Wednesday, February 11, 2009



I think I have finally got it. After so much deliberation, contemplation, aggravation, anticipation, and elation, by George I think I've got it.

Faith With Heels and Dream Builders Network has definitely committed to hosting a Mother's Day Banquet on Saturday, May 9, 2009 at the Pi Banquet Hall, 28847 Franklin Road, Southfield, MI at 10:00 a.m. Although it is was very much a God thing, the task is not easy. There are times when I even ask myself "For Real?!"

My walk of faith has had the hills and the valleys but both have taught me how to remain in the other. I have learned that if it is of God, I cannot fight it, nor do I want to. If I am truly trusting and believing in Him then everything else does not matter. And even though I may have to exert some effort, He makes everything effortless.

I am so excited that God has chosen Faith With Heels to sponsor such an event and that His hand print is surely on it. Let me give you a few of the details.

First, I deliberated over having a Faith With Heels anything. I just want to rock some cute shirts. That's all.

Second, I contemplated who to call or ask to help me with the great task. My family and friends have rallied around this event because it is NOT ABOUT ME!!!

Third, I had a little aggravation, because I didn't think that I was called for the task. Although it sounded great, I had reservations. Huge reservations, I didn't want to do something for the sake of doing it but I wanted something that would impact lives and help dreams to build.

Fourth, after our first meeting, there was a great anticipation. We all were very excited that everything was falling into place. We saw God move Mountains on our behalf and that everyone was excited to participate. Everyone has a part and God is the CEO. Can't do it report to Him.

Fifth, is elation. What more can I say? I am elated that Faith With Heels is sponsoring this event to help others. Our goal, outside of wearing some cute shirts, is to bless others by supporting, encouraging, edifying, uplifting and empowering women (men too.) to "do the most" as my lil sis would say. Be everything that the Lord has called you to. You are able because He is able.

I personally invite all of you to join us for this event and to help us to support another. Really isn't that part of our call and our faith. To show others that it is not by our power or might, but really by His spirit. To show forth unity and love in every aspect of our lives. To free the captives, to open the door, to light the way, to salt the earth, to be the light, to strengthen our brothers/sisters, to be a Godly example.

We are supporting New Beginnings Sanctuary. An organization dedicated to helping teenage mothers to achieve their goals and to walk in Faith. (Short version). Contact Diane Cartwright at to get the full version of what New Beginnings is all about.

I look forward to having each one of you at this event. Your presence is very precious to us. You can purchase tickets through Paypal, just click the button and follow the instructions. As soon as the final design of the shirts are ready they will be posted also. So you can purchase them as well.

I am so glad that you all are my friends.

Keep Walking,

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Racquel Simone said...

Whooooo hooo! Is right! I am so happy to know and see that God is TRUE to His word and HE above all is faithful. V, you are an awesome example that when God gives a vision, he ALWAYS makes provision! I pray that many lives are impacted as this is done, and that Faith With Heels and it's vision in action, is around long after you are gone! Be blessed, and be encouraged, and continue to let God "Do The Most" in you for HIM!

Bonnie said...

How exciting! Oh, how I wish I could be there for it. I will be praying for its success and for all of you who are laboring together to make it possible.


A Work in Progress said...

Amen Sister Racquel. I think she said it all. :)

A Work in Progress said...

Amen Sister Racquel. I think she said it all. :)

Beautiforashes said...

You "Go Girl"! Congratulations on all that God has manifested thus far and truly "we know" the best is really just to come. I am truly excited to support and be a part of something so wonderful and meaningful...because I myself was a teenage mom and I know personally the struggles that comes with this great responsibility. Once again "PRAISE BE TO OUR GOD FOR HIS WONDERFUL WORKS BECAUSE IT IS TRULY MARVELOUS IN OUR EYES"~ Smooches

Melanie said...

I'm excited for you as you walk into your future!