Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Does It Cost to Turn?

Life is really coming at me fast. So many things are transpiring at one time, it is hard to keep focus on the main thing. Jesus Christ! He is the only reason I am here today and to Him I owe it all. In my efforts to make it happen, I have gotten a little weary in well doing. I untied the knot at the end of my rope and I was waiting to slip off. Not out of salvation but into complacency.

This week, two powerful words came to me and I know that the Lord is trying to wake me up, encourage me and challenge me to pursue the promise. The first word I received is found in 2 Samuel 24, this is when David numbered the people and the Lord was upset. The verses that we focused on are 15-25. Here we find that David pays a price to worship the Lord. Our assistant dance instructor encouraged us to take our level of worship a little higher. We need to make a sacrifice and that sacrifice will cost us something. WOW!!!!!

And the second word is found in Deutoronomy 2:3. Our Pastor, Joseph Hewitt, taught us that it is now " A Time to Turn". When we have been doing the same thing over and over and haven't seen the manifestation, it could be a time for us to make a turn. Pastor said that everything we do repetitively is not bad but at some point we have to make a change (turn) in our lives. We do have take the risk to get what the Lord has promised us.

As a daughter of the King, I am trying to make Godly decisions concerning my level of sacrifice and commitment to Him and to His people. It seems that I have been shuffling things around to squeeze in a little time here and there to be with Him alone. I have fatigued myself in trying to be everything to everyone while forgetting that He is my everything, when I have no one. I have acknowledged to Him that I recognize that He is my refuge, my fortress, my confidant and my peace (among a million other things). This recent revelation, showed me that I would have to pay a price to worship. That true worship costs me something and I had to examine myself to see much I want to enter into the Holy place.

As a sister in the Lord, I have to use Godly wisdom to help myself and others grow in Him. I have to speak the truth in love and use much grace and salt as I exhort, encourage and admonish others. I have to be true to me, cause when I die, I die alone. I must be forgiving at all times, even when hurts are deep and I must love others like He loves me. This is hard to do but as I have said before, it is necessary. What good does it do to you or others to hold unforgiveness and yield it like a sword? The only sword we are to yield is the Word of God. I have often heard this quote, "unforgiveness is like taking poison, and expecting the other person to die." No good can come of this. Live your life fully and let God handle the other stuff.

As a mother in the Lord, I have to set a positive, Godly example for my children. I cannot love the others more than I love them. I must at all times show myself "Full of Faith" and standing on God's Word for our household, finances and protection. I must always conduct myself as a woman of God and remember that everything that I do, they will do. I must be transparent and real enough for them to talk to me, trust me and believe with me. I must love them unconditionally but be able to call them on their mess. I must admit my mess, yes I got mess. I must put them first (after the Lord), because they need me now more than ever.

As a businesswoman, I must seek the Lord in every decision, no matter how small. I have to take that "Leap of Faith" and see where the Lord plants me. What I envision, may not at all be in His vision for me, but I will never know, just waiting for it to happen. I have to continue to pursue the promise and allow Him to make it happen. I have to be diligent in what He has for me to do and not become weary and tired when everything does not work out like I imagine. When He says go, no one can say no.

Today is a new day for me. How I choose to use it to the fullest. I AM living my life like it's golden, because He has tried me and He is still trying me, so I am letting my pure gold shine through. It will cost me something to make this turn in my life but I know that it will be well worth the price I have to pay.

Keep Walking,

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