Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Glory Be to God!!!!

I am just so thankful today that God is manifesting Himself in our lives. I received a wonderful praise report from my sister in law, who is standing in faith, that Lord has opened up the doors for her to receive a promise. God is connecting Faith With Heels/Dream Builders with women all over this world. I see the doors of opportunity opening for my sisters, my friends, my girls. He is changing lives right now. Tomorrow, we won't be the same.

God is working in ways that none of us can explain or even have a way of understanding but that is how He does what He does. We cannot always give full explanation of what He has designed. I just thank Him that He is the designer.

What I would want, is not always what I need. What you may want for me, is not going to help me become who I need to be. I am moving out of His way.

Faith in what He can do, is what gets me through. It's simple but hard. Hard for me to let go of my ideals and allow the natural progression and evolution to take place. I try to work this thing. But I have noticed in the last year that He is so much better at it. My emotions, thoughts and effort doesn't move Him. And although Faith without works is dead. Works alone does not accomplish it all.

I have taken a step back and realized that if He has a plan and He has designed an outcome, I need to just come and let Him work it out.

By effort, even good intention, I have often messed up things even more. So my best strategy is to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

I give Him Glory because He is so awesome and I can see Him in each of you. Your love for others, your compassion, your willingness to help, your involvement, your encouragement, your peace, your guidance, your stern conviction, you are Him. And for that I must give Him glory.

Keep Walking,

Shoe by RSVP


Bonnie said...

Hi MiVida. I really liked this part:
By effort, even good intention, I have often messed up things even more.

What you have written is so true. Often God will inspire or plant a vision, and we begin running! I agree that it is so, so important that we do carry out those things to which He has entrusted to us, but we must remain slow and steady in order to not miss His leading and timing. It's completely up to Him, and not us, how exactly it all comes to pass.


A Work in Progress said...

Sister V...I have made a decision that I will not move without God. I am fully convinced that I should not move without Him, because I too mess up very badly without Him. And now I'm just to a point where I'm tired of going to Him for help with my mess, when I could have sat down and let God be God from the beginning. I put my faith into action recently and I'm waiting patiently for God to His thing and so far, things are falling into place like puzzle pieces. It's truly amazing!!! I am yielding myself to Holy Ghost and He is moving mightly on my behalf, without having to clean up my mess first!!! Praise God that's He's better at this than I am. Be blessed.