Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Keep Quiet

Psalms 141:3, James 1:19

I am learning to keep quiet. This is a challenge for me because I have an opinion about everything. I can weigh in on almost any subject and express, stress and validate my point because it is my opinion. But does my opinion really matter?

I took a reflective look at myself and realized that the very things that I instantly observe in others are parts of my own character. Some I like and some I dislike. In each of us, there are things that we need to improve upon and I am taking that journey in this season of my life.

As I desire to help others, I want to truly be helpful. I cannot take the baggage of the past into new friendships and dwell on the issues of old relationships and then try to separate the two when it is convenient. It just can’t be done. Just think about when a person moves from one home to another, typically they throw all of the trash out before moving to the new house, otherwise, they have to sort through it all when they get settled. Normally, the trash usually ends up in a remote corner waiting to be sorted through. However, I believe that before I can move fully into the next season of my life, some stuff has to be sorted through.

The lives that we lead are not myopic. Any given situation in our lives can be viewed in a multitude of perspectives. My view of a situation will be in direct contrast to someone else’s view. It doesn’t make my view irrelevant, just one sided. Because of this one sided view, I can miss details that often add value to the situation or conversation. That is why we must learn to keep quiet and listen more as the story unfolds. Many times, what I would quickly discard has great value and the things I hold on to a valueless. Not priceless, valueless (of no value). Since they hold no value, they do not require conversation or opinion. I am just going to toss it.

This week I met with a friend who told me that my blog has helped her because of the words that I use. This made me happy because sometimes I feel that I am just talking and no one is listening. However, after this meeting, I realized that my words do have a positive effect therefore they must be edifying and full of light. Will I not get angry? Will I not be truthful? No, but I will choose my words carefully and have peace in the words that I choose. I will be quick to apologize for my mistakes and be honest about my faults, and I will listen more to the hearts of others and not always the words because I do want others to hear my heart when I speak.

I encourage each one of you today to listen with your heart, don’t speak first, just listen; then use your words wisely. Watch what you say, say what you mean and mean what you say. There are people listening to the words and listening to your heart.

Keep Walking,

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Faith Lifted Me!

For the past few weeks, my soul has been heavy. Even coming off of a fabulous weekend of fun, celebrate and joy for our Mother's Day Banquet, I still had some unresolved issues weighing on me. Spending time with 250 fabulous, beautiful and wonderful women of Faith, had me overjoyed. I was so excited, elated and ecstatic to see all of the love in the room. Love for one another and for the FaithWithHeels organization. Yet with all of this, I still had weight.

The things that are weighing on me are not easily resolved by me. I have had serious moments of despair, anxiety and overwhelming. I have awaken in the middle of the night asking the Lord for peace. I have had to get on my knees at 4:00 a.m. and talk with the Lord. It is during these times I try to grow closer to the Lord by reading the Word and being more still. I shut out all of the distractions and focus on what the root causes of the issues. Sometimes this helps tremendously and sometimes I just must wait for Him to answer.

I am beginning to realize that the assignments, missions or leadings of the Lord are not as easy as they may sound or seem. He often asks of me, so much more than I even think I had accomplish. And many times I feel very unsure and uneasy about what lies ahead. Because of my personal insecurities, I tend to procrastinate when it comes to moving forward in God. I am always waiting for the sign, the word, the move, the urging or some other miraculous, supernatural thing to assure me that the Lord is on my side. Yes I agree, HOW FOOLISH! but it is true. I do not seek out signs or wonders from God or man, but I am so glad when the Lord does show me His glory through His word, a song, a phone call or even the prayers and encouragement from others.

My faith in the power, ability, love and movement of God, is not unsure. I know that He can, is able and will do all He promises. What I often question is my faith in what I can do. I often leap before I look, which is both good and bad.

This week I am in the process of becoming an homeowner for the very first time and it has been a very trying time in my life. I am crying out to the Lord for wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the process and for His protection from anything that will cause hurt or harm. I am so grateful for the prayers of the saints all around this world. I received a very powerful email, from a sister in the Lord in California (you know who you are and yes, I am coming soon), she sent me an email saying that I had been heavily on her mind and heart and that her prayers were going up for me. WOW!!!!! This really boosted my spirits. Just knowing that there is someone out there praying for me. Not that I discount the fact that there are people praying, receiving this email to me was my commission to go on in Jesus' name.

I have been bombarded this week with the message of faith:

My niece texted me a "Keep the Faith" message.

My devotions this week were focused on faith.

And this morning a devotion came this morning ~ BE FAITHFUL

What does this tell you?!!!! It screams to me ---"God is faithful and my faith should rest with HIM."

Today I continue to speak life into all the situations that are weighing me down. God promises that He will take every burden from our shoulders (Isaiah 10:27). He is Faithful to do what He promises.

I know that the Lord has good things in store for me and when I am faithful He does just what He says.

I say to you, keep the faith because without FAITH it IS impossible to please God. My faith has been lifted through God's word, His encouragement and He signs, showing me that He cares so much for me. I pray today that you too are lifted through God's word and that your help comes speedily. As they say, "He may not come when you want HIM but God is always right on time." That is HIS faithfulness toward us.

Keep Walkin' y'all,

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