Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 - A Year of Manifestation

In December, I was really trying to gear up for the new year and to get some things in order for Faith With Heels. But on the inside, I kept thinking, am I touching anyone, am I reaching anyone, does anyone care? So 2009, with all of the excitement of birthing, made me depressed.

Looking at some numbers from the new email site, I found that the number of people who opened this email had dropped dramatically. That hurt. Then I had some financial concerns that were simmering on a back pot in my mind. I was working like a Hebrew slave with no bricks and going to school. I had had enough!

The week following Christmas, I tried desperately to stay in bed. I didn't want anything or anyone to pull on me. I forsook my blog and gave out a minimal amount of virtue. I celebrated Christmas and New Year's with the excitement of a dental exam. I tried to block out anything that needed my attention.

But God said not so.

In January, I received two words of encouragement that has really confirmed that this is not about me. I have to continue to move and do what "Thus saith the Lord". Please read the emails that I have attached in their entirety. Both of these women confirmed that it is only what you do for Christ that will last; that my labor is not in vain. I am grateful to everyone who supports Faith With Heels.

Dear MiVida, I received your gift in the mail yesterday! What a joyful surprise! I kept wondering what & why you were sending something, and finally, your sweet note explained it. It was indeed a blessing to find a surprise in the mail, but even more, I'm blessed in knowing that God has joined our hearts together for this season. It amazes me to know that this could be possible when you're way over there and I'm way over here! Only our God could orchestrate such a thing! My 9 year old son was even surprised that a blogging friend would actually send me a gift. I explained that it was the work of our Lord and the only thing different about this friendship is the miles that are between us. We have a mighty God indeed, and I sure thank Him for you! I can sense your busyness lately. I want you to know that I am praying for you. I'm praying that God would protect you from the enemy's device of distraction, that God would pour out His rest, His peace, and His encouragement upon you, that you might be free to move ahead toward the vision He has placed within your heart! Thank you again!

My love,Bonnie Alvarado


Hey Girl,

I just stopped by to tell you about the bracelet, when I saw the award. Thank you so much. It may take a few days for me to post it on my blog because my daughter Zoie is still real sick.I wanted to stop by and tell you about the bracelet you sent while I had a second or two.When you got the bracelet for me God had a two plan use for it. One for me and Honey, that verse has been ringing in my ears and my heart is claiming it.The other reason was for my down spirited daughter Zoie. She has been sick with respiratory infections on and off since Thanksgiving. Now she has an unidentified virus infection that is causing severe hives and pleurisy.Her little nine year old spirit is down and she kept asking me why God would not heal her. She even begged Jesus to take her home during one of her itching and chest hurting attacks. She is convinced that the devil wants her dead! He does! But Jesus is bigger and it is His want that counts!When I read that verse on the bracelet...I knew God was sending that verse to Zoie.Then I notice that the bracelet could be adjusted to fit her little arm.So I put it on her and told her to give it back to me when she saw the promise on it fulfilled!It has helped. She reads it aloud several times a day and already I see her spirit changing.I just had to share with you the wonderful and marvelous way God has used you and this precious gift!I love you my friend May Jesus Himself return to you a hundred-fold the kindness and love you have shown to us!


It is time for me to keep my own words and Keep Walking. The birthing process has never been an easy one and the outcome far outweighs the pains endured during the process. My pit was only for a moment because I can see the rainbow behind the rain. Plus, when people like yourselves send prayers up on my behalf, it is always worth it.

Thank you to everyone who reads, comments, forwards and blesses this endeavor. I am grateful that the Lord has given me this mission.

Keep Walking,

This is my Faith Shoe.

p.s. Bonnie Alvarado is our first Thursday Thoughts writer. Please log on this Thursday January 15, 2009 to get her word of encouragement. Thanks Bonnie.

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