Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Watch Extreme Home MakeOver! You'll Love it.

I am so pleased with ABC!!! I had the opportunity to preview the Season Premiere of Extreme Home MakeOver (EHM). This is going to be an exciting season.

First, I must say that I am not being paid to promote this program and all views are my own.

As you all know, I love stories of triumph. I love to see transformation. I love to see people helping other people because it is just the right thing to do. I love seeing lives changed because we chose to make a difference for someone else.

WELL....That is what this Sunday's Extreme Home MakeOver is going to do. Get your tissues out because this show had me in tears.

For those who don't know what Extreme Home Make Over is about, here is a short recap. Ty Pennington, the host, receives letters about people who are in need of a home makeover. Typically, the recipient has an illness, is a community advocate, or a person with an extreme hardship. Hence the title "Extreme Home Makeover." They come to town, assess the situation, and build the family a brand new dwelling in just a few days. This is done, of course with the help of several local groups, businesses, and volunteers. The house is revealed and we are all crying.

Now on to the season premiere.

The first show, this season, is dedicated to supporting, helping, and understanding the needs of our Military Families. We all know someone or associate with someone with a family member in active duty. Extreme Home Make Over decided to support this cause with the help of our First Lady, Michelle Obama. First Lady Michelle and Dr. Jill Biden, are the initiators of the Join Forces ( program for Military families, so she asked the EHM to help her bless Steps & Stages Jubilee House ( in Fayetteville, NC. Barbara Marshall, a retired veteran, is the owner and operator of this house. Her goal is to never see a female veteran homeless, helpless, and without support.

Despite any of our political views, I have to say that the First Lady of our country, America, is a class act.

During the show, Barbara was residing in her tiny home, with 3 other families as well as supporting 70-80 women veterans per week. Can you say a packed house? Barbara's husband James died last year, and the house was in need of much repair, space, etc. Yet, Barbara and her housemates, Judy Hilburn, Heather Alojado, and Nikki Harper were all making do. Many women spoke of Barbara's diligence and commitment. Being a former Commander, didn't hurt her tenacity either.

Well as you know if you watch the show, the family was in Orlando at DisneyWorld, enjoying the fun and as the show goes, so many surprises come to them during this time. Ty Pennington and First Lady sent a message to Barbara and the crew letting them know that they were in good hands as they tore their former dwelling down. Barbara's daughter Maya, who is in active duty, showed up.

Sears stepped in and helped the local women veterans with resume' writing, clothing, auto repair, etc! Plus they are also donating full wardrobes to the Steps and Stages Jubilee House. Sears Rocks! I am a former Sears employee by the way!

So finally the house is finished and it is beyond words. The residents of Jubilee House actually get to meet First Lady Obama and they are now able to work, live, and support others in this beautiful new house. If you are not crying by the end, I just don't know what to tell you.

You have to see the story and total transformation for yourself, on Sunday, September 25, 2011 7/6c, but check your local listing for ABC and for goodness sake, DVR it! Right now, you can go to the EHM site on ABC and see the photo gallery from the Jubilee house (

And although, they have received a great deal of help from Extreme Home Make Over, they could always use the help and resources of others. So below the mailing address and phone number for Steps & Stages:

Steps & Stages, Inc.:

Resourcing Disabled Women Veterans
P.O. Box 9764
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28311-9764
Tel: 910.977.2303

Please watch this show and support your local military families.

In the meantime...Keep Walking in Faith,