with our whole hearts, minds and souls to receive our reward. But in the midst of everything that is going on, we are pulled from every direction and our hearts go one way, our minds another and Jesus bless our souls!

I truly want to be pleasing unto God. I want to be a vessel of honor. I want to walk in obedience. I want to yield to His will. I want to hear Him say "Well Done!" I want to walk the streets of Gold. I want to see Jesus.

Have you really ever considered where your level is? Are you full, half way there or running on empty? I know that to please Him, we must believe that He is. But believing is half of the battle, we must know that He is.

The Lord has been my provider, deliverer, sustainer, encourager, comforter, protector, counselor, friend, companion, lover, and most of all Savior, in every sense of the word. He saved me from sin, myself, foolishness, vanity, pride and self-destruction.

As daughters of the King, we must know that we must cultivate our faith in Him to be pleasing to Him. We must talk with the Lord daily and LISTEN for the answer. We must come to Him believing that He knows what is best, that He is in control and the He IS. And most importantly we must seek HIM - Diligently. Like we search for sales, we must seek after Him. Like we check our emails, we must seek after Him. Like we text, we must seek after Him. Like we shop, we must seek after Him. These are just a few things that we prioritize in our lives. Let's make seeking HIM a calendar item. Let's make seeking Him an email reminder. Let's make seeking Him, the text of the day. Try it. Send an text to one of your fav five and tell them to stop and ask the Lord if they are pleasing Him. Email someone and ask them to check their Faith.

Writing this blog, I am seeking the Wisdom of God and His Words to pass along. I am activating my faith that this will not be just a hobby, but a profound expansion of God's Glory in our lives. I am asking each one who reads today's post, to respond with a hearty Amen.

Add your faith shout to this blog. You don't have to write a long note, just say AMEN!

Keep WALKING in Faith, even with those heels on!


Tried in the Fire, but coming out Gold!
(Shoes by Dollhouse)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Growing The Fruit of Faith

For the past month and a half, our Pastor, Joseph Hewitt has been teaching us about Spiritual Fruitfulness. Now the fruit of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, longsuffering, goodness, gentleness, meekness, temperance, and Faith. (Galations 5:22,23)

You know where I am going, Faith. It is a powerful weapon against the enemy. I believe that Faith is so powerful that nothing can stand in its way. Faith can be a positive or a negative. The activation of your faith is totally up to you. You can have no faith, little faith, great faith or so great faith. What is that thing that you are praying diligently about, speak it in Faith. When you wake up each morning, confirm in the spirit that God has already done it. Don't doubt, never waiver. Rise up knowing, not feeling, but knowing God is on your side.

I have found that Faith is a fruit, a spirit, a healer, a shield, a breastplate and a gift. We walk by faith, stand in faith, possess faith, speak in faith, see our faith. It can save us, can be weak or strong, is a justifier, and it only takes a little to move mountains.

But what is Faith to you, what does this really mean?

I have been admonished and encouraged to have it and to walk in it, to believe and to activate it.

It is more than just hoping and believing, it is knowing that the Power of God rests in each of us and that is desire is to see each one of His children blessed, delivered and set free from all bondages and hinderances.

It is important to God that we please Him, but without Faith, it is impossible. Heb 11:6.

You may ask, "How do I get Faith?, How do I know I have Faith?" Well knowing the Lord through His Word strengthens your faith and you. Hearing the Word and reading it, helps confirm your knowledge of Him and all of us are given a measure of Faith. How you cultivate and water your fruit is up to you.

I suggest that you get in the Word and look up all the scriptures on faith, there are about 247 verses in the King James Version of the Bible. I assure you that one of them will speak directly to you. Mediate on God's Word today and grow your fruit through His Word.

MiVida es de Oro

My Life is Golden
When I am tried in the fire, I shall come out as pure GOLD!
(Shoes by Jessica Simpson )

I am so excited to be moving forward in Faith and to know that you are sharing this ride with me. Continue to tune in and to look forward to weekly encouragement and positive thoughts to help you in your walk of Faith.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Where is your Faith today?

I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me (Phil. 4:13)

Posting is hard, but not impossible.

This morning (afternoon really), I thought about how to get this blog off the ground. Would people really be interested in stories about Faith. Is Faith a dead horse, beatened into the ground by books, quotes, cliche's, and endless bumper stickers? Well I would hope not!

By Faith, we believe to see those things that we continually hope for: saved loved ones, a marriage restored, financial breakthroughs, healings in our bodies and overall well being. This list goes on and on.

Although it is good that we are able to read stories of inspiration and hope, we need a tangible means of relating to those in the story and a methodology of applying it in our lives. We are, of course, only human. But I challenge everyone to really take some time and think about where you are in your faith walk. Teetering on 4 inch stilletos or resting comfortably in your loafers?

Well today, I think that I am somewhere inbetween the two. I have some things that I desperately need to see the Lord move in and some things that I know God's got.

As I write this blog, I am not trying to debate theology or confound the wise. I am just trying to relate as a woman and a sister; a girlfriend, if you will, who knows the tribulation and triumphs that WE go through. We are often taught that we go through things for a reason, to be a blessing for some one else, that is why it is important that we share our experience and give hope to another that their faith might increase. The Bible says in Romans 1:17 "For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is WRITTEN, The just shall live by faith".

It is a bit intimidating to put yourself out here like this and believe, have the faith, to continue to write what you feel, share it with others and know that God will be glorified in it. I am not sure of what will come from this, but I know that if one person is helped, edified, inspired and encouraged to go forth and possess the land, then God has fulfilled His promise to me.

Ladies, please save this blogspot, and pass it along. I am looking to reach the masses and get their stories for posting. Everything is important and necessary for our learning experience. Help me to increase in Faith.

MiVida es de Oro

(My Life is Golden)

Tried in the fire, but I am coming out pure gold!
(Shoes by Donald J Pliner - Ryba)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Today, Is a good day! I woke up to the rain at my window. Normally, this would make me want to say in bed, but I chose to get up and get moving. I did my homework, in peace. My oldest daughter made crispy pancakes and eggs, yum and the sun began to creep out from behind the clouds. I think that we take for granted what the Lord has provided to us through the elements, we call nature. Only through His grace are we able to experience both the rain and the sun, the good and the bad, the joy and the sorrow. God has a definite plan for us and keep us on the right path for maturity and growth. Only he takes us from glory to glory and from faith to faith. When we continue to walk on this journey, we are often amazed at the ground we have covered when we look back. It is through Faith, that I can speak a thing and see it manifest. It is through Faith, that I am able to say to any mountain "Be thou removed and be cast into the sea" and it is so!

People of Faith, no matter what we are believing for, dreaming about and seeking to receive, God answers. Activate your faith today, there will be some fire to try you, but you will come out as pure gold!

Keep Believing,

MiVida es de oro because My Life IS Golden!
When I am Tried in the Fire, I shall come out as pure gold!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am so excited that you have joined me in my first attempt to blog. I am looking forward to reading your stories and testimonies about how your Faith has been activated. I recently came up with this idea after losing my home. I had roughly 30 days to find another place for my children and myself (especially one I could afford), living in a box sounds nice, but trust me it isn't. Wet cardboard does not make for a good morning or evening, unless you're making paper mache'. Nonetheless, I am not too outdoorsy anyway, so that was a wrap.

All during this difficult period, I didn't worry, I just knew God was in it. Not only did I find a new place and could afford it, the owners, who didn't want to negotiate, called me to accept my offer! Everyone I talked to, continued to encourage me and told me to keep walking in Faith. One day I had to stop and ask, How Can I walk in Faith, when I have these heels on? They were 3 3/4 inch sandals. This birthed my quest to find out how Women of Faith continue in the journey.

It is amazing that through all of the trials and tribulations we experience, we are still able to stand our ground, tell the devil NO!, and keep it together. There have been days when I felt like my heel was broken, when my shoes felt a little too tight and when they just kept flopping off but God. He fixed the brokenness, loosened the tight places and secured the loose ones.

Sisters, Ladies, Women of God and Mighty Warriors, How do YOU keep walking in Faith, with those Heels On?

Continue to press forward because there ain't no going back.

Keep Walking,

MiVida Es De Oro means My Life is Golden!!!

When I am tried in the fire I shall come out as pure gold. (Shoes by Stuart Weitzman)