Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guess Who's Back?!

Hello All,

It has been quite a while since I posted on the blog. I took a little hiatus to gather my thoughts, reflect on my life and still my mind.

Sometimes it is important to begin to prioritize our lives in such a way that we come first. Since my last post, I have taken some time to grow a little.

Recently I posted on my twitter account, my feeling for the day. It was, "Patience....priceless, truth....golden, me....growing."

We all are in need of patience in some area of our life. I have been tested lately on the road in the car, in my finances, sometimes lack thereof, and in my relationships as it pertains to patience.

Am I able to wait? Do I understand or empathize with the views of others? Do I hold my peace? Two wonderful women in my life have given me some powerful acronyms for W.A.I.T. (one is Will Answer In Time and the other is Why AM I Talking.)

Patience ~ In patience I learn that the Lord (will answer in time) and much speaking does not avail much, so (why am I talking). I know that patience avails to me more than if I act in haste. Sometimes the wait reveals things that would not be exposed if I moved to quickly. Patience is truly priceless.

Truth ~ I do believe that we should speak the truth in love. And that our words should be seasoned with grace AND salt. We should desire in grace to edify and encourage but in the midst, the salt will correct, sting but heal others. Truth is a means of freedom. Truth has been tested and when we operate, speak and act in truth we are tried and purified, just like gold. Truth is truly golden.

Me~ What can I say about me? I choose to be true to myself. I choose to surround myself with people who will have patience with me as well and will speak the truth to me. I am still in a molding and shaping process, even at the age of 40 but I know that the reality is, I have to make changes that have a positive impact upon my life and those that are around me.

These are three attributes that I choose to work on for the rest of the year. Since there are three months left before 2011 (WOW), I have an opportunity to work on each one every month and build upon them.

Take the challenge! Think of three things that you can work on until the year is out and focus diligently on doing them daily. You pick, you decide and you do it. I believe in you!

As I move forward in my FaithWithHeels endeavors, I pray that each of you come along for the ride and work with us to do great things in the communities in which we live. We are hosting a SHOP for A CAUSE at Macy's on October 16th (any Macy's). Contact me to get your tickets $5.

Thanks for walking in faith with me,
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