Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Walking on The Water"

At first I didn't have a title or theme per Se for the 2011 Mother's Day Banquet.  I was just trying to see my way through and get the plan in motion.  I knew God had a plan for our event, but I didn't have the clear picture of what  He was orchestrating.  I was just doing it, and doing it scared none the less.  

When I shared with the Ladies of Faith, that's what I am calling them, they encouraged me to speak only positively over this event; not to say that I am scared.  But the truth sets us free!  I was scared.  Not in the sense of fear, but overwhelmed, a little intimidated and with some trepidation about an event so large by my hand.  I guess I forgot that this was not about me!

As I prayed about the event and I began to seek Him for direction, He showed me something!  WE WILL BE AT COBO HALL!  WE WILL BE ON THE WATER!  We will be Walking In Faith on the Water!!!!!!!!

In all things, God has always provided and has shown me that He is in control.  I am relying totally on Him for direction. 


Won't you join me and my special guest for this experience on the WATER!  COME!

MiVida Burrus


Minister Lorrie Barnett
This woman of God has been a blessing to many for over 30 years.  Her walk of faith has been exemplified in many ways. 

Lorrie Barnett is the mother of two wonderful children, who can attest to her extraordinary walk of faith.  Although she has had personal trials in her life, she has continue to rely on the strength of the Lord to help her triumph. 

Lorrie is a minister and member of Reconciliation Word Ministry. She uses her life stories to bless and encourage others.  Lorrie ministers to people by showing them that although life will give you lemons, lemonade is possible. She believes that "God is Able" and her personal testimony exemplifies her belief.  Come out to the Banquet and get to know her, she will surely be a blessing in your life.

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