Monday, December 8, 2008

The Birth of The Promise

Christmas as we celebrate it is just around the corner. We will be celebrating the birth of our Savior; born to set us free, deliver us from sin and to empower us to do great things. Over 2000 years ago, Mary birthed The Promise and through the Promise, we all have an opportunity to impact lives is a glorious way. He has given us the power to do exploits, to overcome huge obstacles and to live life abundantly. He is doing the same within us today. Read Luke Chapter 1.

I really do love this story because I see that the deliverer was birthed as promised and He did all the things that the Lord has commissioned Him to do. When He was finished, read all of the Gospels, we find that He left His disciples (those who follow) in charge of making sure that the Good News is spread and that Hope remains in the hearts of His people.

As the year closes, I reflect on the promises that the Lord has spoken to me. He promised that I would do exploits. I would do greater things. I would live abundantly. Today, I thought about my promises and realized that He is faithful and just. Everything that He has spoken to me has come to pass, so I AM exciting about those things that are yet to be revealed.

Being an expectant mother I realized that protecting and birthing a baby takes diligence on my part. I must watch what I eat, exercise properly, take your vitamins, get plenty of rest, get check-ups, get more rest and do everything in myr power to make sure that my baby will be healthy and full term. This goes on for nine months, until one day, I will know that it is time to push. The Holy Spirit will instinctively tell me when I am ready.

It was about 9 months ago, when the enemy tried to discourage me and destroy my hope and passion to live life abundantly. On April 25, 2008, I was told that the place I called home, no longer wanted my family to reside there and my son was in some very serious trouble. Much like a lot of mothers, I didn't know at the time what the Lord was conceiving within me. I cried a lot, felt sick to my stomach, didn't want to get out of bed but this was just the "morning sickness" of it all. As time progressed and after several check-ups, I found that I was definitely pregnant with possibilities. "How Can I Walk In Faith...With THESE High Heels?!" was in the first trimester. I had many people fawning over my conception and my new little bump. During the second trimester, I announced that Faith With Heels was definitely underway. There was no denying that I was pregnant with a promise from the Lord. I didn't even know myself what He was doing and like many mothers begin talking all about my baby before it was fully developed. Had to stop that quickly and protect my little one.

Now I am in what I would like to think of as the last trimester of this process. The one were I am expectantly waiting to push. I am waiting for the contractions to begin. And trust me I have had some really tough fake ones (braxton-hicks). I thought it was time, but God keeps saying not just yet.
Since I know that what He has placed in me is going to help other women to realize that the Lord is on their side and that having Faith is more than just saying it, it is living it out loud. It is hoping against hope that God is right on the other side and refusing to let go, give up or even downright quit. Faith is more than Chapter 11 of Hebrews, it must become the very essence of your life. It must be the substance exuding from within you. Everyday that we live, we are given a little more Faith to carry us into the next. Each trial strengthens us and when we overcome, when have as part of our spoil a measure of Faith.
Each week this month, I will challenge you to do something outside of your comfort zone. Last Monday, I asked each one of you to remember the dream that was birth in you. This week, each one of you to take some time and do something towards that dream. ~~I'll share mine with you. In an effort to get some recognition for Faith With Heels, I reached out to several local shoe store owners about partnering with me for a fabulous shoe event. I intend to continue to reach out and find others who will support my dream, those who do "AMEN!" and those who won't I bless and continue on.

I am waiting in expectancy to see what my baby will look like. I am glad to have women who are mid wiving me through this and telling me that the process is natural (and spiritual).

Please let me know how your doing as you reach for your goals/dreams in Faith. We are going to agree in prayer that everything that the Lord has placed within you shall be birthed out of you for His glory.

In the meantime...Keep Walking,

MiVida es de Oro!

My Life is Golden!

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Bonnie said...

Beautiful analogy and accurate depiction of the process.

Much love,

Beauti4ashes said...

Well said! I thank a praise God for His timely words of wisdom that flows through you.  I also accept your challenge to do something in pursuit of my dream this week... which is to become a successful "Make-Up Artist" in and outside of the body of Christ.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement. Your blog continues to be an inspiration to me.