Friday, April 9, 2010

Walking In Faith

2 Corinthians 5:7 (For we walk by faith, and not by sight.)

For the past two years, I have written about my faith walk. I have chosen to reveal things about me and my life that are humorous as well as painful. Sometimes it is not easy to talk about your feelings because everyone doesn't understand or accept your thoughts. But for me it was a way allowing the stresses to be released and sharing the joy of my life with you as well.

What began as just a way for me to purge some of my frustrations through writing and clearing my head, has grown into a powerful connection of women who love to support help and bless one another. I am not like Paul, where I glory in sufferings, but I am glad that I have experiences things that have drawn me closer to women like you. I am so glad that you take the time to read about me (and you) and to comment on it.

It is especially wonderful to know that your faith is growing as well. Many of you have reached out to say that something touched you or that it was a good post and that does my heart well. Many of you have taken a leap of faith and started businesses, workshops and even new projects because your faith has grown. And to that I say YAY!!!!!!!

Every morning when we wake up, we all realize that one more day had been granted to us to do God's will. Some days we feel like we can conquer the world, other days not some much. But is is our choice as to how we handle those days. Do we surround ourselves with people who uplift and inspire? If we do, those days become a blur in comparison to having someone who loves you because of you and help to lift you up when you are down. You have to choose to increase your faith. I had a challenge this week and I dare the rest of you to take it. No negative words, thoughts or actions for a full day. If you accept to choose this mission, you must only speak life, words of encouragement and act in faith. If you fail, you must give 25 cent for each negative thing (the money should be donated to charity, someone on the street or someone in church).

Well I did fail. I allowed myself to fall into a negative speaking trap. I had to chalk up $3.50. Now may negative talk included being stuck in traffic, crazy drivers and getting lost in Downtown. Each of these situations were not unto death, didn't effect my overall health and were over in minutes. Doesn't the Bible speak of the little foxes? Those negative words and actions did impacted me. I realized that I have to do so much better to let my light shine. I have to do 14 times better than I did on Tuesday.

Negative words can deplete our faith. Because we are not confident in a good outcome. The negativity can spread and also infect others. Our positivity increases our faith because we our now speaking life into our situations. If Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word, then when we speak positive things out loud, don't we hear it as well?

Faith is also something we must put into action. I have found that in my walk of faith, I have had to rely heavily upon the word of God but I have also had to put that faith in the Word into action. It is not enough to say I believe, but what is my belief sparking me to do? What is my belief compelling me to work towards?

Every day that I have off from work, I try to do something of faith towards my personal, business and spiritual goals. Sometimes it is easy because of the things I want to see accomplished but sometimes it is hard because I limit my faith.

Walking in Faith is intrinsic to us all. The simple act of getting out of bed is a walk of faith, because you believe, know and are sure that you can do it. (Although as I reached 40, I found that sometimes that is a faith elevator.)

Each one of us have something that we believe in, are sure of and know without a doubt. But it is those things that challenge that cause us to lose faith. Next month as we host our second Mother's Day Banquet, my level of faith is definitely increasing. I have to walk assuredly, knowing that the room is already filled with women and that we are going to have a wonderful time in the Lord. I cannot use my natural sight to elevate my faith, but I must see, pray and believe in the spirit that it is already done. I see your smiling faces, I hear the music, I see the dance, and I am tasting the food. All within my spirit.

I am challenged. But my faith overcome all challenges and help me to know that God is for me. I draw upon that faith and move to a different level each time FaithWithHeels hosts an event, helps the community and shows our support to others. God shows me that He has never left nor forsaken me.

My walk of faith is not just for my personal achievement, but it is to encourage you to pursue!!!!!

If I can, you can. If I am, you are. If He gave it to me, you have it to. Walk in Faith. Close your eyes and take the step. If you don't know the path, He will show you. I didn't start out knowing when, where, how or why but each time I close my eyes and ask Him for direction, the path appears but I must be walking in Faith to find it.

Keep Walking,

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