Monday, September 22, 2008

Growing In Faith

Recently, I heard a song that has become very poignant in my life. It is "Hide Me" by Kirk Franklin. Yeah, yeah, Kirk Franklin. This song talks about how storms make our faith grow.

When I listen to the words of this song I appreciate the trials of life, I don't like them but it helps me to understand it better by and by.

I have added it to my play list and hope you will be able to hear it.

The chorus of this song says "Hide me, let me live behind You. Hide me, cause I need shelter from the rain. Remind me, the only way my faith can grow is when You let Your winds blow, Your making me stronger now, Rain don't go away." Now realistically none of us ask for the storms, the wind and the rain, but if it is designed to make us grow, stronger or better it is working for our good.

It is always hard for me to remain calm, cool and collected when everything around me seems to be tossed and turned, but Jesus always has to remind me that He is with me. Like to apostles in Mark 4:37-41, I get nervous when the boat gets to rocking and Jesus is resting. Because I like to have an idea of what's next, I have a hard time, when Jesus isn't answering me immediately or specifically.

I asked Him recently to do some things that were not hard but specific for me. It seems I am always asking God to show me that He is with me and He did. Now it is time for me to keep my end of the deal. I have to get out of the boat and start walking on water. Yikes!!! I still not too sure of the direction, yet I hear Him saying "Come."

But God, I have on these heels, how can I walk in Faith? He said one step at a time. So I am taking it day by day. Step by Step and growing from Faith to Faith. I often have to ask God to hide me and let me live behind him.
Some challenges I have had to face head on, but God is so gracious to me that He is my covering when things get too hard for me. When I feel unprotected and vulnerable to the world, He is always supportive, comforting and nurturing to me. He sends His word, His children and His grace my way each day.
When I am in one of those dry places, He send someone with water to help me make it through. When I am lonely, someone calls to connect with me. When I a blue, He sends the rest of the rainbow to cheer me up. I believe we serve an Faithful God!
I do need God to hide me and cover me, and I do enjoy each moment of it. I encourage you to ask God to do the same for you.
Keep Walking,
MiVida es de Oro!
(My Life is Golden)
Shoes by Stuart Weitzman ~Sashay
(Please forgive the text, it keeps running together
Plus it's after midnight)


silettos said...

Thank you for the words of encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your testament. It truly comforts me to see that God does give us examples through others that He is working on our behalf.

Anonymous said...

I am so VERY PROUD of you. Sounds like a book is in the worrrrrrrks! I find it interesting to hear you say that you find it hard to be calm in the midst of a storm, deal with disappointments, setbacks, confusion and turbulence that accompany life, yadahyadahyadah. I want you to know that isn't the image you project. You are the voice of reason and the princess of peace. You have a seasoned word for the hungry. Your uplifting personality is refreshing. Your testimony is that you are indeed an overcomer. Relax and enjoy the ride with God. Afterall, he is the Captain of the ship. Get out of the boat. You'll be glad you did.
Hey! I thought only me and Katie Couric said, "Yikes!"
I will forward your blog. So many women (young and let's say...mature...I don't like the word "old") are waiting to hear from you. Great job! You are so creative and believe it or not, you're a risk-taker. You are an inspiration to me.

Love you much!
Cousin Pamela

Anonymous said...

Sister V....
Thank you so much for this. I really needed this today. I sat here thinking about what to say on the blog, but the title on this week's blog says it all "Growing in Faith." Growing... God is so Faithful and True....My My MY!!!! I love my Daddy!!!
And I just love this Tye Tribbet song "Chasing After You". I don't have the CD yet, but I might have to go get this one. I love that you've placed a playlist on here. YOU GO SISTER V!!!

Racquel Simone said...

This was great...I mean..I don't even know what to say anymore...Faith is Fabulous!