Monday, November 16, 2009

YEAH Spa Day

Update: God GAVE IT ALL BACK!!!!! Those hackers could not win against my God. Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me. All of my money was returned to me. So I must take a moment to praise HIM. JOIN ME!!!!!!!!!

On to the news!


The 2010 Winter Retreat Spa Day is underway. I must admit that I did get a little discouraged because I hadn't solidified everything and everyone but God is still on the Throne.

I know within that God is moving and orchestrating my life and has great things for me, but I must also admit that I am a little bit of an eager beaver. I try with all of my might to help the Lord do His will in my life. But He keeps telling me, "I Got This!"

So, I am forging forth by the grace of God and moving me out of the way. FaithWithHeels always endeavors to help others. Although we are new, small and learning our way, we are still strong in the Lord and in the power of HIS might. We are able to do what He is calling us to do because He is why we are doing what we do.

There are times when I feel like Brother Moses (no I am not leading people to the promised land)but I do feel that if He is not with me I will not go. I know that I must trust that He is leading and anytime that I feel afraid or anxious, I must go to the Rock that is higher than I. I must be still to hear clearly, however, as my friend pointed out to me today, sometimes He won't say a word.

My mother said something to me this month, that I must share with you. As we were talking, I kept saying, "I believe this, I believe that", finally my mother said, "MiVida, it is time for you to STOP believing and KNOW God is going to do it for you." Enuf said.

Even though I believe that FaithWithHeels is going to grow, I know that it will blossom suddenly as God waters and increases. Even though I believe that my situation is temporary, I know that God has an abundance for me in due time. Even though I believe that I am the head and not the tail, I know that the enemy is totally under my feet. Even though I believe that I am prosperous, I know that He supplies all of my needs according to His riches in glory. Even though I believe that I am on the right track, I know that I couldn't do anything without any of you.

I understand that believing is half of the battle, but knowing places me in the realm of victory. I AM AN OVERCOMER AND SO ARE YOU!!!!!

FaithWithHeels is a statement of my faith. It is a level of faith that we all achieve when we get out of the comfort of the boat, walk on water, just to follow Jesus. So today I encourage each of you to....

Keep Walking,

MiVida ~ FaithWithHeels.

Please join us for this Spa Day January 30, 2010 as we help others through our encouraging, empowering and enlightening events. Tickets will be available November 25, 2009 for morning and afternoon appointments. Proceeds will be used to help L.I.F.T. Women's Resource Center ( And as always thanks for listening.

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