Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Flip Flopping

Good Morning All,

As Summer approaches I am on the hunt for a few good pairs of flip flops.  This if course got me to thinking about the word, flip flop.

For those that know me, know that I ruminate on things and will find a deeper meaning in them.  

I thought about flip flip not as some cute little shoes worn in the Summer, but the idea of flip flopping in my decisions and being more sure and secure in what I decide.  

I consider myself very flexible and can adapt to almost any situation but in hindsight I realized that I have flipped flopped on some issues that I should have stuck to my guns.  

In my younger years, peer pressure was all the rage and I dare not go against the grain for fear if standing out; I already had the weird name.  So when we weren't talking to the new girl, although she was cool, I flip flopped and joined the mean girl team. A decision I truly regret and now I detest bullies.

As I graduated high school, I still hadn't found my footing, so being a grown up didn't necessarily mean making adult decisions, so we trouble came, I flip flopped and changed tunes as a method of conflict resolution.  Right or wrong, I had no backbone.

Fast forward to today, I now understand why elderly people get to speak their minds...really they have nothing to lose, no one to impress, and so very sure of who they are.  I'm not quite there yet but I can truly say that my flip flops are now only footwear and not my current method of decision making.

As an adult and parent I am responsible for showing my family that honesty and integrity matter; that truth is always right; that we face problems and issues head on; and that no matter what happens today, tomorrow we get to try again. 

I found that in life, we can choose our direction.  I also realize that we must pray constantly, and wait on open doors to guide our way.  There is no reason to flip flop through life, unless they are cute ones on our feet.

I encourage you to Keep Walking in Faith (even in your Summer of flip flops).


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Erin R said...

I love the metaphor!! Great post!

thenaturalmarketdetroit said...

Amen! I had to stop flip flopping through life also