Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

I am not MAD at 2009!
Every year ends in a mixture of emotions for those reflecting upon it. 2009 seems to be one of those years. I have heard people emphatically say “goodbye to 2009”. The year has brought to some great joy and to other great pains. The year has seen proposals, weddings and births. It has also witnessed deaths, divorces and devastations.

So much has happened in 2009. This year has taught me to appreciate the life I have been given; to revel in the joys that I have possessed and to be grateful internally and externally for all that God has given unto me. This year I found all of me. The child, who needs some attention and lots of love, the adolescent, desperate to be allowed to be and the adult who deals with the consequences of it all. This year I owned my stuff. I was real to me and to you. I shut my mouth when necessary because everyone doesn’t appreciate my opinion and opened my ears to hear what was and was not being said.

In 2009, I gained my footing and lost some of my defensiveness. I realized that I was sure about being sure and when I wasn’t sure, I know that God was still with me.

No, I am not MAD at 2009 because my shield of faith grew bigger and got stronger. I was able to see the invisible and go hard after with I knew God had for me. 2009 is a year of “No Regrets”. I do not regret the decisions I have made. I do not regret the pain I experienced. I do not regret that I had to go through to get to. I do not regret that God gave me this path. All of this has made me, me. Therefore, I am not mad at all.

I am a little sad to see 2009 leave. The time flew by wayyyy too fast. It was like blinking. 2009, my good friend, opened my eyes to what could be and has guided me. I know that my destination is and will always be my destiny. Nothing can stop the favor of the Lord (I. Houghton) 2009 did not harm me in any way, it helped me my challenging me. 2009 assisted me by shaping my character and confronting me. Yes, 2009 confronting me. I had to deal with me and it wasn’t pretty.

What can I say, 2009 proved to be a friend of mine. 2009 called me out and made me do right. I am not mad at 2009; it only reflected and rehearsed the stuff I had within me. I tried to storm out on 2009, but it kept reminding me that it was still there. Were there times when 2009 made me hold my breath and pout? Yes. Were there times when 2009 didn’t do what I wanted? Yes. Were there times 2009 brought me to the end of me? Yes. There were also times of development, exuberation and sheer delight. Yeah, 2009 is a friend of mine.

In 2009, I realized that God’s grace is always sufficient and that He is always on time. 2009 taught me that He is always in control and when He asks your opinion, it is just that an opinion cuz He is going to do what He must to get you where you need to be.

2009 was “My Time To Shine”. I am one of God’s Stars and His favor was definitely in operation. He gave me favor with Himself and man. He opened up the windows and poured it out. My life will never be the same. I had His protection and purpose and I couldn’t explain it all if I tried.

For me 2009 was so divine. It was and is God’s year of progression. He did do the things that He said He would do and sometimes He did so much more. The things that haven’t manifested yet and still promises and I am holding on to those in Faith because they are still soooo exciting to me.

2009 kept me in line. I prayed more, sought him fervently and definitely leaned upon His word because I needed Him so much more. No, I didn’t become more fanatical but more faithful. Every morning I said “Thank YOU”. EVERY MORNING!!!!!

2009 liberated me. I did open up and allowed others into private areas of my life. Areas that so well protected that even now, I am not sure of what I feel when I discuss them. I shared more about my past, my mother’s death and my trials that I care to relive but I am free. Not that I have ever been ashamed of what happened to me and my family in 1976, I just wasn’t sure about it and I never lived in a place of pity. My mother, rest her soul, is just a blur in my memory. I don’t remember her but I know she loved me so. My life as a “baby hippie” was and is not glam but now I do understand some of my inner stuff. I am a sharer (hippie). I am flowery (hippie). I am loving (hippie). I am natural (hippie). It all makes sense to me. (No I don’t want to live on a commune). It just makes me ever more aware that “Life for me, ain’t been no crystal stair.” (L. Hughes) I can’t brush over the past with broad, beautiful strokes, I learned to deal with it. There are some painful moments “But still I rise.” (M. Angelou). Cause I am a daughter of the King.

2009 gave me a voice. I can dig deep and still find value in hurt and pain. I can look at the traumas of MiVida and still be so joyful because I am still here. I spent some time evaluating the power of my words and I choose when I use them. “I am not afraid of, what I have to pay for”. (J. Scott) Words and actions have consequences so I have to choose wisely and use less of both. I want wisdom when I speak. 2009 taught me to use my voice wisely, especially since it gave me that voice.

In 2009, I gained some new friends and lost some old ones. (Not really lost, they are out there somewhere). I am appreciative of those who are the consummate cheerleaders. Those who are so valuable that I couldn’t list everything that they have done for me, those who cheer so loud that I feel that I am the only one in the race; the ones who will not let me quit until the race is won. These are the friends who believe in me, when I feel that all hope is gone; who allow me to be me and accept that I am a work in progress. I also appreciate those who chose to leave. You made the best decision for us both. While losing you did make me wonder, ponder what happened, it also made me realize that everything in its time. Rejection is never easy but sometimes the rejection is not about you. I made peace with that in 2009. It is just not about me. As fabulous as I am, Everything is not about me. If I hurt you, I am sorry. If I wronged you, I apologize. If it was that devastating that we can’t talk, peace be with you. Because in 2009, I got over me. Did you?

2009 this is a wonderful tribute to you cuz I am a little sad to see you go. Therefore, I salute you and applaud you. You were good to me. You taught me, challenged me and kept me safe. I AM NOT MAD at you because we have always been on the same page. 2009, you are a friend of mine.
*Now can you tell me a little sumpin’, sumpin’ about the new guy (2010). I hear it’s gonna be a doozy.
In the meantime, I'll Keep Walking,

Monday, November 16, 2009

YEAH Spa Day

Update: God GAVE IT ALL BACK!!!!! Those hackers could not win against my God. Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me. All of my money was returned to me. So I must take a moment to praise HIM. JOIN ME!!!!!!!!!

On to the news!


The 2010 Winter Retreat Spa Day is underway. I must admit that I did get a little discouraged because I hadn't solidified everything and everyone but God is still on the Throne.

I know within that God is moving and orchestrating my life and has great things for me, but I must also admit that I am a little bit of an eager beaver. I try with all of my might to help the Lord do His will in my life. But He keeps telling me, "I Got This!"

So, I am forging forth by the grace of God and moving me out of the way. FaithWithHeels always endeavors to help others. Although we are new, small and learning our way, we are still strong in the Lord and in the power of HIS might. We are able to do what He is calling us to do because He is why we are doing what we do.

There are times when I feel like Brother Moses (no I am not leading people to the promised land)but I do feel that if He is not with me I will not go. I know that I must trust that He is leading and anytime that I feel afraid or anxious, I must go to the Rock that is higher than I. I must be still to hear clearly, however, as my friend pointed out to me today, sometimes He won't say a word.

My mother said something to me this month, that I must share with you. As we were talking, I kept saying, "I believe this, I believe that", finally my mother said, "MiVida, it is time for you to STOP believing and KNOW God is going to do it for you." Enuf said.

Even though I believe that FaithWithHeels is going to grow, I know that it will blossom suddenly as God waters and increases. Even though I believe that my situation is temporary, I know that God has an abundance for me in due time. Even though I believe that I am the head and not the tail, I know that the enemy is totally under my feet. Even though I believe that I am prosperous, I know that He supplies all of my needs according to His riches in glory. Even though I believe that I am on the right track, I know that I couldn't do anything without any of you.

I understand that believing is half of the battle, but knowing places me in the realm of victory. I AM AN OVERCOMER AND SO ARE YOU!!!!!

FaithWithHeels is a statement of my faith. It is a level of faith that we all achieve when we get out of the comfort of the boat, walk on water, just to follow Jesus. So today I encourage each of you to....

Keep Walking,

MiVida ~ FaithWithHeels.

Please join us for this Spa Day January 30, 2010 as we help others through our encouraging, empowering and enlightening events. Tickets will be available November 25, 2009 for morning and afternoon appointments. Proceeds will be used to help L.I.F.T. Women's Resource Center ( And as always thanks for listening.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Still Have My Joy

This week I found that I was a victim of theft. Someone hacked into my account and took all of the money out of my bank account. I didn't find out about it until after they had done their damage. It wasn't my main account but my business account and I have orders outstanding for the T-Shirts and some other things I wanted to accomplish this week.

I was soooooo devastated on Friday when I went to pay some bills and there was no money there. I couldn't think or see straight. I was not a happy camper. I did what any daughter of the King would do. I contacted Jesus, the company and the bank immediately. Jesus told me to be still and the company and bank said that they are investigating this activity. Of course, they assured me that I will get my money back. But inside it didn't do me any good. I had plenty of things planned for my life over the weekend and I didn't know how I would make it. I had written checks to suppliers and didn't have a dime to pay them. So I had to call everyone and let them know what was going on. I didn't even have gas in my car because all of my money was spoken for. (However, I did honor my commitments that were previously written.)

This unfortunate incident shows me that bad things can happen when you are not fully protected. When you put yourself out on the Internet, anything can happen, so beware. One thing I am learning that in all things I must protect myself. While I am on the Internet often, I still know that I don't know everything about it and the wily ways of the predators that send the bogus emails and scams everyday.

The Lord has kept me over the weekend and has given me peace in the midst of this mess. I know that the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy and that he is always on his job. So I must also be as vigilant in my actions. I refused to let it get me down. I have been without cash before. I have owed money before, I have had to believe before and I am still here. I drew from the Faith that in dwelling within me. I know that the Lord is with me and will guide me through this situation. But I was still sooooo mad with the devil because I know that he is mad at me and trying to keep me from progressing in my own Faith Walk. I also have some fabulous friends who had my back. Thanks y'all. Never woulda made it (without Jesus and you).

But I am strong than that because I know that "thou O Lord are a shield for me, my Glory and the lifter of my head." (Psalms 3:3) I am going to make it through, because He always makes a way of escape. I shall not worry about it because it is supposed to happen at this time.

It is now Wednesday of the following week and the company is saying that they didn't get my paperwork yet, which I faxed, and they need me to fax it again, which will probably take another week to process. I can feel the pressure boiling up but God is still speaking peace in my ear. I know He will hear when I call. (Psalms 4:3)

This minor setback is not going to stop the favor of the Lord. Nothing can stop the favor of the Lord. What the devil meant for evil, God has always worked out for my good. I am even more excited because for some reason, I know I am on the verge of a huge breakthrough and I am telling the devil, I am going to be "even more vile than this and base in my own sight". (2 Sam. 6:22) I am going to spread the Word of God even more than before. I am going to be excited about what you are doing to my bank account because now I have a great testimony of God's goodness and grace in my life. My shirts will sell all the more because I have FAITH that I am on the right track. I will be a help to God's people and FaithWithHeels will do exploits in Jesus' Name.

I still have my joy because I still have Jesus who is the center of it all. (I do caution and warn all the Internet users to watch your accounts, change your passwords often and be diligent and vigilant about getting back what the devil stole.)

Keep FaithWithHeels in prayer as we bust down the walls the enemy is trying to build and WALK in FAITH toward our destiny. We shall surely live and not die, been there and got that T-shirt too.

Love ya and Keep Walking,

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I call them "TAKE THAT's" These are fighting shoes.

Monday, October 19, 2009

To Be Loved

In my lifetime, I have met so many people who have played a pivotal role in who I have become. Things that have transpired among us, good or bad have taught me so much about life and myself. Some things just happened and I couldn't control them, but some things I allowed because I didn't value me so much. The lessons of self worth are priceless but come at a cost.

I can recall my early years where I had teachers in elementary school, who nurtured me and encouraged me to enter the school play or recite a poem (In the Mornin' by Paul Lawrence Dunbar). During these years of my life my grandmother, Malteen and our family were my world. Everything centered around grandma's house. She was a lady's lady. She cooked every meal from scratch (until someone brought her that microwave, I think I know who that was), was always there when we needed her and was a very impressive dresser, which is a trait she passed to her daughters. Grandma was the confidant of everyone and she knew all the stories and even our truths. I spent many hours of my life in her house and especially at her snack bar, whether she was teaching us how to make something or clipping coupons for the next grocery trip. Now that I am grown, I see I need her more.

In middle school, independence began to kick in and I started to stretch my wings. I didn't need the advice of the grown-ups in the past, because I knew everything of course. Thank God even then, I had a well rounded support group. People who I knew would listen to the ramblings of a teenager and still give advice that would be beneficial. One of my teachers, Mrs. Howard, was very down to earth in her approach to us as young women. She would "tell it, like it is", which didn't go over too well at the time. But I do remember her saying to me privately, "You have to stand above the crowd, because there will always be a crowd to stand in." Back then, I was like, "What?", but she was telling me to be me, even in the crowd, I can still be me.

High School. Wow. There are so many things that can be said about my teens. I was not an angel but even broken angels have still have wings. During this time, I needed an attitude adjustment. Although I had a good time in high school, it came with a high level of low self esteem. My misunderstandings about who I was and who I belonged to, kept me trapped in a vicious cycle of the wrong thing at the wrong time. This baggage was so hard to let go. I let others determine my worth because I couldn't see that I was indeed worth a lot more. I don't blame anyone for my life experiences because now I can truly say, been there, done that, got the T-shirt and burned it. I can help someone to see that 10, 20, 30 years from now, you won't recognize yourself, if you make a change today. I made it through this period with the help of my friends. Some just told me like it was, and some shielded me from vicious attacks. Some were there when everyone else was gone and stood with me because they understood and loved me. (Don't get me wrong no one was killed during high school but many were injured.)

Adulthood is a whole 'nuther story. I now see why people said, "You'll understand when you get older," and why older people speak their minds. They have earned the right. As I reflect, I see that I have made a lot of mistakes in Mi Vida that seemed good at the moment but as time is progressing I am learning that I decide what I choose to accept. I can put my foot down at any moment because "I am not afraid of, what I got to pay for." (J.Scott). During my growing season in young adulthood, I became a lot more responsible. I thought that the number one priority was taking care of business. All business, everybody's business. It burned me out. Too much too do and so little time. Then one day a friend look me in the eyes and said, "But what about you?" I began to prioritize myself into the plan. Instead of Jesus, family, job, school, bills, house, men, women, cat, dog, fish, then me, it became Jesus, me, family, friends, etc. (Get in where you fit in but nothing is separating me from the Love of Jesus Christ.)

Throughout my life, I have been comforted by the support of people who love me, seen more in me than I have in myself, and who also have my back. This has been so valuable to me. You have been the ones who say the hard stuff and mean it. The ones who listen to me vent and then tell me to repent. The ones who laugh with me and make me laugh. The ones I am not afraid to cry in front of. The ones who pick me up when I am down and remember MY Birthday (that is huge). The ones I haven't talked to in months but we pick right up where we left off. The ones I see everyday and am glad to see. The ones who stick by my side and keep encouraging me to walk in Faith.

This is to you! It is great to be loved and to know that you are loved as well. In words we don't always express what we mean but today is my day to thank you for your support, love and help, for xx years of life.

Heels off to you!

Keep Walking,


Monday, October 12, 2009


Good Morning,

I know I haven't posted anything in the last week or so because, so much has been happening to me that I was trying to absorb it all. I am so excited that through the Lord, I have seen some doors opening, that I had not even thought could exist for FaithWithHeels or myself.

I am finding that I am trying to rush the Lord as He is trying to perfect me in this area. What I would choose may not always be best. In evaluating myself, I know that I am a person of action. If I say I am going to do something, I stick to that and follow it through. Sometimes I forge ahead without truly seeking Him for direction. Sometimes, He pushes me because that would not have been an area I would have chosen.

The Lord has also been teaching throughout the process "Patience". Wait upon the Lord and be of good courage" Ps. 27:14

Waiting is not one of my best qualities. Because I am a "doer", I do not hesitate to move forward with my plans. But sometimes, the Lord has to pull in the reins so that I do not go overboard. Waiting is hard. Waiting is uncomfortable. Waiting is necessary. Understanding this means that the I must possess the characteristic of patience. WOW!!!

Brother James lets me know that my faith must be tested through patience and when patience is done I will be perfected, complete and lacking nothing (James 1:1-4). That is where I want to be.

For many years I prayed that the Lord would complete me so that I would not be in a place where my emotions were unchecked, my life was out of order and I was still severely hurting from the past. I just wanted to be made whole. I just wanted to touch the hem of His garment. I prayed and asked that He complete me so that I could do His will in Joy. I asked Him to really show me, me. He is constantly doing this daily and I am studying to me more quiet and sure of my direction. He is giving me a peace about being me.

I am now seeing that I must pray for all three: perfection, completion and abundance (no lack).

The Lord is the guide of my life and He deposits people within it to give me comfort, friendship, love and support. Yet it is to him that I must return for the refilling and the renewal. Everything that He deposits within me, I am using to bless, encourage and inspire someone else. I am sure it is the Lord that Keeps me Walking in these Heels. I give Him the praise and glory because this is not about me but about Him. I am excited (sometimes) to be a vessel He uses.

Today I encourage each of you to allow God to do what He do (smile). The process takes some time, instruction and faith (action). You will have some ups and downs but you will learn a lot about yourself, be able to teach others what you have learned, and you will be perfected, completed and lacking nothing in Him.

Everyday, pray for God's will to overtake you as you go about your day and listen to His direction through the Word.

Keep Walking,

MiVida es de Oro!!!!

My Life is Golden!!!!

When I am tried in the fire, I shall come out as pure Gold.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Just Grateful

This month I realized how many things I take for granted. When I see stories on the news of people who have been victimized and who have gone through extreme tragedies or hardships, I must bow down and just thank the Lord for one more day. When I wake up, I expect to be able to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast (not always), talk, walk, etc. I expect my car to be in the garage, clothes to be in the closet, food to be on the table. I don't often recognize that because of Him, I am able to do these things.

This past summer, I had to deal with some extreme issues that made me recognize other areas of imbalance in my life. I took stock of what was important to me and made my own priorities. I shed some weight so to speak and began to gain focus on what I need to do. But was I grateful?

The Bible tells us in 1 Thes. 5:18: "In EVERY thing give thanks:

So I encourage each one of you to GIVE THANKS IN EVERY THING!

I told my daughters that we must be grateful that the Lord loves us so much to place us in a safe place, that He is covering us every day; that He is watching over us; that He showers us with His love even when we don't deserve it. My spirit is full of gratefulness for waking up today, being able to express my Love for Him and being free to do so.

I have been overjoyed to meet people on the Internet who encourage me through their examples of courage, determination and perseverance. I have talked with women how have never allow any obstacle to determine their level of success and they are passing their courage along. I have often prayed to the Lord for people like this, who encourage me to do the same. And guess what? I AM GRATEFUL that He has.

Ladies, today take some time and make a list of what you do on a daily basis:

  • Wake up, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, get in the car, go to work, use cell phone, get blessed by another, come home, drink tea/coffee, eat dinner, etc.

Make that list for one day and then for everything on the list, tell the Lord thank you. Just try it and you be amazed at how much we truly need to give Him thanks for everything we have, say and do.

Keep Walking,

MiVida es de Oro!!

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Tell Them FaithWithHeels Sent You!!!!!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

One Mile in MY Shoes!

Yesterday felt like a family reunion. I saw some faces I hadn't seen in several years. I realized as I looked across the room that everyone of these faces has had a WALK in their lives. They have had some happy times and some that has made them quite sad. But through it all, the Glory of the Lord still seemed evident.

Each one of us has had areas in our lives were we have grown and have learned something vital about our own character. We have had to "Walk It Out" in faith and know that our trials were only temporary.

When I look back at some of the issues I have had to face, I realize that it was by God's grace that I was able to make it to the finish line. I had to overcome some major obstacles, stand in the midst of the fiery furnace and still say, "My God is well ABLE.". I know that I have not arrived in every area of my life, but I believe that I am pressing towards the mark and I am not where I used to be.

I don't let guilt bring me down but I walk in purpose, knowing that I must do better to be better. I kneel before the Lord and ask that He forgive me as I forgive but I always throw in a request for more grace and mercy, when I fall short.

I have learned not to judge a thing before it's time (1 Corin 4:5) because that may be the very thing that I struggle with or stumble over. And that some things only come out by fasting and prayer (Mark 9:29). So I use these tools to help me continue to walk.

Many of us have a story to tell about how the Lord has brought us through and how we have overcome. Some of us have walked miles in our journey to make it to the finish line, some have had some rough terrain and stormy weather, some are still on the path and believing God to bring them to an expected end. WE can all see the joy and pain in our walks of Faith. We can all testify and say that although we now rejoice in our trials, "It is not easy to walk a mile in these shoes."

Keep Walking,

Shoes by Carlos Santana ~ Poetry

Monday, August 24, 2009

Walk The Talk!!!

2 Corinthians 5:7 (For we walk by FAITH, not by sight.)

Hello Ladies,

This month the Lord as been pressing upon me to "Walk the Talk".

As an avid faith talker, I now need to truly be a faith walker. I do not believe that I am alone in experiencing situations where I have had to come to God in humility and trust Him alone to take me through my trials.

If you are professing to have faith, you must put some work behind it. Faith without works is dead! You have to trust beyond what you see and see what you believe. You have to close your eyes to the circumstances and open them in the spirit. I know that my spirit is willing but sometimes my flesh is sooo weak. I stagger when I think about everything that I have going on in my life. But when I get in the spirit, my walk becomes stronger because I know that these things are bringing me to an expected end.

This week I have learned:

If I speak abundance, I must have faith in the One who provides all of my needs according to His riches in Glory. He does not desire that I suffer any lack, so my faith is strengthened when I know that He is taking care of me.

If I speak that I am more than a conqueror, then I must have faith to overcome any situation that arises. I have to fight in the spirit and know that He is fighting my battles in the natural.

If I speak that I have faith that can move mountains, then I cannot stagger at the molehill in front of me, especially because my God is bigger than any mountain I know.

As the CEO of FaithWithHeels, I have to continue to believe the Lord for every need, every thought, every blog and the very existence of my being. I cannot slack on the duties and instruction that He has given me concerning FWHs. I admit that I have some trepidation and reservation about being on the front lines but if God is with me, who can be against me?

I often have to remind myself that is not me but Him that I am promoting and that through Faith I can accomplish anything that He has designed for me. Through Faith I can see beyond the natural and into the Spiritual. Through Faith I can change my outlook on any situation and know that He will never leave me.

I am Walking what I am Talking and living it out loud. I encourage each of you to take some time to see the vision, write it and make it plain, then walk it out.

In the meantime, KEEP WALKING!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Steppin' Out!

This is my spirit.

Okay so I am in this boat that the Lord has provided for me to reach my dreams. I am rowing along and taking my time, well really procrastinating, as I move forward towards the destination. I can see where I want to go, but it seems soooo far away and this rowing thing is not for me. I mean if you put me in a boat Jesus, at least put a motor on it. It IS the 21st century! I could be there by now. So I am rowing and rowin and rowi and row and ro and r, well I stopped. Boy am I tired. Jesus do you see where I am at, in the middle of nowhere, doing nothing and no one is passing by to help me. Great! Now the sun is going down and I know I am too far from the destination to make up the lost time now. Plus, there are these bugs flying around and the sun is beaming on me and all I smell is salt water and I am hungry and I don't have anyone to talk to, and, and, and...

And this is my spirit in Faith.

From where I am sitting, I could WALK faster than I am rowing. It really doesn't look THAT far and I HAVE done some water walking before. It's the God in Me, I can do this. I know that I am a conqueror in Jesus. Get moving cause it's really getting dark. That's it, I AM steppin' out.

For the past few weeks, I had been receiving telephone calls from an organization, who wanted to work with aspiring entrepreneurs to help them organize their businesses, develop a plan for their businesses and train them in leadership. I had not responded to the calls because of my inner fear about cost, time and expended energy to attend these classes. But thank you Jesus, I am glad that I did.

I am often hesitant at first because I didn't really see what was in store for me. This was going to take a lot of time, that I don't have and I really have no money to attend these sessions. Plus I work full time. But all I knew was that I had been dreaming of my business, knew exactly what I desired for my business and knew I wanted to get there. And even with great possibilities in front of me, I quit rowing. I just stopped everything that really had been blessing me to go forth.

Well this telephone call was right on time. The woman I spoke with invited me to a 6 session training class that helps businesses structure themselves to help others. Again I hesitated because I didn't have the funds to pay for this type of training, although I was highly intrigued and wanted to go very badly. Something told me to just say, "Yes". So I said, "Yes". Once I hung up the phone, thoughts came to me, discouraging me and telling me to decline the offer. But God said, "NO, you are going".

I called the woman back just because I was curious about the cost, if it was too high, I would definitely have to decline. But she said, "Paid in Full by our organization, you just have to show up." My jaw hit the floor. "Really, what's the catch?", I thought. But there is not catch. Because I attended some other workshops and I agreed, they are investing in me to help me, so I can help others. They are even giving me mentors and coaches to help me become all that I can be.

Longstory/short - I am sooooo glad that I stepped out of the boat and chose to "Walk On Water". I will share more about this great assignment and adventure because there are some great business owners, you will have to meet. They are my new BFFs.

The moral of this story is: When you have fear in the face of some great opportunities, that is the time for you to begin steppin' out. You will always be able to do great things through Him, but you have go to trust HIM when He says, "COME".

Keep Walking,

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Keep Walking

Hey Y'all,

I have been so distracted that I just looked up and realized that it is August already and the year is also to an end. While I have made some strides in certain areas of my life, I feel like I am on a treadmill in other areas. I have put a lot of things on the back burner, in the drawer and under the laundry to avoid facing them, doing them or even completing them. And I know that this is not what the Lord has for me. Last week I felt like Jonah, I was sitting on my bed and I actually said, I know what you want me to do but I don't feel ready to do it. So I started doing something else. I actually ran from what I knew He wanted me to do. Guess what, I still had to do the God thing.
I have used these distractions to keep me from truly pursuing my dreams: Lack of money, rejection, fear, hard work, the list goes on and on. While I speak externally the things that I want, I have failed to connect the natural and spiritual. I am speaking out loud,"they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing", but I am looking at my check book and the shoes I want and feeling most inadequate. I am saying, "Perfect Love casts out all fear", but I have been completely afraid.
But now it is time for me to face the things that the Lord has put within me.

Because I am a helper by nature, my goal is always to be of assistance whenever I can. I totally enjoy being involved in activities and the lives of others, so I take on projects and initiate activities that may not necessarily have anything to do with what I am supposed to be doing with MiVida. But I declare that a change is coming.

I woke up yesterday and decided that it was time to make that change. I am like a child with medicine, I have to take it in one big gulp.
  • I cleaned my room. Hallelujah. You can actually walk around. I am going to set up an office in the family room so that everything will be out of my resting place and I can rest. I need you to hold me to it.

  • I joined the gym. Yes, believe it. The goal is to feel better about me. To wake up alive and not need "5 more minutes please". I know the weight has kept me from standing in front of people. I am admitting it. So, much encouragement is needed.

  • I changed my hairstyle. Do I like it? Maybe. But I am stepping out of insanity. I can't keep doing the same thing, with the same result. No more insanity, I am doing something different.

  • I started planning our next FaithWithHeels events. I made some calls, got some rejections (there is that word again) but got some exciting, favorable results. I am an overcomer. Ladies look out because I think you will be surprised and excited.

  • I am planning for my future. Financially and personally. I am organizing my business and putting some pieces in order so that I can move forward in faith.

I still have a few things on my to-do list but as I accomplish my goals, I will be able to see my progress. I am walking in faith. I have to keep walking. I have to stay in this place, this secret place for a while. I am a woman of faith. I am using the Light to dispel the darkness that was creeping up around me.

Take some time today to make a list for yourself. Shed the things that are holding you back. Take one step forward and stand firm. Take another, then just Keep Walking.

God is Blessing,
MiVida es de Oro!
My Life is Golden!!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Last week I had a dream about my mom, Patricia. The dream was really clear and I believe that there was a message that the Lord is trying to convey to me. Patricia is my biological mother Carol's sister. Patricia adopted me and raised me after my mother was killed over 33 years ago. Although I talk with her often, I haven't seen her in about 3 years as she lives in New Mexico. (If anyone wants to buy the girls and I plane tickets, Yes we accept.) So here is my dream:

I was in the ladies room at the house of some other family members and I was in the process of getting dressed. The other family members had some clothes that they had laid out for me and I was about to put them on. Then the door opened and my mother came in with a bag full of beautiful clothes for me. In the dream I was really surprised to see her and we began to talk. I asked her about the clothes and she said I brought you some clothes to wear and she began to show me the things she had chosen for me. As I began to protest, because I already had some clothes and she insisted that I wear the clothes she brought. Now in the dream I was thinking, I am too old for her to pick out my clothing. So I kept asking why she brought me all this stuff. Then finally she said, "I don't want you wearing those clothes that they are trying to put on you." And I woke up.

All that day I tried to figure out what this dream meant for me. What was she trying to say? What was God trying to convey? I called my mother, who as I was calling her, she said she was just thinking about me. She wanted to talk with me and will be coming to MI soon. Yay!!!!!

This dream is still so vivid in my mind. I prayed several times for my mom and also for those who were in my dream. But I couldn't put it together. I am not an interpreter of dreams but when I have one that sticks with me, I know that the Lord is trying to say something to me. The last time I had a dream that was so real, within days the Lord prepared me and revealed to me what was taking place. I often tell people that the reason that the Lord speaks to me in dreams is because I won't be quite and still long enough to hear Him speak, so He waits until I am knocked out to talk.

Anywho, back to my dream. As I continued to rehearse this dream, I believe that my mother represented the source of provision for me and that as the source, she had everything I needed. She has brought a multitude of clothing for me, chosen for me, but I was too eager to just wear what someone else had for me. I was ready to put on things that didn't belong to me, that didn't fit me and wasn't really chosen for me. In the dream I was willing to take whatever, but I my mother had other plans for me. Actually I had no idea what I was getting, I was just satisfied with it. And when something better came along, I tried to deny it. In reality, I see that the Lord only has the best for me and I cannot settle for less than best. He gives me a glimpse of my future and I cannot stop short of what He has planned for me.

Sometimes the trials are difficult to overcome but I make it through and sometimes I overcome easily because I have so great faith. The Lord has shown me that in any given situation, He is right with me and that He is protecting and keeping me. He is building character and integrity in me. He is given me knowledge and wisdom, things I have asked for and He is providing for all of my needs.

Ladies, I believe that the Lord has so many great things for us but we must willing to receive them because are assured that He is giving His best to us. We cannot be reluctant to accept some things that we know are of/from the Lord. We know that He is looking out for our best interest and teaching us how to use the gifts that are within us. We know that He is the source of everything and no good thing will He withhold from them that "Walk" uprightly.

As I take some time to meditate on His word and ponder His goodness, I choose to receive everything that He provides and I am grateful to have a God that loves me so much.

Keep Walking,

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Continue in the Faith

Acts 14:22

Confirming the souls of the disciples, [and] exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.

I am still walking in faith although this week I feel like there has been sooooooooo much tribulation on this side of the Kingdom of God. Mind you my tribulation has not been unto death, I haven't lost anything but time and I am still healthy, alive, and breathing. It is an inner turmoil.

As I review the ups and downs of my faith walk, I have had some great times encouraging, exhorting and edifying the ladies as I bear my soul. But I also have some times like Elijah when I have to run and hide in my cave, be fed by the Lord and return to the fight.

I started the month on cloud thirty-9 because my bling shirts were done and all I needed to do was get them out there. Put them in the hands of the people. Wear it around town. With all good intentions I took a picture in the bathroom of my home and then got the response that I needed more professional pictures. Okay, no problem. Well I have do have a problem. I didn't think this thing out. Where am I going to take the pictures? My hair is not done. I feel fat. Never mind the pictures, I'll set it up on paypal, yeah that's what I'll do. Okay, I'll contact my shirt designer and I'll get the specs. Okay done. Yeah. Wait, still need the pictures. Okay, got my hair done but do I want this on my pictures. Plus I want to wear my PZI Jeans, so I have to get my self together. Let me make a date to get it together. STILL WAITING!

I am in my cave. I see all of the activity around me but I feel like I am on the proverbial treadmill. Runnin', runnin', runnin and going no where.

But I had the "For Real?!" moment. MiVida have you written the vision and made it plain? Do you have a vision? What outcome do you want from you input?

Ladies, today take some time to focus your vision and then write it and make it plain. If you want to continue in the Faith, you must know what you believe and believe what you know the Lord has given to you to accomplish. There will be tribulation but your patience is being worked. I know that tribulation is working for my good and making me into what God's has made me to be.

Continue to walk in the hard places, continue to press towards the mark and continue to exhort others to keep the faith. I tied the knot back on the end of my rope because there is so much more to do.

Keep Walking,

MiVida es de Oro!

My Life is Golden!
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Does It Cost to Turn?

Life is really coming at me fast. So many things are transpiring at one time, it is hard to keep focus on the main thing. Jesus Christ! He is the only reason I am here today and to Him I owe it all. In my efforts to make it happen, I have gotten a little weary in well doing. I untied the knot at the end of my rope and I was waiting to slip off. Not out of salvation but into complacency.

This week, two powerful words came to me and I know that the Lord is trying to wake me up, encourage me and challenge me to pursue the promise. The first word I received is found in 2 Samuel 24, this is when David numbered the people and the Lord was upset. The verses that we focused on are 15-25. Here we find that David pays a price to worship the Lord. Our assistant dance instructor encouraged us to take our level of worship a little higher. We need to make a sacrifice and that sacrifice will cost us something. WOW!!!!!

And the second word is found in Deutoronomy 2:3. Our Pastor, Joseph Hewitt, taught us that it is now " A Time to Turn". When we have been doing the same thing over and over and haven't seen the manifestation, it could be a time for us to make a turn. Pastor said that everything we do repetitively is not bad but at some point we have to make a change (turn) in our lives. We do have take the risk to get what the Lord has promised us.

As a daughter of the King, I am trying to make Godly decisions concerning my level of sacrifice and commitment to Him and to His people. It seems that I have been shuffling things around to squeeze in a little time here and there to be with Him alone. I have fatigued myself in trying to be everything to everyone while forgetting that He is my everything, when I have no one. I have acknowledged to Him that I recognize that He is my refuge, my fortress, my confidant and my peace (among a million other things). This recent revelation, showed me that I would have to pay a price to worship. That true worship costs me something and I had to examine myself to see much I want to enter into the Holy place.

As a sister in the Lord, I have to use Godly wisdom to help myself and others grow in Him. I have to speak the truth in love and use much grace and salt as I exhort, encourage and admonish others. I have to be true to me, cause when I die, I die alone. I must be forgiving at all times, even when hurts are deep and I must love others like He loves me. This is hard to do but as I have said before, it is necessary. What good does it do to you or others to hold unforgiveness and yield it like a sword? The only sword we are to yield is the Word of God. I have often heard this quote, "unforgiveness is like taking poison, and expecting the other person to die." No good can come of this. Live your life fully and let God handle the other stuff.

As a mother in the Lord, I have to set a positive, Godly example for my children. I cannot love the others more than I love them. I must at all times show myself "Full of Faith" and standing on God's Word for our household, finances and protection. I must always conduct myself as a woman of God and remember that everything that I do, they will do. I must be transparent and real enough for them to talk to me, trust me and believe with me. I must love them unconditionally but be able to call them on their mess. I must admit my mess, yes I got mess. I must put them first (after the Lord), because they need me now more than ever.

As a businesswoman, I must seek the Lord in every decision, no matter how small. I have to take that "Leap of Faith" and see where the Lord plants me. What I envision, may not at all be in His vision for me, but I will never know, just waiting for it to happen. I have to continue to pursue the promise and allow Him to make it happen. I have to be diligent in what He has for me to do and not become weary and tired when everything does not work out like I imagine. When He says go, no one can say no.

Today is a new day for me. How I choose to use it to the fullest. I AM living my life like it's golden, because He has tried me and He is still trying me, so I am letting my pure gold shine through. It will cost me something to make this turn in my life but I know that it will be well worth the price I have to pay.

Keep Walking,

MiVida es de Oro

My Life is Golden!!

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Fully Loaded

Psalms 68:19 ~ Blessed by the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah.

Today as I thought about what to write in this post, I was stumped because I felt empty. I felt that there was nothing that I could say to you that would be of encouragement. For the past two weeks, I have been running on overdrive and depleting my resources and time with the Lord. Like a chicken with her head cut off I was running from this thing to that thing and I had not stopped to rest or refresh. I had not focused on what the will of the Lord was for me. I had not tapped in. So I pushed the stop button and started to reflect.

Once I got myself back on track, I realized that it was the Lord who was sustaining me in the times that I felt depleted. His benefits were renewed everyday, it was just how I was choosing to utilize them. As I looked at myself naturally, I realized that I was mimicking the natural, spiritually. For example, I had not gone to the doctor in quite some time. Praise the Lord, I have not been sick or even felt ill. Yet I had not taken the time to care about me and to just get a checkup. However, I still have benefits. I still have vision and dental too. I have choices to maintain my health. It is totally up to me how I use them.

Every morning my health insurance provider places my name on a list that assures that I will be covered that day. I don't have to call and ask, it is automatically done. And even though I don't use them every day I am still covered. If I choose not to use them, that is totally up to me. This is like my spiritual walk. Everyday the Lord's mercies are new, I can use them or not use them. Everyday, He provides me with blessings which cannot be counted or told, I can use them or not use them. Everyday, He refreshes my soul, I can rest in it or run out of it. Everyday, He gives me wisdom, I can use it or ignore it. And so on.

Today in my thoughts of depletion, I came across this scripture that reminded me that I am fully loaded everyday. I have everything I need to get through the day, it is just how I choose to use the day. It is how I choose to use my benefits. It is who I depend on to help me make it through.

In the next few weeks, I plan to get my plan in order. I have made my doctor's appointments and I have also released some things so that I can spend more time with the Lord. I am making full use of my benefits that He has for me and I am using them wisely.

It is so important for me to focus on the plan that He has for me and to stay in His will. With all of the things I want to accomplish, it is more important for me to know that He is with me and replenishing my supply everyday.

We all have natural benefits that are renewed: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly but only He can replenish our souls on a daily basis.

What I realize is that when I feel most empty, that is a prime time for my refreshing. And I also recognize that the only thing I should be loaded down/up with is His benefits. I pray the same for you.

Keep Walking,

Mi Vida
(Shoes reflect Choices)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Live In The Now!

This weekend I went to celebrate the birthday of a woman that has become very dear to me. She turned 60 years young. During the beautiful celebration the guest of honor made a statement that resonated with me. She said that after all of the battles, trials and ordeals she has had to face, she chooses to, "Live in the Now!" Although she wouldn't trade any of the experiences because they have made her who she is, she is so glad to say that they are well behind her.

I couldn't agree with her more. Each one of us has had hurdles, obstacles and stumblingblocks in our way but it is how we choose to deal with each one of them, overcome them and conquer them is all that matters. The positive piece that we take from them is how we really grow. It is the measuring rod we should use to see our personal growth.

More than not, many of us rehearse, replay and recount all of the things that have happened to us without gleaning the lesson or message that the Lord has for us. I have found that instead of deflecting the fiery darts, we wear them as badges of honor. "Look how many times I have been hurt", "Look at what a trooper I am", "Look at how many time I have forgiven". I don't believe that this is what the Lord would want for us to use to gain souls for Him. While they are definitely real to us, they do not define us. They design us. They mold us and shape us into better people. Like I have said many times before, "I haven't forgot but I do forgive." This is monumental for me.

Even in my current life there are hurts, hurdles and obstacles that try to hinder me from growing in Him. I am well pleased to know that I am learning how to sort through the situation and glean out all of the things that will be beneficial for me, while still using the hurt(s) wisely to teach me how to love. I am learning to admit when I am wrong and stand strong when I am right. I have learned to good in the midst of bad and to fight in faith. (A~men)

The greatest lesson that the Lord has ever taught us is to love. Love unconditionally, seperate the sin from the sinner. I am too sure that if He were to examine me today, I would fall horribly short of the mark. I have found that I don't always use wisdom to win. I am sometimes too judgmental and I am not very forgiving. But don't count me out, I am working on it. I am learning not to gage people by what I see on the surface but to dig deeper. I am uprooting some roots within me so I am not haunted by my past deeds.

All weekend, I kept saying, "I am in the NOW moment." I don't want to think about the past. I don't care what happened yesterday. I am working on changing me today. This weekend really made me look within me and think about my next big Birthday. Will my love for others be so full that it overflows and you can actually feel it? Will people drive hundreds of miles to see me and celebrate my life? Will the room permeate with the well wishes and good memories of who I had become? Or will I be in a room full of people, yet all alone? Don't misunderstand, this is not about followers or friends, it is about loving you so hard that I don't have to speak a word for you to know it. That is the type of friend I want to be. That is the type of sister I want to be. That is the human I want to be.

I am going into the "NOW" and I am taking you with me.

Keep Walking,

MiVida es de oro!
My Life is Golden!
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Monday, June 8, 2009


Luke 6:37 Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:

I admit it. I am guilty...of not forgiving.

I recently replayed some events in my life (Mi Vida) and I realized that in my heart that I had not been very forgiving. The very fact that upon recollection, I could feel the hurt, showed that I had not let go of that thing. I had not truly forgiven. The intensity of the hurt may have lessened but it was not fully forgiven.

I began to search within me to find out why I felt like I did. There is an old saying that goes, "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me." With that in my mind, I have often shut out things and people who have resembled the hurt I once experienced.

What am I saying? Because of my past, I know the behaviors of certain kinds of people. So when I see those behaviors exhibited in others I know what I am dealing with. If they are unhealthy, I shut them out. But is that what the Lord did for us? Did He not teach us and love us into His arms? Did He shut out the publican or sinner? Did He not say live peaceably with all men? Just asking? The Lord never turned His back on us but loved us while we were yet sinners. WOW!

In our lives people will traverse through that will do things to us that rub us the wrong way. I am not suggesting that we just allow anyone or anything to abuse our love and compassion. I am just saying that after it is said and done, no matter how difficult, FORGIVE. You don't have to forget even though that's good, but you must forgive. Let it Go. If we are not trying to help them, let's not hold them in judgment, condemnation or unforgiveness.

Again I say I am guilty. In the first week of my quiet time, the Lord showed me that I am guilty of it and it has to change. Even when I have been lied upon, I can't be upset with the person that lied, but I can be upset with the father of lies. When I have been accused, I can be upset with the accuser of the brethern. When I have been devoured, I can be upset with the true devourer. And so on.

In this life we all will have some damaging, hurtful and exasperating situations but the goal is to learn from them and move on. The goal is to forgive as even more than we have been forgiven.

As I thought back, I can recall people who have hurt me beyond measure. These hurts were in areas that were lacking in my life. And while I underwent some very drastic experiences, they have only been character builders for me.

I am constantly learning to let some things go. I am learning to be quiet and still. I am learning that your issues will not be my issues. I am learning that God is not pleased with my unforgiveness.

So today I am releasing the hurts and letting go of things that were done before June 8, 2009 and beyond. It may still surface every now and then, but I refuse to let the root continue to grow. I am finding that I want people to forgive me when I am wrong (and that happens often), so I have to forgive them for sometimes they no not what they do.

With that said....

Keep Walking In Faith,


Monday, June 1, 2009

Fear and Faith

Today I saw a billboard at a local church. It read: "Fear Knocked, Faith Answered and No one was there."

Whoever wrote this quote or expressed these words have had adequate amounts of both fear and faith to know that fear is only an adversary of illusion and faith although not seen faith is always there.

Fear is deceptive. I have often felt fear in the midst of some major trials. I have given fear so much power that I felt powerless and that nothing could rescue me. Fear is usually summed up in the acronym F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).

Fear is lead into our hearts by doubt. And doubt is the parent of fear. Doubt always uses fear to mislead us into believing that what we see is real. That it is truth and that we are captive to it. I have witnessed the defeat of many because of something they saw, heard or thought. They have doubted themselves out of their destiny. Fear is like a vice grip. One small turn and the pressure is intensified.

When I saw this billboard, I knew instantly that the Lord was speaking to me. I have to let faith answer the door for me. Do you remember the childhood game called Ding-Dong Ditch? It's a game where the prankster rings the door bell and the unsuspecting person goes to answer, but before the door is answered, the prankster runs. When the prankster knows you have fallen for it, they try time and again to get you to answer the door. You become easy prey.

Finally you get smart and do one of three things: ignore the bell (hard to do for responsible adults), tell someone else to answer or catch them before they do it again.

This is where I think faith wants us all to be because we have options.

1) Ignore doubt: How? There are certain things that are confirmed within us by God. When we are sure, we can ignore anything that comes to defeat our Faith in God's plan.

2) Send Faith: When faith answers the door, you are sure that whatever fear brings, it is no match for the one at the door. Faith moves mountains and increases as we use it. Faith is a catalyst for us to fight against anything that will stand in our way. Faith is the substance that we are made of, we can call on faith to be the answer(er).

3) Catch Doubt in the Act: Don't allow fear and doubt to keep pecking at the door. Don't dwell on the negative doubts that we all have but me must catch those doubts in the act. Open the door before doubt has a chance to knock and say, "If God be for me, who can be against?", "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.", "No weapon formed against me shall proper..." Use the Word of God as a positive force against the negativity of doubt.

I truly loved the thought of this billboard and pray that the words of encouragement keep coming. Now I know that when fear knocks, I am going to send Faith to answer but I believe that no one will be there.

Keep Walking in Faith, with those heels on!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now

2 Samuel 23:4 And [he shall be] as the light of the morning, [when] the sun riseth, [even] a morning without clouds; [as] the tender grass [springing] out of the earth by clear shining after rain.

It is good to serve the Lord, I once heard Darlene Bishop say. And I wholeheartedly agree. He had given me a great deal to praise and bless Him for. He has rained down His blessings and also used the rain to increase my faith. His sun shines so brightly that it warms and brightens, yet it can sometimes burn if I am not careful.

On the heels of a fabulous Mother's Day Banquet, I took a vacations to attend my cousin's wedding in Atlanta, GA. This was my opportunity to celebrate and rejoice with those who are rejoicing, just as the Bible tells us to do. This was a celebration of family and life renewed. I am truly happy to see that the Lord has blessed them both with some very extraordinary people, who both have a heart for the Lord and love each other so much. This wedding was a wonderful addition to my vacation and it was so refreshing to take a break from my daily schedule and just put my feet up. I was expecting to be in "Hotlanta" but the weather was not so exciting.

This however was no ordinary trip. I have made some connections with voices that I had heard only on the phone and people with whom I had come to love and adore through our emails. I made some new friends and exchanged numbers because we are all now family, no matter how we happen to be related. I visited my cousin's church and it was very similar to my own. I could definitely feel the love in there and most of all I felt at home. I kept saying that this was one of the best vacations that I had ever taken.

Even though it rained two of the 6 days we were there, the Son was shining through the people that I met and the experiences I had. The cloudy feeling that was creeping over me had begun to dissipate. I could see all of the obstacles in my way. 1. being doubt and fear, 2. being me. Once I got past those two major hurdles, I was good.

Although this song may have been written secularly, the words are so appropriate to me. This song just randomly jumped in my head today but it fit for me. As the song says the when the son is shining we can see clearly. We are hopeful of what is ahead. Human nature teaches us that there is safety in the light, that is why we don't skip down dark alleys in the dead of night but stick to the lighted streets even when we are assured that there is a short cut. Any obstacles are seen before they are reached and we can deal with the pain if we fall because we can see the scars and deal with them. We even expect a rainbow at the end of the rain.

I appreciate the Son because it helps me to grow and right now I am soaking up every ray that falls upon me. I want to feel His warmth shining upon me and see the rays directing my path. I am glad that He listens to me in those out loud conversations that we have. And I am glad that He is the author and finisher of my faith because with that He adds His peace like fertilizer to help me grow even stronger.

I can see clearly now! Even though rain is needed to help me get the nutrients I need to grow, I sure enjoy the (Miracle Grow) that Jesus adds to my life. I enjoy basking in the Son because I know He is cultivating me and helping to purge those things in my life that will stunt my growth. It is just something about basking in the warmth of Him.

This vacation was more than a week of rest. It was a time of reflection, refreshing and revelation. I thank the Lord that this opportunity came not just for me but for a couple starting out together, a family who is so glad that we have them both, a community that is family and a city that is alive with possibilities even when it rains for two days straight.

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all obstacles in my way.
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)Sun-Shiny day.
I think I can make it now, the pain is gone
All of the bad feelings have disappeared
Here is the rainbow I’ve been praying for
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)Sun-Shiny day.

Keep Walking,

MiVida es de Oro!
My Life is Golden!
Shoes by Jessica Bennett ~ Women's Heart

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

God is Faithful

This past Saturday was one of the best days of my life. I had a great time celebrating with my sisters. When we (my friends and I) decided that we would host such an event, we had no idea what the Lord had in mind. Although I had coined the phrase Faith With Heels, I still have not experienced every situation or been in every circumstance that others have had to deal with, yet I knew that my shoes were appropriate for me.

This weekend was filled with joy, laughter and excitement. Each woman that spoke, truly spoke from their heart and give sound wisdom to us all. Each woman that sang a song, sang from the depths of their soul to be a blessing to us all. Each woman that attended, did so because they wanted to celebrate with us and encourage us all.

As the day progressed, I began to realize that the Lord is truly faithful. Leading up to this event, I was unsure if we would have the funds to cover our expenses. Then people started calling saying they couldn't make it, etc, etc, etc. But God was showing me that He has all power in His hands and that I must stand still to see His salvation. Our team forged ahead and boy did the ladies show up.

We had over 100+ women in attendance. (Sorry, I don't have the exact number yet.) And after the bills were paid, we blessed New Beginnings Sanctuary with $500 for their organization. This is a donation coming from a group that had no money and started with no money.

Therefore, I want to thank everyone (yes, you) for their love, prayers, support, and guidance.

Here is my short list of named thanks you's:
The Lord who was on my side throughout this entire event.
The Ladies of Faith, my committee
The Sisters of Faith, my hostesses with the mostess
Pi Banquet Hall - Tony Gioutsos who supported and believed in us
My Aunt ~ Juanita Haley for the gorgeous cupcake give-a-ways
Pastor Joseph and Lady Portia Hewitt

All of the Vendors: SpiritedInfusions ~ Heidi Robinson, The Cake Fairy ~ Joan Wright, A Time to Heal ~ LaShawn Myers, Self-Discovery Workbook ~Benita Beckles, Easy Wear ~ Wanda Allen

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And all of our speakers: Each one with a testimony that is unique yet relatable.
  • Laura Varon Brown - The Detroit Free Press
  • Dr. Stacy Leatherwood-Cannon ~ Healthy Start 101
  • Margaret Wilson ~ ACTS Impact
  • Doria Hickman
  • Sakeena Strickland
  • LouAnne Stewart ~ Bible Motivated Women
I am so glad that we were able to share in this experience. Lord willing, We will be doing it again next year, same day/same place/same time. Mark your calendars now for Saturday, May 8, 2010 at the Pi Banquet Hall 28847 Franklin Road, Southfield, MI.

Thanks again to everyone who supported this event, venture and my vision. Couldn't do it without you.

Keep Walking,

Monday, May 4, 2009

I Think I'll Use Knee-Mail

We live in a world where google and yahoo rule. A world where you must be connected to some source of social interaction to feel useful and vital. You cannot survive daily life without being: twittered, facebooked, or myspaced. You can use your IM to get information instantly and chat with your peeps. Your daily agenda has to include the thoughts of another via blogspot, wordpress or blogher to complete you. Passwords reign supreme and you have to remember all them to be linkedin or you'll get locked out. And heaven knows that no human is complete without an email address but we understand, so we will allow voicemail, if we have to.

With all of these things pulling on my time, I have neglected to take the moments, minutes or hours to log on and tap in. I have used my time unwisely in the past few months and crammed all of the refreshing into the time it takes to shower. I have used my shower time as my devotion to Him. As I drive, I mash a prayer (with reverence) between my tweets with my tweeps. "Really, there is no time" ~ is both a statement and question. It is the statement I make when I disregard my quality time with Him and the question He asks when I fail to stop and lay at His feet.

This week as I embark upon my mission from Him, I have found that it is impossible to blog Him, tweet Him or find Him on Facebook. He doesn't have a page on Myspace and He doesn't want to be Googled. He has no iPhone with multiple applications, because He is the I am He doesn't need it.

God is only accessible through KNEE-mail. I thank Him because there are no passwords to lock me out or keep me from reaching Him. He has unlimited memory to keep up on all my prayers (no matter how brief), tears and feelings. He can chat with me instantly and doesn't need twitter or facebook to know my status. He doesn't need to get a text, because He wrote all the Text by which I should live my life.

The best way to reach him is through the most valuable means of communication that we have. Knee-mail. He listens and answers. He has the most friends and makes the best connections. His status is always updated as He is always on line. The Lord is always logged on.

As I try to change the world, I had forgotten my password to the Lord because I hadn't used it in a while. It wasn't something I had to write down to remember, it is written in my heart. "Lord I need your help" always unlocks His ear. And because of all of the human connections I am making, I was forgetting that I needed to maintain the spiritual one. The stamina, passion and motivation that I need comes from logging on and talking with Him. The answers to prayers are found in the text that He has given.

This week I have been using more knee-mail than email. I have made space for Him and left myspace alone. I have sought His face and not facebook. I linked up with Him in my morning prayers and then took a shower. I tweeted a praise to Him. I Googled some scriptures and read them aloud. And most of all Jesus, This Blogs for you.

Keep Walking,

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