Monday, October 27, 2008


Hey Ladies,

This week, I have got to say "FOR REAL?"!!!! Oprah has "Ah Hah!" I have "FOR REAL?"

Just when you step over a puddle, you realize you are in the middle of the ocean. And you can quote me on this one. It is not that I expect to sail through life care free and that everything will be so easy. It is just that I want, need, and really deserve a break. I shouldn't say deserve, but desire.

It is hard for me to list these moments, without totally exposing some of the culprits, but you know who you are. And to you I say, "FOR REAL?!!!"

There are times in my life when I really don't understand what people don't get. I guess that because I am Christian, because I have been changed, because I am maturing and because I don't carry a gun, that gives you authority to do, say or treat me any kind of way. Not so!

I am surely a child of God and know that I have been brought out of darkness, into His light. And since He has been so gracious to me, I must extend that grace to you. It is only fair. Because I do not yell, scream and fight like I used to, doesn't mean I won't go to war (in the spirit, of course). I will cry out to God on behalf of both you and me. And because I have grown; spiritually and naturally means that God is truly doing a work in me and that I must understand that you are a work too. And even though I don't have a permit to carry a concealed weapon because of the Blood of Jesus over my life I am still packing (the HOLY GHOST, of course).

It is truly amazing to me when I look back and realize that my reaction to the some things do not affect me in the same manner. I believe it is because I have Faith in God and I know without a doubt that since He has called me to do His will, that things won't be easy. Wearing 4 inch heels is difficult enough on dry land, try it when you are stepping out of the boat and walking water.

I am glad that I am in this place at this time in Mi Vida (my life). A time when I can see the storm, step out of the boat and DARE to walk on water. I have not always been here. I have not always felt confident enough to do something so radical. I have not always felt the love of others, probably cause I didn't love me enough to demand better. I have not always been so open and honest, for fear of losing someone. I have not always been so generous, because of what it would cost me. The Bible states that "Perfect love casts out all fear". I believe that although I am not perfect, I can have and experience "Perfect Love".

To those who still don't get it, I will still say "FOR REAL?!" but I will take the time to enlighten you. I will share my thoughts and feelings with you. I will still love and support you. I will still be a shoulder to cry on, but you might hear me whisper, "For Real?"

Keep Walking,

MiVida es de Oro!

(My Life is Golden!)
Shoes Steve Madden ~ LOLLAA


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

What a lovely blog! I'm coming over from SITS and had to say hello. : )

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Live your life like it is golden girl. And do your thing.

Bonnie said...

You've got it girl! It's good to connect with someone who understands and is walking out that understanding. The presence of the Holy Spirit can be felt through your writing. I like that! I want to thank you for your comment and prayers the other day, and for also adding me to your blog list.

Anonymous said...

As I was preparing for work this morning I was speaking to my son regarding the things that I have gone through and am going through in this life. I found myself wondering why my life? Why these circumstances? Why these people?

You know what I mean?Wondering why I had to go through things that sent other people into shock, so you can imagine what it did to me! The things that gave me a surreal feeling, made me feel unappreciated. If I keep it real-real unneeded, shunned, humiliated, confused and yes, unloved; even forgotten. Things which made/make me feel incredibly sad inside… Things which were/are beyond my control.

Right then I had an epiphany…

It was so that I would learn to keep walking by faith in the most difficult stormy times and not to be shocked by the electrical currents being sent my way--to let the umbrella down and not to worry about what I'm going to look like! To walk with the surreal, how to encourage and appreciate those that are unappreciated, and to remember the forgotten and most important to love the unloved…To BE for REAL...with God myself and others!

Minister Lorrie

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Beautifully written. Golden by Jill Scott is one of my favorite songs and one I keep on a CD I play when I'm having a "For Real?" moment. Thanks for sharing and for your visit over at Tea & Honey Bread.


Racquel Simone said...

AMEN to the post. And AMEN to Minister Lorrie!

Beautiforashes said...

Girl once again I must say "For Real" you are on target again.  Because I was talking to a friend the other day and was wondering when are we as the people of God going to become "For Real".  I want to walk in the "For Realness" of God so that others may benefit and I not make them feel like a misfit.
Think about it many of us have faced a "For Real" moment in God where you just look up to heaven and say Lord are you kidding me...but in that moment God says no are you kidding me.  I have come to realize in that "For Real" moment God was letting me know this is how you seperate the "For Real" people of God from those who claims to be "For Real!"
I thank and praise God for the wisdom , love, knowledge, understanding and instructions that I received during those "For Real" moments in my life because now I have more compassion and love to help someone else to make it through the "For Real" moments in theirs.  Much Love mighty woman of God!

Stiletto's said...

I can truly relate to "FOR REAL???????". Over the last 24 hours I have been in that place. In my time with God this morning I had a child like tamtrum.( Yes I did!) There are things that I just don't get. I know all things are working for the good, yet at times I say "God where are you, do you see what's going on in my life?" "Can you please stop this drama and madness?" My hearts desire is to please God, and becuase of that there are many temptations to do things my way. Yet, I will keep pressing, knowing that God is ultimately doing a greater work in and through me for His Glory, but in the natural things just fon't make sense. It is in this place of "FOR REAL???" that we must truly walk by faith, yes in our heels.

Tiffany said...

You have a great blog! I'm stopping over from SITS. Love the high heels and the encouragement to walk in faith. What a great visual!

Sista King said...

"Do you". Because you continue to hesitate when God tells you to walk on the water you will continue to ride the waves. You are a strong sister in Christ and have all the tools that God has given you and I suggest that you press on in God's name. He has called on "you". Don't miss your boat or should I say Blessings. Walk on Water in Your High Heels.

Queenie Jeannie said...

That was a truly inspired post!! Thank you for sharing!!!