Monday, March 2, 2009

A Rainbow without the Rain


I saw a rainbow this morning. It kinda shocked me because there had been no rain the night before. I could only see a small portion of it but I kept looking at it in amazement as I took the girls to school. On the way back it was still there.

So I began to really think about this thing....

A rainbow is the promise (covenant) between God and man given to Noah after the Great Flood. I read it and you can too. Genesis Chapter 9.

But what really came forth for me is that God's promise is still there. He showed me that every promise is still there. I was really amazed that there was no rain. I am excited to learn that His promises can still be there and I don't have to go through a storm to receive them. Because He can do whatever He wants to do, whenever He wants to do it. I have to release some things to Him and Him only. Sometimes it is just between me and Him. I have to hear His voice and listen for His instruction.

I am learning to be very careful in how I express my feelings and emotions so that the implication of stress (the storm) is not there. I am learning to lean more and more on Him. If it is a promise from Him, it is still there and is coming to pass.

I am so glad that He loves me like He does and that His comfort outweighs everything else. When He arose on the boat and stilled the sea, He wasn't stressed or worried but He corrected their faith. That is what I needed from Him this week; a beautiful correction. The rainbow reminded me that His promise is still there.

He promised Noah over 2000 years ago and we have not experienced a flood like that again. He promised that the Messiah would come and He came to set us all free. He promised that we would be overcomers and I have overcome.

I have faith that outlasts any storm because they all have to end. In the end I have victory and I win.

Keep Walking the promise is still there,


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