Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh No! Summer is Gone.

Remember when Summer was three whole months long?

I can recall when summer was full of lazy days and warm nights; running through the backyards of our houses; staying outside till the mosquitoes had indulged on our blood; catching fireflies and eating toasted marshmallows off of sticks we found in the yard (yeah, it was safe to do that). Those were the days. Summer was full of water fights and starry nights and we had all the fun we could ask for. We didn’t have cable just 2, 4 and 7; we did have Atari but only the “rich” kids, so it wasn’t one per household. We didn’t have T.Vs in every room, so you watched what everyone else watched and when you did get a T.V, it was the used black and white that had a broken knob.

Life was not as fast paced as it is today. There was only one phone in the house and you were blessed to have a two way. We did get along without cell phones, we knew what time to come home and we were happy about it.

As time marched on, those carefree summer days turned into much needed summer jobs to support our teenage plans. Even then it seemed that summer was so much longer. Our days were spent saving up our money and planning to go to Cedar Point or to the Fireworks Downtown by the end of summer. We loved the Bob-Lo boat and family barbeques. Summer was family time.

Adulthood has sucked all of the fun out of summer and squeezed all of the time into one long week. Suddenly summer seems to fly by me with no calling card or apparent traces that it has even come. Sometimes I can catch it’s coattails during a two day staycation or overnight trip with the girls.

Somehow…..This summer my entire calendar has been swamped with plans, programs, and procrastination. The time that I carved out for me has been merged in with life, business and church plans. It is important to keep our priorities in perspective.

This year I vowed that I would make time for things that truly mattered to me and for the most part, I have kept that promise to myself. I have initiated and become involved with issues that concern me, intrigue me and compel me to help someone else. However, I must admit that I have been seduced into some plans that had not originally had my name on them.

As soon as June rolled in my entire calendar became packed with so many events that my head begin to spin. Even though, I do count them all worthy of my time, I just feel like they all happened in one week.

This summer:

I attended two weddings on one day. Both were beautiful and romantic.
Prepared myself for the end of the school year and the girls being home all day.
The 4th of July which of course, that drags along for the entire weekend.
Visited family in the hospital.
Prepared for a dance concert. Oh the rehearsals!
I celebrated the birthday of my youngest daughter in Muskegon.
Attending Appreciation events, held meetings and hosting programs.
Danced in the concert and attending another Dance Concert.
Attending my Sister-in-laws wedding & reception, then hosted a conference for Girls in Cleveland, OH the following week.
My daughters participated in the Children’s Day at church. So again rehearsals were in order. Today is the birthday of my oldest daughter, so the celebration continues until the weekend while, Thursday is both school registration and also a pampering event in Novi (morning and night).
Alas…Summer is over…..Next week school starts for both me and the girls, so we will be back in the saddle again for Fall and Winter. Anxiously awaiting Summer again.

I am “Falling”, into Fall with much reluctance. It means that I am back to the routine and schedules of others, classes to attend and trudging through the cold and snow. Therefore, it is important to enjoy my summers.

My encouragement to you is to make the most of the time you have. Make sure to enjoy the rest of your summer. Lay in the hammock and swing. Catch fireflies. Toast marshmallows and run in the backyard. Blow bubbles and take a dip in the pool. Take a vacation (plan for the one next year). Say no!!!! Say yes to you and keep your own schedule. Do things that matter most to you and be excited about your life. Sometimes it is okay to be a little selfish with you and your time.

Each season release some of the plans, pressures, obligations that weigh you down and don’t be too quick to fill that time slot. Leave it empty and mull it over for a while. You will indeed find something fulfilling for the slot but it must be empty first. You might want to learn to bake, read a good book, write a book, knit or sew. You might just want to have an hour of peace. Go ahead you deserve it. Family and friends will understand. They are bogged down too and appreciate a non-invite to get their laundry done.

In the mean time…Keep Walking,

Shoes by Michael Antonio ~ Kiley

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Bonnie said...

Love you, girl. And, loved this post...so beautifully expressed.

You had me cracking up about the good ol' days!

I'm proud of you and proud for you in all that God is doing.

Praying together for Godly wisdom and focus!