Monday, September 15, 2008

On My Way

This month I have determined that I am going to push past all obstacles, distractions, disappointments, discouragements, discomforts, financial lack and even my own doubts.

The Word of the Lord is so vibrant and strong that it continues to encourage me and keep me on track. I am pursuing my dreams with much passion. They may change as I evolve, but they will continue to be my dreams. I learned a valuable lesson for my life (MiVida) this year, that I am the only one who can place limits on me.

Fear and doubt has always kept me from moving towards my goals. I have been afraid to step out of the boat and dare to walk on water. I have been afraid of what others would think of me. I have been afraid of being disappointed. I have been afraid of how I am received or perceived. I have doubted my own ability. I have been doubted. But the buck stops here! I have decided that I refuse to be afraid.

Every Monday, I place a post on this blog. However, before I do so, I ask the Lord what I should say. What is important to me? What is important to you? And how to express those feelings, thoughts and emotions into something of value. I believe that the only thing that is important right now is to shed all of the pomp and circumstance and just be me.

What you see is what you get. Although, I strive to do better, be better and learn as much as I can. I am a work in progress and I like it. I am grateful that I have those who are in my corner, on my side, correcting me and cheering me on, yet if they all went away I still have to please God. I read in the Bible today, Romans 3:3 "For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?" This passage is talking about an inward and outward change in the Jews through circumcision, and I believe that it is relevant to my life. What if some don't believe, does that may God's Word ineffective? Does the work that God has completed in my life become void because someone else doesn't believe in me? It is important that we know that we have been changed and that God IS doing the work in us. That is what makes the difference.

I have found that so many people of God have so little faith, when we as God's children should be those with the greatest faith of all. We are quick to see and say the negative and are surprised at the positive. I often here people of God say "That will never happen for me" and guess what? It won't. I choose to say the opposite. I have so great faith, that God will supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory, that I have all that I need and more. I have so great faith that He loves me so much that although the young lions will suffer lack, because I seek Him I will not want any good thing. (Psalms 34:10) Last week, I was instructed to state out loud that "I am not participating in the recession." (I even told my checkbook that we were not going to participate this year.)
From this point on, I am using all of the energy that used to consume me and cause me to worry, murmur, complain and be frustrated toward reaching my goals. Therefore, based on past history, I should reach my goals in no time :))) I encourage you to do the same. The same energy that you would use to talk about the situation, use it towards your dream. Use what may have been negative and make it positive. All of the no's should make you strive for a yes, all of the closed doors should make you search hard for the open one and all of the naysayers should make you surround yourself with only the positive and focused people.
Today, I see dreams coming to life. I see you pursuing your dreams with fervency, passion and drive. I see us pressing past the obstacles and running after our dreams. Never forget that you are a daughter of the King and royalty has privileges.
Keep Walking,
MiVida es de Oro
(My Life is Golden)
Shoes by Steve Madden ~ Midory


Golden~1 said...
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Anonymous said...

Sis. V, This one was for me! Thank you for this confirmation. I pray that God will continue to work in your life as only HE can, so that you can continue to encourage those of us who need a reminder that God is still on the throne and has ALL POWER in His hands !!!! Love you, Yolanda

Anonymous said...

Grace and Peace,

I too suffer with doubt and fear that hinders my ability to walk in what God has for me. I know what His Word says but its a challenge to always walk in it. Thanks for the encouraging words in your blogs. You make me laugh and I love the shoes!