Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Are You Kitten Me?

Today I AM going to vent!  When my daughter was young she used to say “are you kitten me?”, so I thought it appropriate to bring it over into today’s discussion and also show you some cute little heels!

I am thoroughly discouraged by my familia.  The jokers living under my roof! The moochers! The money grabbers! The loafers! The crumb-snatchers! Shall I go on…..? 

It kills me to no end that life isn’t getting any easier with young adults living at home.  I would so trade places with MI MidLife Maven, it isn’t funny.  Now I don’t know her complete living situation but having a kid out the door sounds like a little bit of heaven!

Shall we begin...?

My two older children are of the college and full employment ages.  My son, the oldest, “the leader of the slack”, decided to take several years off from school and is now interested in pursuing his college career.  I applaud this effort but I am of the mindset that you definitely can do more than one thing at a time buddy.  Look at me; I’m juggling, sewing, driving, cooking, studying, working, sleeping, and showering all at the same time. 

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He seems to think that he should just ease into school and out of working because working and going to school is going to be a lot.  No joke pumpkin.  My moochers know I don’t tolerate any laziness...so he better not be surprised when his new living quarters are in the garage. Yes dear, You CAN work and go to school, AND to top it off you don’t have the added pressure of mortgage, bills, and people to feed.  ARE you kitten me?

My middle girl, “the responsible one”, has recently gone b-a-n-a-n-a-s (not the good bananas, Rachel Zoe says, but the crazy koo-koo bananas that makes you fear for the future of the world).  Last year she got a nice used car with less than 40,000 miles on it.  The deal was to drive it back and forth to work and school.  Well you know how well that went over, school became driving to friends house, driving people to Africa, going to the Moon, etc., all with no maintenance or oil changes, the engine went bye-bye. UGH! So now here we are with a car note, insurance payment, and no vehicle to drive.  Now she says that when she gets her next car, cuz she just knows she’s getting one, she’ll know to get regular oil changes….Are YOU kitten me?  That was basically the only conversation we were having the whole time you had your car…Get your oil changed.  Instead of good morning, I asked how the car was.  Now she’ll remember after one perfectly good vehicle has been immobilized.  Again, I say!….ARE YOU kitten me?

Haven’t had enough yet?     Shall I continue…?

Then we get to the youngest, “the chocolate, cheerleading mouse”(CCM),” the current taker of the largest share of the wallet”, this one had lost ALL her hurkies!  For 4 score and twenty years, we haven’t had living room furniture, mainly because I was waiting on people to start moving out of the house.  I figured I would start working on the living room as the house grew empty…but no, they keep going and coming, like ants at a picnic.  So I waited and I waited until I just couldn’t take it anymore and I brought some furniture for the living room.  So one day recently as the story goes, the CCM used the couch as part of her cheer stunts!  She has run up and down the couch and has leaped off of it!  What….Wait….ARE YOU KITTEN ME?!!!!  Her explanation was it was quick and she was just so excited and…“the couch was right there.” So an edict has gone forth, no one but my company on  the couch for the next 10 years.

Last but not least, we move on to our sweet little Chanel…the fur ball of our lives.  I was adamantly against getting a pet, since I knew that it would be my new responsibility.  But the CCM talked her dad into getting her one and I fell in love!  Chanel was doing so well then kaplowie….off the wagon.  I come in one day and find that Ms. Chanel has been tinkling on my new rug. A light bulb goes off….that’s where she’s been peeing.  ARE YOU KITTEN ME little doggie?!!!!

What in the world has my house come to? 

So this week, the slacker, Chiquita gone bananas, the Choc-cheerleading mouse, and the cute little dog better get it together.  I am putting on my heels and I am getting the house in order! And I’m not KITTEN!

I'm Walking in Faith, I encourage you to do the same!




thenaturalmarketdetroit said...

bwahahahah! OMG you are so hilarious! CCM will help you with the couch one day and your other daughter will hopefully go to college and learn how to rebuild and engine when your son will become the world most famous multitask er lol!

J.Liz said...

This cracked me right up. Great blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job! This was funny and heartwarming. Keep them coming! Are you kitten me!
Linda O.

Anonymous said...

LOL - really - LOL funny. Cousin, you need a "Pamper Me" day. NKA (no kids allowed). No kitten!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!!! I see why people what daytime soaps now. It allows you to take your mind off your own kittens. :)

Nice Job!!

Love ya.

Miss Taylor said...

Welcome Back!!

Faith WithHeels said...

Thanks Guys,

It's good to be back!

Hey Mrs. (Miss Taylor) Jones gotta change your signature! How Are Ya?!

BIG C said...

This is actually all your fault. Once they were old enough to recognize street signs, you should blindfold them every time you are headed home. This way when you kick them out they can't come back...they won't know how to come back.

Your blog had me rollin!

Anonymous said...

Your description painted a great picture. "Are you kitten me" ...how cute:-)


Erin R said...


Felicia Jordan said...

Are you kitten me?! Tell those older jokers to be GONE! I'm just kitten! Hope it gets better. I'll take Chanel for a spell. Lol

Felicia Jordan said...

AweSome blog!

Felicia Jordan said...

Are you kitten me?! Tell those older jokers to be GONE! I'm just kitten! Hope it gets better. I'll take Chanel for a spell. Lol

Edna Spann said...

OMG! This is great....I love it! I still have two crumb snatchers at my house and I am waiting on your follow-up blog on how to deal with theses people...and I am NOT Kitten You! Because you, me and the rest of the moms deserve a break today....LOL!

Love Ya!

Edna Spann said...

OMG...LOL! This is great and I can so relate! I still have two crumb snatchers at my house and I am waiting anxiously on your follow-up on how to deal with these people!!!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

Very cute post, so glad to see you working your blog again. Looking forward to whats next with Faithwitheels this year.

Love ya,

Margo B said...

This post had me laughing from start to finish! I certainly can identify with your middle daughter... When I was 18 I went 11,000 miles over an oil change and my engine died. It was 3:00 in the morning and my dad had to come get me... Needless to say my parents were not happy! However, I did learn my lesson!

Lysha P said...

WOW! As it's been some time now, I hope your household has came back to common sense. I can't believe your daughter did that to the NEW living room furniture. That's insane.