Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am so excited that you have joined me in my first attempt to blog. I am looking forward to reading your stories and testimonies about how your Faith has been activated. I recently came up with this idea after losing my home. I had roughly 30 days to find another place for my children and myself (especially one I could afford), living in a box sounds nice, but trust me it isn't. Wet cardboard does not make for a good morning or evening, unless you're making paper mache'. Nonetheless, I am not too outdoorsy anyway, so that was a wrap.

All during this difficult period, I didn't worry, I just knew God was in it. Not only did I find a new place and could afford it, the owners, who didn't want to negotiate, called me to accept my offer! Everyone I talked to, continued to encourage me and told me to keep walking in Faith. One day I had to stop and ask, How Can I walk in Faith, when I have these heels on? They were 3 3/4 inch sandals. This birthed my quest to find out how Women of Faith continue in the journey.

It is amazing that through all of the trials and tribulations we experience, we are still able to stand our ground, tell the devil NO!, and keep it together. There have been days when I felt like my heel was broken, when my shoes felt a little too tight and when they just kept flopping off but God. He fixed the brokenness, loosened the tight places and secured the loose ones.

Sisters, Ladies, Women of God and Mighty Warriors, How do YOU keep walking in Faith, with those Heels On?

Continue to press forward because there ain't no going back.

Keep Walking,

MiVida Es De Oro means My Life is Golden!!!

When I am tried in the fire I shall come out as pure gold. (Shoes by Stuart Weitzman)


Racquel Simone said...

I love this! The shoe metaphor is great! I will add this blog to my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sister MiVida,
May Peace And Blessings forever be with you!!!!!!!! You are truly a Blessing. I Love this site!! This is such a moving piece. This is something I need and can so relate to. I'm so inspired by the gift and sisterhood this site brings. I have been moved to tears. I'm looking forward to the inspirations, testimonies, healings, and closeness this site will continue to bring. I'm proud of you!!!!

Robin Bates