Monday, June 1, 2009

Fear and Faith

Today I saw a billboard at a local church. It read: "Fear Knocked, Faith Answered and No one was there."

Whoever wrote this quote or expressed these words have had adequate amounts of both fear and faith to know that fear is only an adversary of illusion and faith although not seen faith is always there.

Fear is deceptive. I have often felt fear in the midst of some major trials. I have given fear so much power that I felt powerless and that nothing could rescue me. Fear is usually summed up in the acronym F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).

Fear is lead into our hearts by doubt. And doubt is the parent of fear. Doubt always uses fear to mislead us into believing that what we see is real. That it is truth and that we are captive to it. I have witnessed the defeat of many because of something they saw, heard or thought. They have doubted themselves out of their destiny. Fear is like a vice grip. One small turn and the pressure is intensified.

When I saw this billboard, I knew instantly that the Lord was speaking to me. I have to let faith answer the door for me. Do you remember the childhood game called Ding-Dong Ditch? It's a game where the prankster rings the door bell and the unsuspecting person goes to answer, but before the door is answered, the prankster runs. When the prankster knows you have fallen for it, they try time and again to get you to answer the door. You become easy prey.

Finally you get smart and do one of three things: ignore the bell (hard to do for responsible adults), tell someone else to answer or catch them before they do it again.

This is where I think faith wants us all to be because we have options.

1) Ignore doubt: How? There are certain things that are confirmed within us by God. When we are sure, we can ignore anything that comes to defeat our Faith in God's plan.

2) Send Faith: When faith answers the door, you are sure that whatever fear brings, it is no match for the one at the door. Faith moves mountains and increases as we use it. Faith is a catalyst for us to fight against anything that will stand in our way. Faith is the substance that we are made of, we can call on faith to be the answer(er).

3) Catch Doubt in the Act: Don't allow fear and doubt to keep pecking at the door. Don't dwell on the negative doubts that we all have but me must catch those doubts in the act. Open the door before doubt has a chance to knock and say, "If God be for me, who can be against?", "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.", "No weapon formed against me shall proper..." Use the Word of God as a positive force against the negativity of doubt.

I truly loved the thought of this billboard and pray that the words of encouragement keep coming. Now I know that when fear knocks, I am going to send Faith to answer but I believe that no one will be there.

Keep Walking in Faith, with those heels on!

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Brooks J. Young said...

This exact sign has been in the front of our church for the last two weeks. God definitely was speaking to me as well.

Thank you for posting as another confirmation!

I will be a frequent visitor!

A Work in Progress said...

You continue to bless me. It is so empowering to know that I am not alone in my trials. I have been battling the enemy for about a month now in several very different areas. Each fight has been different, but one specific fight was a face to face fight with evil. And my intial reaction was fear. I had never been able to see the enemy the way I did at this particular instance and felt like I was in a horror movie, and within minutes all I could do was call on the name of Jesus. Not remembering to call on Him but instinctively call on Him. Like a child calls for its parent in a time of need or trouble, they don't second guess or stop to think if their mother or father will come they just call. After this fight with the enemy God reveal that He was so pleased in my faith in Him and His power. I truly thank God that my faith prevailed.