Monday, July 20, 2009

Continue in the Faith

Acts 14:22

Confirming the souls of the disciples, [and] exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.

I am still walking in faith although this week I feel like there has been sooooooooo much tribulation on this side of the Kingdom of God. Mind you my tribulation has not been unto death, I haven't lost anything but time and I am still healthy, alive, and breathing. It is an inner turmoil.

As I review the ups and downs of my faith walk, I have had some great times encouraging, exhorting and edifying the ladies as I bear my soul. But I also have some times like Elijah when I have to run and hide in my cave, be fed by the Lord and return to the fight.

I started the month on cloud thirty-9 because my bling shirts were done and all I needed to do was get them out there. Put them in the hands of the people. Wear it around town. With all good intentions I took a picture in the bathroom of my home and then got the response that I needed more professional pictures. Okay, no problem. Well I have do have a problem. I didn't think this thing out. Where am I going to take the pictures? My hair is not done. I feel fat. Never mind the pictures, I'll set it up on paypal, yeah that's what I'll do. Okay, I'll contact my shirt designer and I'll get the specs. Okay done. Yeah. Wait, still need the pictures. Okay, got my hair done but do I want this on my pictures. Plus I want to wear my PZI Jeans, so I have to get my self together. Let me make a date to get it together. STILL WAITING!

I am in my cave. I see all of the activity around me but I feel like I am on the proverbial treadmill. Runnin', runnin', runnin and going no where.

But I had the "For Real?!" moment. MiVida have you written the vision and made it plain? Do you have a vision? What outcome do you want from you input?

Ladies, today take some time to focus your vision and then write it and make it plain. If you want to continue in the Faith, you must know what you believe and believe what you know the Lord has given to you to accomplish. There will be tribulation but your patience is being worked. I know that tribulation is working for my good and making me into what God's has made me to be.

Continue to walk in the hard places, continue to press towards the mark and continue to exhort others to keep the faith. I tied the knot back on the end of my rope because there is so much more to do.

Keep Walking,

MiVida es de Oro!

My Life is Golden!
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