Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blank Page Blues

I have the blank page blues….I hate when this happens.  You can liken it to writer’s block or lack of imaginative focus, but whatever we call it, I’ve got it.

Every week, I find myself stuck. Even with my handy dandy content calendar, I cannot think of anything timely or relevant to express.  It is an empty feeling. I often worry if anybody is out there.  Is anybody actually being engaged, encouraged, or uplifted knowing that everybody goes through some type of struggle or life event.  Everything is not perfect.

While there is no lack of activity in my life, finding a story that is compelling, motivating, and in essence humorous, is often a challenge. 

So as I stare at a blank page.  I use the writing technique of brainstorming to see what flows out of my overcrowded mind: bills…depressing, yard work…boring, job…not even gonna…so I type and I stare out the window. The rain is dampening my hopes of a lively, endearing story or tale.  Everything is just wet…and gray.  Soooooooooo…..look at these great shoes......
Gee-Nine West

What has transpired this week that has inspired me?  What great feats have I accomplished that I must brag about on the blog of my existence? How should I inspire the readers to go forth with diligence and determination?

*Crickets* Can’t think of a thing?

However, even in the midst of brain freeze, blank pages, writer’s block or any other hindrance to me expressing my thoughts on paper, I still am so thankful and grateful for all that I have, know, feel, and think.  Writing is definitely a process and takes time and effort to bring forth the best.  It’s just like life, we live, we love, and we learn.  Our lives are full of experiences that we can learn from, share, and appreciate the lessons.   When I write I use this platform to help others to grow and laugh.

This new emergence of thoughts and writing has ignited the FaithWithHeels flame.  I am ready to get back in action and get connected to women (& men) who want to see others grow in business, life, and living. 

So, I guess I didn’t let the blank page blues defeat me as I have filled much of the page with my random thoughts!
Keep Walking in Faith! & fill those blank pages with life,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Help Oklahoma

Today's post is dedicated to the people of Oklahoma.

Moore, Oklahoma and surrounding cities were hit with several tornados that ripped through, ravaged the cities, and uprooted lives.

The thing that is most devastating is that the tornados went right through a elementary school.  To date there were 24 people who lost their lives but what has really effected me was the nine children killed during this act of nature.

Like many of you, I watch the news in complete shock.  I looked at the way nature had level buildings, tore up trees and moved cars as though they were matchbox size.  The people of OKC although prepared were not ready for such an act of nature.  

As always American stick together and weather any storm or destruction.  We have an opportunity to extend our hands and help someone else in need.

So I am asking that everyone do something to support the people of OKC.  Contact the American Red Cross for ways that you can help http://www.redcross.org/m/index.jsp.   Or call 313.833.4440.

You can also text Red Cross at 90999 to make a donation.

I encourage you to keep walking...


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Can you Hear Me now...

Therefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger:

                                                                                                                                    James 1:19

I realize that I am not very good with communication and sometimes my mouth gets me in a lot of trouble.  I have made peace with that…I choose to blame it on technology and society.   All of the gadgetry has made us more insensitive and unable to look someone in the eye and communicate. 
I think that commercial, "Can you hear me now?" is not just funny because we lose connection, but it is funny because even when we hear each other, we don't understand.  We are not communicating.

I did some observational research recently and realized that people just don’t know how to talk to one another.  Everyone has a point and wants to convey it quickly but cannot or will not take time to understand another person’s point of view.  Everyone talks over everyone else, we cannot wait to convey our message, and sometimes don’t even realized the point.  We communicate through text and email but can’t hold a conversation in person. 

I am guilty of having a hard time communicating, especially with those closest to me.  I know what I know, know what I want, and that is the direction I am headed in.  I am guilty of not hearing or seeing someone else’s point of view, or even being myopic in my own thinking.  But I am most guilty of shutting down.  I prefer not to have conversations or communication that is leading me nowhere fast.  I recently discovered that I am horribly guilty of ending conversations fast.  I had a discussion with a friend and we didn’t talk for a while.  We did talk eventually but I had to admit, I just shut down because I prefer not to argue or get angry.  But that is not what the scripture or communication is all about.

Communication:  The imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs. 

Communication isn’t just about the verbal message but also the cues we give one another through are actions and deeds; through the lack of messages; and through our opinions and beliefs.  We all have times when we are quick to speak, slow to hear, and very angry…That’s when communication is needed most. 

I am working on being swift to hear.  Therefore, I am using the technique…”Let me repeat what you said”.  I just want to get it right.  I need to listen more.  Often I make the mistake of misunderstanding what someone is saying just because I am not listening.

I want to hold my tongue.  Therefore, I am using the W.A.I.T. technique…”Why AM I Talking?”.  If it is not valuable then I better keep it to myself.  I am sure my friends will enjoy some peace and quiet for a change. I learned to season my words with Grace and Salt…Grace when I am guiding you in love and salt, when I have to tell you something that may hurt.

And being slow to anger.   I am counting to ten a lot.  Some things are just not worth the energy.  I find that people get so angry over the smallest things and blow up over nothing.  It turns into World War 3 because someone cut in line and the local Panera.  Chillax!  They have thousands of bagels, I promise. (This actually happened today.)

So my goal this week is to speak less, listen more, and chill. Let’s see how this goes….I’ll keep you posted.
Until next week...Keep Walking,

Shoes by Nine West ~ ChillPill

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Flip Flopping

Good Morning All,

As Summer approaches I am on the hunt for a few good pairs of flip flops.  This if course got me to thinking about the word, flip flop.

For those that know me, know that I ruminate on things and will find a deeper meaning in them.  

I thought about flip flip not as some cute little shoes worn in the Summer, but the idea of flip flopping in my decisions and being more sure and secure in what I decide.  

I consider myself very flexible and can adapt to almost any situation but in hindsight I realized that I have flipped flopped on some issues that I should have stuck to my guns.  

In my younger years, peer pressure was all the rage and I dare not go against the grain for fear if standing out; I already had the weird name.  So when we weren't talking to the new girl, although she was cool, I flip flopped and joined the mean girl team. A decision I truly regret and now I detest bullies.

As I graduated high school, I still hadn't found my footing, so being a grown up didn't necessarily mean making adult decisions, so we trouble came, I flip flopped and changed tunes as a method of conflict resolution.  Right or wrong, I had no backbone.

Fast forward to today, I now understand why elderly people get to speak their minds...really they have nothing to lose, no one to impress, and so very sure of who they are.  I'm not quite there yet but I can truly say that my flip flops are now only footwear and not my current method of decision making.

As an adult and parent I am responsible for showing my family that honesty and integrity matter; that truth is always right; that we face problems and issues head on; and that no matter what happens today, tomorrow we get to try again. 

I found that in life, we can choose our direction.  I also realize that we must pray constantly, and wait on open doors to guide our way.  There is no reason to flip flop through life, unless they are cute ones on our feet.

I encourage you to Keep Walking in Faith (even in your Summer of flip flops).


Shoes by Fitflop.com found on Zappos.com