Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Faith Hurts

All this Walking has made my FAITH hurt! Just look at these shoes. WHEW!!!

Just like when our feet have traveled lots of miles in high heels and began to hurt, our faith can also get a little wear and tear. Although I know I am walking in faith towards by destiny, my faith hurts a little. I thank God for the vision, provision and the desire to do, but boy do I have a long way to go. In the next few months, I think I'll need track shoes. Undoubtedly, I am and will be so glad that I endured to the end. I am determined that my Faith will not fail. (Read Luke 22:32)

This week's post is brief because of some great things that I will share on next week.
My Destiny IS My Destination
This is what I have to keep telling myself.

Destination: A place that one is going or is sent. A place ordained beforehand.

Destiny: The fulfillment of reaching a place that one is going or sent.

Recently, I shared with some friends that my destination is my destiny or my destiny is my destination. Either way the destination is the intended place that I am sent. The path that the Lord has me on, will only take me where He desires that I go (that is what a destination is, a place that one is going or sent. I looked it up.) On this road, walking in faith can get tiring but until I reach my ordained purpose, I have to continue even when my faith hurts.

I get a little discouraged sometimes because I desire to see things in a different time frame. But God keeps shouting, "Be STILL and KNOW!" "Still Know that I am God", is what I get from Him.

I am grateful that people across this nation have called, emailed or responded to the posts each week and also just to keep me lifted. I thank God for that. Cause today my Faith HURTS!

Please make sure to log on everyday to get some sneak peeks of what I will be unveiling, in the near future. I am soooooooooooooo excited by God's favor on FaithWithHeels.

Until then please pray for my faith & feet, they really do hurt.

But I am going to........

Keep Walking,



Bonnie said...

I continue to pray and believe in your great call! Remember that old story about "footprints". There are times when God does the walking and all you have to do is rest in His arms!

Love you much,

Stiletto's said...

You are a women with so great faith. The load is heavy becuase the vision is huge, your feet hurt becuase the destination is High......but just keep on walking.
Much Love,

Pinkshoelady said...

Hey Girl!
You are the winner of the pinkshoelady mystery!

Come see!

Also, send me your mailing address and I will put your prize in the mail. mpymin2@juno.com

I'm glad you won!

love Pamela