Saturday, November 19, 2011

What the Muppets Taught Me

Hello All,

I had the wonderful opportunity to preview the new Muppets Movie!! It is fantastic!!

This movie is very reminiscent of the older Muppet movies and the nostalgia of it all.

I took my girls, ages 14 & 19 and both laughed out loud, got into the whole movie plot, and even updated me when I had to go out and get snacks.

This movie is a great family film. Today, we are missing movies and events that bring us together. The Muppets is a great way to bring the gang all together no matter what age. I sat next to a two year old who giggle and pointed the whole time.

This Muppet movie is all about coming together and seeing a dream come to pass. There are musical moments and lots of singing. And as always the fabulous, Miss Piggy.

This movie is truly 21st century with a bit of history and the good old times mixed in.

As I watched this movie, I remember sitting in front of the TV watching the antics of Animal and giggling at Gonzo. I remembered how much I loved the Muppets and was glad to share this experience with my girls.

*Movie Passes were provided by FurstAccess.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Watch Extreme Home MakeOver! You'll Love it.

I am so pleased with ABC!!! I had the opportunity to preview the Season Premiere of Extreme Home MakeOver (EHM). This is going to be an exciting season.

First, I must say that I am not being paid to promote this program and all views are my own.

As you all know, I love stories of triumph. I love to see transformation. I love to see people helping other people because it is just the right thing to do. I love seeing lives changed because we chose to make a difference for someone else.

WELL....That is what this Sunday's Extreme Home MakeOver is going to do. Get your tissues out because this show had me in tears.

For those who don't know what Extreme Home Make Over is about, here is a short recap. Ty Pennington, the host, receives letters about people who are in need of a home makeover. Typically, the recipient has an illness, is a community advocate, or a person with an extreme hardship. Hence the title "Extreme Home Makeover." They come to town, assess the situation, and build the family a brand new dwelling in just a few days. This is done, of course with the help of several local groups, businesses, and volunteers. The house is revealed and we are all crying.

Now on to the season premiere.

The first show, this season, is dedicated to supporting, helping, and understanding the needs of our Military Families. We all know someone or associate with someone with a family member in active duty. Extreme Home Make Over decided to support this cause with the help of our First Lady, Michelle Obama. First Lady Michelle and Dr. Jill Biden, are the initiators of the Join Forces ( program for Military families, so she asked the EHM to help her bless Steps & Stages Jubilee House ( in Fayetteville, NC. Barbara Marshall, a retired veteran, is the owner and operator of this house. Her goal is to never see a female veteran homeless, helpless, and without support.

Despite any of our political views, I have to say that the First Lady of our country, America, is a class act.

During the show, Barbara was residing in her tiny home, with 3 other families as well as supporting 70-80 women veterans per week. Can you say a packed house? Barbara's husband James died last year, and the house was in need of much repair, space, etc. Yet, Barbara and her housemates, Judy Hilburn, Heather Alojado, and Nikki Harper were all making do. Many women spoke of Barbara's diligence and commitment. Being a former Commander, didn't hurt her tenacity either.

Well as you know if you watch the show, the family was in Orlando at DisneyWorld, enjoying the fun and as the show goes, so many surprises come to them during this time. Ty Pennington and First Lady sent a message to Barbara and the crew letting them know that they were in good hands as they tore their former dwelling down. Barbara's daughter Maya, who is in active duty, showed up.

Sears stepped in and helped the local women veterans with resume' writing, clothing, auto repair, etc! Plus they are also donating full wardrobes to the Steps and Stages Jubilee House. Sears Rocks! I am a former Sears employee by the way!

So finally the house is finished and it is beyond words. The residents of Jubilee House actually get to meet First Lady Obama and they are now able to work, live, and support others in this beautiful new house. If you are not crying by the end, I just don't know what to tell you.

You have to see the story and total transformation for yourself, on Sunday, September 25, 2011 7/6c, but check your local listing for ABC and for goodness sake, DVR it! Right now, you can go to the EHM site on ABC and see the photo gallery from the Jubilee house (

And although, they have received a great deal of help from Extreme Home Make Over, they could always use the help and resources of others. So below the mailing address and phone number for Steps & Stages:

Steps & Stages, Inc.:

Resourcing Disabled Women Veterans
P.O. Box 9764
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28311-9764
Tel: 910.977.2303

Please watch this show and support your local military families.

In the meantime...Keep Walking in Faith,


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm Sorry

I feel sooooo bad because this blog is my baby, I have been neglecting her for months.  I am a bad parent.  Because I have been going through my own personal issues, I have failed to even jot down a note in reference to the thing I love and love to do.  But I believe that it is useless and undermining to write only out of pain.  I like talk about the issue and provide the solution (or at least the way I resolved the matter). 

***Disclaimer Any advice or suggestions you receive here are my opinions.  I am not your therapist. Cuz I am crazy too.  Smile.

The reason that I have been away so long is because I have been in my own emotional/personal trial.  And I didn't even have words to express everything I was thinking, feeling, and going through.  I had so many issues and things that I haven't dealt with but pushed down so hard that when they came up, boy was it a sight to see.  It is never good to repress stuff, because it does come back and you have to deal with it. It could be days, weeks, months, years but sister it is coming back.  Now you can keep pushing it down, but eventually it reflects in your personality, your conversations, your actions and your love for others.  What is it that people say, "Your actions speak louder than your words."?  That is what happens when bitterness sets in. 

Recently, I had an opportunity to talk about the effects of bitterness.  I believe that so many of us, have that root as the Bible calls, it but we mask and nuture it and it continues to grow.  Then when it is out of control, we simply say, I don't know where that came from.  Ahhhh, yes you do.

The reason why I chose bitterness is because I have been truly effected by it.  Until I studied what it was, I had no clue.  Bitterness starts with hurt, then turns to anger, then resentment, then it's on and popping.  I told the class that I have a process when things hurt me.  It starts with the hurt, turns into an essay, then it is a 12 page paper, I make it a novel, then it's a 30-second commmerical, to trailer, to movie.  Halle Berry plays me. 

For the rest of this year, I have declared that I will use my power of forgiveness and use it for good.  I have also decided that I can veto any thought, word, or decision that negatively affects my well being.  Oh yeah, I am trademarking the phrase, "What if I don't Want TO?" 

I like that phrase because it stumps people.  If you are real honest and say you don't want to, what can a person do but accept your honesty.  Period. 

So back to my neglectful parenting.  My baby almost starved.  I have gotten emails, questions and some really bad looks because I haven't written a word in months.  Sorry!  I am making a dedicated commitment to give you something each month.  Something good and Godly.  Something that makes you laugh.  Something you can use. 

I will also be working on a few projects as well during this time and I promise to keep you in the loop.  I am so excited to be connected to women who encourage me and who are truly seeking my good.  Recently I have met two women, who I am sure will have a positive impact on MiVida (my life).  I look forward to learning and gleaning valuable tools from you both. 

Thanks for bearing with me during this time and I promise to give you something every month to encourage you to KEEP Walking in Faith!!!!

Love Ya All,


Friday, March 4, 2011

You Gotta Watch Secret Millionaire

Recently I was watching the Oprah show and saw a segment that highlighted a new show called, “Secret Millionaire”. As I watched the show, I thought that the concept was good but it did not move me enough to want to watch the show. I was glad to see this young secret millionaire, Dani Johnson, giving back to the community. I thought it was a noble idea.

A few days later, I received an email that sparked my interest. I decided to investigate and boy am I glad I did. I decide to do a review. So here it goes….

ABC has a hit!!!! Much like the other show that did the boss going into work with the staff, this show is a reality check for many people who don’t realize that there is a world out there that needs our help.

I like that fact that “Secret Millionaire” is not about the super high profile millionaires, but about people who have a story to tell and have never forgotten where they came from. Their focus is on helping the community, not an individual person or company. ABC is highlighting charitable organizations that need help from us all, not the secret millionaire.

The first millionaire is Dani Johnson. She is a self-made millionaire and the author of several successful audio/video series, like “Recession Proof Your Income”. Her personal story of triumph is amazing, from welfare to wealth. Even though she is now a millionaire, Dani still understands the impact of poverty and what a helping hand will do for someone. Her heart and love for God’s people is exemplified on this show. The mission of the show is to find some local charities and then bless them with a donation from the Millionaire’s coffer. The idea is to really put some consideration into who gets what and why.

Dani is thrown into the impoverished neighborhood of Western Heights, Tenn. She is given only $40 for the week and must go out and find someone to help. At first, I thought, this is way too easy. But in reality it is not. I appreciated that the Network placed her into one of the hardest hit neighborhoods and she could see the devastation of the neighborhood, just by driving into the town. Then she was left to field her way from there. I appreciated that Dani was not afraid of venturing out in the neighborhood and talking with the local people. She learned of three organizations that were local the Western Heights that she could help.

• Love’s Kitchen

• The Joy of Music School

• Special Spaces

In the premier episode, Dani Johnson, revisited her past issues, such as homelessness, welfare, sickness and poverty and how she had experienced similar circumstances. Because she was able to quickly and correctly identify with those she was helping, I felt that the story line was very credible. She even gave a special gift to a family whose daughter is very ill.

Secret Millionaire shows the rest of the world that we all can do something to help someone else and even though Dani did not mention or reference the Lord in her episode, she was found reading the Bible, praying on a rock and with others. This is not so say that was her only criteria for giving but it shows her love for people through the heart of God. This was truly an inspiration to see. I am glad that the Network allowed the content to be seen.

The Secret Millionaire is a wonderful show that captivated, compelled and inspired me to take the next step in local giving. I feel that this show will do quite well and is going to be the next, “Extreme Home MakeOver”. The value of what they are doing, especially in this economy, is priceless. I loved every minute of the show and hate that there will be commercials.

Way to go ABC and Secret Millionaire it is your next Sunday Night hit. I’m telling everyone I know to watch and help keep this show on the air.  In these times, we need more inspiring, responsible and positive television.  Tune in this Sunday, March 6, 2011 at 8:00 p.m.  Watch with your family and let me know what you think!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Walking on The Water"

At first I didn't have a title or theme per Se for the 2011 Mother's Day Banquet.  I was just trying to see my way through and get the plan in motion.  I knew God had a plan for our event, but I didn't have the clear picture of what  He was orchestrating.  I was just doing it, and doing it scared none the less.  

When I shared with the Ladies of Faith, that's what I am calling them, they encouraged me to speak only positively over this event; not to say that I am scared.  But the truth sets us free!  I was scared.  Not in the sense of fear, but overwhelmed, a little intimidated and with some trepidation about an event so large by my hand.  I guess I forgot that this was not about me!

As I prayed about the event and I began to seek Him for direction, He showed me something!  WE WILL BE AT COBO HALL!  WE WILL BE ON THE WATER!  We will be Walking In Faith on the Water!!!!!!!!

In all things, God has always provided and has shown me that He is in control.  I am relying totally on Him for direction. 


Won't you join me and my special guest for this experience on the WATER!  COME!

MiVida Burrus


Minister Lorrie Barnett
This woman of God has been a blessing to many for over 30 years.  Her walk of faith has been exemplified in many ways. 

Lorrie Barnett is the mother of two wonderful children, who can attest to her extraordinary walk of faith.  Although she has had personal trials in her life, she has continue to rely on the strength of the Lord to help her triumph. 

Lorrie is a minister and member of Reconciliation Word Ministry. She uses her life stories to bless and encourage others.  Lorrie ministers to people by showing them that although life will give you lemons, lemonade is possible. She believes that "God is Able" and her personal testimony exemplifies her belief.  Come out to the Banquet and get to know her, she will surely be a blessing in your life.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Isn't She Lovely!!!!

Our 2011 Mother's Day Banquet is well underway.  I am so excited because our new logo, flyer, and vision is completely overhauled.  We are so grateful to AVIMA Designs for the wonderful work that they have done for us.  Robert Deane is truly a master at this craft.  Kudos......

All that being said check out our 2011 Flyer and Honoree Spotlight of the Week.  Join us at the 2011 Mother's Day Banquet to learn more about our Honorees and to celebrate the women that you love.  Bring your mothers, sisters, friends and daughters (husbands are invited too), as we honor some wonderful women of Faith!!!! 


Janathan Abney Austin is the Executive Pastor of the Bethel Abundant Life Center Church where Elder Jathan K. Austin is the Senior Pastor. She is the daughter of the late Bishop William C. Abney and Lady Lorraine Abney. Pastor Janathan is the founder and executive director of Ministry of Diamonds, a growing ministry dedicated to empowering and causing women to come to a deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ. Her strong passion is helping women to move from a place of despair and hurt to a life of abundance and joy.

Pastor Janathan travels the country speaking and imparting to women and men the power of God transforming love. Teaching them that I can give beauty for ashes. With a heart for hurting people, especially hurting women, her ministry focuses heavily on inner healing. Psalms 147:3 “He health the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.” Her prayer is that the word of the lord would come.


Pastor Janathan Austin notes that  Eleanor Roosevelt best describes where I’ve been and who I am when she said.

“A woman is like a tea bag, you never now how strong she is until she gets into hot water.”

Stay Tuned For Info About Our Other Honorees

Keep Walkin',


Friday, February 4, 2011

Drum Rolllllllll Please........

Hey Ladies & Gents, 

Can you believe that we are already into 2011?  I have felt like I was in a whirlwind since the year started.  I am almost finished with Community College and well on my way to my Bachelor's Degree!!!  I think I can, I think I can.....
Sorry to be gone so long, but every week proved to be a challenge to be still.  2010 went out with a bang and 2011 started shot!!!  But God is good, able and a sustainer.  I feel like I am leveling out now. 

With all of that being said, the most exhilarating and also breathtaking is the 2011 Mother's Day Banquet.  This is truly my baby and I am pushing, pushing, pushing.  I thank God for the FaithWithHeels family, who are the mid-wives, nurtures and even wind beneath my wings.  When I feel like it is enough, their love, support, joy, hope and especially FAITH!!!! keep me going.  Their prayers and calls of encouragement are vital to the success to FaithWithHeels.  This beautiful women, love God and His people and never cease to amaze me.  Heels off! to you ladies.

The 2011 Mother’s Day Banquet is well on its way. We are so pleased to announce that we have the pleasure of honoring some powerful women!

This year’s banquet will prove to be our very best yet. Guess What???!!!!!! We have booked COBO Hall. I still can't believe it, COBO HALL, y'all and we are celebrating on the water. We have the gorgeous Portside Ball room all to our selves.  I am most excited to see all of you again this year.  Mother's Day is a great time to celebrate the women in your life.  (Men are welcome to come and celebrate their moms, wives, daughters, and sisters.)

Join us on Saturday, May 7, .2011 at 10:00 a.m. Click the link and get your tickets today, you won’t want to miss this year’s celebration!  

I am so excited about the future of FaithWithHeels and also the direction in which we are taking. Our journey is to establish a network of women who want, love and desire to see themselves and others strong and empowered.

I believe that we have some women who will encourage you, empower you, edify you and inspire you to become the best you yet!!!! They have overcome obstacles, had great challenges and even major trials but my Lord, you have to hear about their TRIUMPHS!!!!!!

Here is a list of our 2011 honorees:
(Each week we will give a brief bio of the honorees to whet your appetite.)

Pastor Janathan Abney-Austin, Ministry of Diamonds

Lorrie Barnett, Reconciliation Word Ministry

Delores Benett, North End Youth Improvement Center

Lori Robinson, B.L.A.C. Magazine Detroit

Drs. Lee & Hakim, Synergy Health

Mattie McKinney Hatchett, Oakland County Women’s Commissioner

Lady Chantell Marshall, House of Prayer, Detroit

Charitable Honorees

Geneva Jackson, Sara’s House

Kalyn Risker, S.A.F.E. NewSafeStart

Keynote Speaker

Erica Murray, Break Through the Veil

FaithWithHeels is designed to be the hub, the center, the connector of all of your talents, gifts, businesses and even your thoughts. We want to share your lives and journeys with the rest of the world.

Check Out our Honorees:

SAFE ~ Kalyn Risker
Sara's House ~ Geneva Jackson

In the meantime....Keep Walkin' In Faith,

Shoes by Bagdley Mischka ~ Humble II