Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Booster Shots

Tomorrow I have to take my daughter to the doctor for her check-up and possibly some booster shots. Most of us remember a children going to the doctor every so often to get another shot to help protect us for dreaded diseases. These shots were designed to work with the original shot and help booster the protection that was already given unto us.

Well today, I need a booster shot of Faith. It is not that I am staggering or wavering in the belief of the promise, I just feel like I need more. I take today's example from the apostles, who asked the Lord to "Increase OUR Faith." They didn't lack faith they just wanted more Faith to help them accomplish the goals that were set before them. Again this is not Bible study, but my life in stereo.

I know that God has some wonderful and precious promises before me. It just seems extremely hard to keep my focus. I have been assured that God is working everything out and that I must wait patiently to obtain the prize. Receiving a personal word from the Lord is awesome because it helps me to be assured that I am on the right path. But if you know me, you know that I am a doer and I need to get it done.

The Lord is teaching me to be patient and be still. I read a devotion the other day and it talked about making our hearts to sit still. This devotion was so on time because in my heart was racing, thinking about what I wanted to accomplish and by what time. I began to faint in my heart because all of those deadlines are passing. The writer said that "If we faint not at the promises, but believe in our hearts, patiently waiting for God to line up everything we will need, He will do just what he promised".

That is what I shall do. In the midst of praising Him for everything (because this is my month of praise), I will begin to still my heart and wait on Him. God has made everything good in His time. I believe that!

Keep Walking,

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A Work in Progress said...

I love how God always sends confirmation of His Word. I was listening to Dr. Dollar the other days and I believe the name of the message was "Faith and Patience: The Spiritual Twins". In other word faith and patience go hand in hand. :) Be blessed.

Ronica said...

I need a booster shot of strength. I need strenth to stand right now. I need strength to fight the enemy right now. I need strength keep my mind right now. I just need some strength RIGHT NOW. I need strength to stay in this race. I need strength not to listen to the nay sayers and the people that want to tear me down!! There is trouble on all sides right now and I want to stand and fight but I am feeling a little weak right now and tired of fighting.

Stiletto's said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Sister V

I just want to say keep up the great work you do. I do enjoy reading your Column or I guess the new and updated word is Blog! You are very encouraging and it is enjoyable to read the way you flow with information. I believe that is a gift in itself. You are a true journalist my dear. I think you are open and free flowing, you share information with a free heart this is good. Many will follow and I can see your Blog growing & growing & growing. Other sisters can open up and know God is no respector of persons. This is a connection and a avenue for Christ. I know He's smiling on you. You are amazing blessing, keep up the good works.

Love Sister Sharon

p.s. I would respond on your blog but give me a minute to catch up with technology...... lol

TAR said...

Thanks for the lastest post. I look forward to reading them on Tuesdays when I come in to work. I even created a blog account. Keep on keeping on.