Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Praise Break

Last week my Pastor, Joseph Hewitt, gave us a very important revelation about our situations. He stated that most issues could be summed up like this - Problem, Praise, Promise. We first have a problem, but if we continue to praise Him, we will receive the promise.

I experienced this first hand on yesterday. I was so focused on my problem that I forgot to praise God and forgot about the promise. God is not slack concerning His promises towards us. We become slack when God is not moving with the urgency we feel we deserve.

I had to take some time out yesterday, right in my living room and jump, shout and thank Him for the promises He has revealed unto me. I had to thank Him for my home, my children, my job and my life. I had to give up much praise for He is His good and His mercy endures forever.

I realized that problems are a way of moving us into our destiny and propeling us to do something else to reach our goals. I can't continue to complain about a situation, but do nothing to make it better.

I am looking to experience an exceeding, abuntant life because He came that I might have life and that more abuntantly. My goal for the Month of October is to praise Him with all that is within me. To give glory to the one who has given me life. To look to the hills, from which comes my help. To believe to see the goodness of the Lord. To Walk IN FAITH, with these heels on!

Keep Walking, you are almost there!

(Boots By Kate Spade ~ Lucie)


Racquel Simone said...

Wow! Amen. Yesterday Jesus just wanted us to give him some glory in a "random" way! I had a similar experience, but mine happened as I left a VERY untraditional place. I felt Him come over me and I did all I could not to erupt into praise in the middle of this very public place, but looking back...perhaps I should have! LOL. I praised & cried as soon as I got in the parking lot and just kept telling Him thank you....Because God is SO faithful, and He will keep every word that he has spoken...He is SO REAL and I am FULLY PERSUADED in the God I serve. My expectation is of Him and ALL that he will do, as I move forth in what He wants me to do for Him!

Anonymous said...

My sister,
I'm sitting here not knowing whether to cry, rejoice or pray. I am so proud of you and I ask that you continue. These are powerful words that many women in faith need to hear. You connect and touch on so many subjects that we need to understand that we are not alone. You've strenghtened me in so many ways. I've held your hand, I've cried with you, I've hugged and talk with you, but now that you know that you can stand alone, do YOU. God gave you wisdom, God gave you knowlege, nothing can stop you. I can't say hold on to your dream, but make your dream happen. You have everything you need in God. Continue to praise him, talk to him, humble yourself before him. He has provided for you and will keep guiding you. Walk in Faith with your High Heels. Praise God.


AKingsDaughter said...

Thank you for posting this "AWESOME" blog. May God continue to Bless you.