Monday, May 4, 2009

I Think I'll Use Knee-Mail

We live in a world where google and yahoo rule. A world where you must be connected to some source of social interaction to feel useful and vital. You cannot survive daily life without being: twittered, facebooked, or myspaced. You can use your IM to get information instantly and chat with your peeps. Your daily agenda has to include the thoughts of another via blogspot, wordpress or blogher to complete you. Passwords reign supreme and you have to remember all them to be linkedin or you'll get locked out. And heaven knows that no human is complete without an email address but we understand, so we will allow voicemail, if we have to.

With all of these things pulling on my time, I have neglected to take the moments, minutes or hours to log on and tap in. I have used my time unwisely in the past few months and crammed all of the refreshing into the time it takes to shower. I have used my shower time as my devotion to Him. As I drive, I mash a prayer (with reverence) between my tweets with my tweeps. "Really, there is no time" ~ is both a statement and question. It is the statement I make when I disregard my quality time with Him and the question He asks when I fail to stop and lay at His feet.

This week as I embark upon my mission from Him, I have found that it is impossible to blog Him, tweet Him or find Him on Facebook. He doesn't have a page on Myspace and He doesn't want to be Googled. He has no iPhone with multiple applications, because He is the I am He doesn't need it.

God is only accessible through KNEE-mail. I thank Him because there are no passwords to lock me out or keep me from reaching Him. He has unlimited memory to keep up on all my prayers (no matter how brief), tears and feelings. He can chat with me instantly and doesn't need twitter or facebook to know my status. He doesn't need to get a text, because He wrote all the Text by which I should live my life.

The best way to reach him is through the most valuable means of communication that we have. Knee-mail. He listens and answers. He has the most friends and makes the best connections. His status is always updated as He is always on line. The Lord is always logged on.

As I try to change the world, I had forgotten my password to the Lord because I hadn't used it in a while. It wasn't something I had to write down to remember, it is written in my heart. "Lord I need your help" always unlocks His ear. And because of all of the human connections I am making, I was forgetting that I needed to maintain the spiritual one. The stamina, passion and motivation that I need comes from logging on and talking with Him. The answers to prayers are found in the text that He has given.

This week I have been using more knee-mail than email. I have made space for Him and left myspace alone. I have sought His face and not facebook. I linked up with Him in my morning prayers and then took a shower. I tweeted a praise to Him. I Googled some scriptures and read them aloud. And most of all Jesus, This Blogs for you.

Keep Walking,

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Bonnie said...

Hey there, sister! Loved this post...very cute! I'm not completely back as of yet, just wanted to send you some love and let you know I've got you all lifted up for this weekend! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Miss you,

Dreamer said...

V, that was good. I love Knee-Mail!!! Loves it!!! The banquet was blessed and SO encouraging. You did a wonderful job, and it was SO obvious that your help came from the hills. Thank you for all you've done. You really don't know how and who you are touching. Be blessed. :)

FindHerInHIM - Kenyari said...

I really like this blog. "Knee-Mail"! This one is a must share.

FindHerInHIM - Kenyari said...

I really like this one.
"Knee-mail":-)! This one is definitely a must share!!