Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Glory Be to God!!!!

I am just so thankful today that God is manifesting Himself in our lives. I received a wonderful praise report from my sister in law, who is standing in faith, that Lord has opened up the doors for her to receive a promise. God is connecting Faith With Heels/Dream Builders with women all over this world. I see the doors of opportunity opening for my sisters, my friends, my girls. He is changing lives right now. Tomorrow, we won't be the same.

God is working in ways that none of us can explain or even have a way of understanding but that is how He does what He does. We cannot always give full explanation of what He has designed. I just thank Him that He is the designer.

What I would want, is not always what I need. What you may want for me, is not going to help me become who I need to be. I am moving out of His way.

Faith in what He can do, is what gets me through. It's simple but hard. Hard for me to let go of my ideals and allow the natural progression and evolution to take place. I try to work this thing. But I have noticed in the last year that He is so much better at it. My emotions, thoughts and effort doesn't move Him. And although Faith without works is dead. Works alone does not accomplish it all.

I have taken a step back and realized that if He has a plan and He has designed an outcome, I need to just come and let Him work it out.

By effort, even good intention, I have often messed up things even more. So my best strategy is to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

I give Him Glory because He is so awesome and I can see Him in each of you. Your love for others, your compassion, your willingness to help, your involvement, your encouragement, your peace, your guidance, your stern conviction, you are Him. And for that I must give Him glory.

Keep Walking,

Shoe by RSVP

Wednesday, February 11, 2009



I think I have finally got it. After so much deliberation, contemplation, aggravation, anticipation, and elation, by George I think I've got it.

Faith With Heels and Dream Builders Network has definitely committed to hosting a Mother's Day Banquet on Saturday, May 9, 2009 at the Pi Banquet Hall, 28847 Franklin Road, Southfield, MI at 10:00 a.m. Although it is was very much a God thing, the task is not easy. There are times when I even ask myself "For Real?!"

My walk of faith has had the hills and the valleys but both have taught me how to remain in the other. I have learned that if it is of God, I cannot fight it, nor do I want to. If I am truly trusting and believing in Him then everything else does not matter. And even though I may have to exert some effort, He makes everything effortless.

I am so excited that God has chosen Faith With Heels to sponsor such an event and that His hand print is surely on it. Let me give you a few of the details.

First, I deliberated over having a Faith With Heels anything. I just want to rock some cute shirts. That's all.

Second, I contemplated who to call or ask to help me with the great task. My family and friends have rallied around this event because it is NOT ABOUT ME!!!

Third, I had a little aggravation, because I didn't think that I was called for the task. Although it sounded great, I had reservations. Huge reservations, I didn't want to do something for the sake of doing it but I wanted something that would impact lives and help dreams to build.

Fourth, after our first meeting, there was a great anticipation. We all were very excited that everything was falling into place. We saw God move Mountains on our behalf and that everyone was excited to participate. Everyone has a part and God is the CEO. Can't do it report to Him.

Fifth, is elation. What more can I say? I am elated that Faith With Heels is sponsoring this event to help others. Our goal, outside of wearing some cute shirts, is to bless others by supporting, encouraging, edifying, uplifting and empowering women (men too.) to "do the most" as my lil sis would say. Be everything that the Lord has called you to. You are able because He is able.

I personally invite all of you to join us for this event and to help us to support another. Really isn't that part of our call and our faith. To show others that it is not by our power or might, but really by His spirit. To show forth unity and love in every aspect of our lives. To free the captives, to open the door, to light the way, to salt the earth, to be the light, to strengthen our brothers/sisters, to be a Godly example.

We are supporting New Beginnings Sanctuary. An organization dedicated to helping teenage mothers to achieve their goals and to walk in Faith. (Short version). Contact Diane Cartwright at to get the full version of what New Beginnings is all about.

I look forward to having each one of you at this event. Your presence is very precious to us. You can purchase tickets through Paypal, just click the button and follow the instructions. As soon as the final design of the shirts are ready they will be posted also. So you can purchase them as well.

I am so glad that you all are my friends.

Keep Walking,

Shoes by C. Louboutin ~ Fortuna

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Faith Hurts

All this Walking has made my FAITH hurt! Just look at these shoes. WHEW!!!

Just like when our feet have traveled lots of miles in high heels and began to hurt, our faith can also get a little wear and tear. Although I know I am walking in faith towards by destiny, my faith hurts a little. I thank God for the vision, provision and the desire to do, but boy do I have a long way to go. In the next few months, I think I'll need track shoes. Undoubtedly, I am and will be so glad that I endured to the end. I am determined that my Faith will not fail. (Read Luke 22:32)

This week's post is brief because of some great things that I will share on next week.
My Destiny IS My Destination
This is what I have to keep telling myself.

Destination: A place that one is going or is sent. A place ordained beforehand.

Destiny: The fulfillment of reaching a place that one is going or sent.

Recently, I shared with some friends that my destination is my destiny or my destiny is my destination. Either way the destination is the intended place that I am sent. The path that the Lord has me on, will only take me where He desires that I go (that is what a destination is, a place that one is going or sent. I looked it up.) On this road, walking in faith can get tiring but until I reach my ordained purpose, I have to continue even when my faith hurts.

I get a little discouraged sometimes because I desire to see things in a different time frame. But God keeps shouting, "Be STILL and KNOW!" "Still Know that I am God", is what I get from Him.

I am grateful that people across this nation have called, emailed or responded to the posts each week and also just to keep me lifted. I thank God for that. Cause today my Faith HURTS!

Please make sure to log on everyday to get some sneak peeks of what I will be unveiling, in the near future. I am soooooooooooooo excited by God's favor on FaithWithHeels.

Until then please pray for my faith & feet, they really do hurt.

But I am going to........

Keep Walking,