Friday, February 5, 2010

Sound Familiar?!

All I can say is WOW! (This is a long post, but well worth it.)

This year has started off with a "bang". I am so excited about the opportunities and blessing that are coming to each one of us. We are truly on the edge of an exciting breakthough and we have to be prepared to let God do what He do.

In January, FWHs hosted the Winter Retreat Spa Day. Many days I tolled, worried and cried about this event. I couldn't see how I would pay the bill; how I would get professionals in to help me; or how to even pull this off. But I kept forgetting the one element of my life that is most important ~ HAVE FAITH!

The weeks leading into this event, I could feel the pressure. Our ministry held our corporate consecration period and each day we had a focus.

Day 1 ~ Due Order - Get your life, house, planner, self in order

Day 2 ~ Sacrifice ~ Give up something that you hold dear to see the manifestation of the Lord

Day 3 ~ Sanctification ~ Set yourself apart and turn away from things that are holding you back

Day 4 ~ Praise & Thankgiving ~ Give Praise to the Lord and Thank Him in Advance

Day 5 ~ Requesting God's Glory ~ Just ask Him

Day 6 ~ The Help of God ~ Who doesn't need His help?

Day 7 ~ Getting Rid of Tobiah's Stuff ~ Get rid of the things that you know are a hindrance to God's Glory in your life

Day 8 ~ Corporate & Intercessory Prayer ~ Pray for someone else.

Day 9 ~ Alms ~ Give, Give, Give!

Day 10 ~ Sweet Communion

These 10 days were very important for me. However, my breakthrough came on Day 6 ~ The Help of God. As I cried out to Him about what was plaguing me. He assured me that He would never leave nor forsake me. And as the tickets were slow to sell and the professionals were dropping off, I cried out unto the Lord even more. HELP!!!!!

The week of the event, I had two additional professionals tell me that they would not make it. The day before, one more. But just like Gideon, God had to get me down to the bear minimum to show me that He was in control. I had to HAVE FAITH that everything was in order and that He knew best. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!!!!!


We had a great time. This event was well needed. I met some new lifetime friends and reconnected with an old classmate. Some of the ladies knew each other from other areas in life. It was truly a blessing to know that some connections were made. Every woman I met was so special and we will stay connected. There was much fellowship, women just being themselves and love floating throughout the room. This truly exceeded my expectations and we are going to do it again. (I promise.)

I give thanks to:

Irene's Myomassology Institute ~ 26061 Franklin Road, Southfield, MI 248 350 1400 ~ They showed out! All of the ladies were truly blessed by their massage and their technician. You did a fabulous job and Lauren Bass, you are the greatest! Thanks so much for joining us and also for being a great support.

Heather Baker & Rhonda Robertson ~ Nail Techs ~ They went over and above. Their professionalism and love exuded in each hand and foot they touched. And even when I asked them to do less, they did so much more. Love ya!

Katie Dubuc ~ Esthetician ~ Katie jumped in and worked it out. She is a professional facial expert located in Commerce Township but I am sure she will travel to work it out for you. She was so sweet and wants to join us next time. AMEN! Katie see you in July.

Ms. Liz ~ Eyebrows/Nails ~ Ms. Liz can work some brows. Go in looking hairy and come out looking fab! She can make your whole face look good with a brow arch. Love you tooooo much!

Edna & Racquel ~ Make-Up Artistry ~ You pull out the beauty and I thank you both for your extra support, when I am trying to walk on water.

Krysti & Amina ~ Mary Kay Experts ~ These ladies were soooo helpful, beautiful and a great source of knowledge. They provided the best facials in town. Their products are proven and they would love to be your consultant.

Bridget King ~ Baby Nails ~ Thanks Sis, for working out the babies. I didn't know what I would do but as always, you've got my back.

All of our vendors:

RiZel Photography - Rodneshia Edwards

D'Essence Perfume - Tonia Hickman

Krystal Palmer - DDTC Fragrances

Spirited Infusions - Jewelry

Rhonda Robertson - Jewelry

Fabulous Boutique - Scarves, mugs and gift items.

And I thank each one of you who attended, prayed and participated. You don't have to expend your money, time or energy but you always do. It is such a blessing to be among people like you. Thanks for purchasing your tickets, coming out to join us and being a support to FaithWithHeels in anyway. We do not take it lightly.

With January behind us and February pushing in, I am growing excited about our May Mother's Day Event (May 8, 2010). What's going to happen then? I can't even imagine what God has in store for you and me. Check out the FaithWithHeels on Facebook and join Supporters of FaithWithHeels facebook page to get updates on what we are doing next. (We are also on twitter & linkedin).

Thanks for your prayers and love each time you read this blog.

In the meantime, Keep Walking!



Bonnie said...

So glad to hear this wonderful praise report! How I wish I was closer so that I could be a part of it all. I will remain prayer covering for you and all that God inspires you to do.

All Glory to our King!

My love,

Golden~1 said...

Hey My Friend!!!!!!!!!

It is so good to know that you are near and praying for me. I am so grateful to you for your prayers. I have to get on that plane soon. Keep my room ready, cause I am coming.

Racquel Simone said...

Bonnie!! OMG We BOTH miss you!!!! WE will be getting on the plane to come see you :) V, LOVED the event. Even though I was working, I truly enjoyed the experience.