Monday, November 10, 2008

Love Covers

Love covers a multitude of sins.
(And plenty other things too.)

It was Love that took on all of our sins, died on a cross and rose that we might not feel the sting of death. It was Love that took all of our mess and threw it in the lake of forgetfulness, never to be replayed or rehashed at random. It was Love that showed Himself strong against the temptation of the enemy as an example to us that we may also resist temptation. It is Love that looks waaaayyyyy past all our faults and saw all of our needs. It is Love blessing us. It is Love showing us the way to love someone else. It is Love covering us.

This is a huge challenge for all of God's people; to be the first to give Love and to use Love as a blanket to cover our brothers and sisters. Sometimes things hurt us so badly that it is hard to see past the initial hurt and see the Love, but it is there. Sometimes you have to look way deep down inside to see the it, but it is there. I have experienced times where I have not been so forgiving or loving because of the pain. But Love still covered me.

I thank God that He is so forgiving and forgetting when it comes to areas where I may fall short. Sometimes I forget how much He has forgiven me. However, He usually gently reminds me, "But for the grace of God, there go I."

I am learning that it is through my Faith in Christ that I have been forgiven, that grace abounds for each of us and that I must used all of my words in wisdom to be a blessing to you. I must cover you because I am being covered. Now I am not talking about hiding sin or allowing it to run rampant. Trust me, if you need correction, correction you will receive. But I am talking about non-sin issues, issues of everyday life, those things that are not unto death. I am talking about having each others back, especially when we are falling short or have some shortcomings; encouraging each other to move forward, press on, to try harder and to be better.

From this point on, I must remember to remember all that He has done for me. I must extend to my brothers and sisters the same grace that God has given me. I must extend my hand to help and not use my words to hurt. My opportunity comes everyday when I wake up. "Brand new mercies I see, Great is His Faithfulness, unto me."

Sisters, take some time and remember to forgive: the hurts, the pain, the hard times, the lies, the discouragement, etc. Chose to celebrate, congratulate, and participate in the lives of others.

Love is always covering us, even when we forget to cover each other.

Keep Walking,

MiVida es de Oro!
My Life is Golden!
Shoes by Highest Heel ~ Audrey


Racquel Simone said...

So in tune MiVida. I was just having this conversation with someone yesterday. We can never forget to extend the love, mercy and grace that God has extended to us. When we see our fellow soldiers down, it is our responsibllity to reach back and help pull them up and to speak the truth, in love. Blessed post.

Power Up Love said...

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love"-1Cor 13:13 Love does cover.


Bonnie said...

Your love for us is shown through this post.

One of my favorite sayings is, "He who has been forgiven much, can forgive much." This also stands to be true concerning the issue of love. "He who has been loved much, can love much!" The son of God paid the ultimate price to forgive us & love us, no matter how ugly the sin or how unlovable we were. God is love, and it is He who resides inside of us. For those who have felt that you couldn't--it's not you sisters, but the God in you who can!


Beauti4ashes said...

Amen! If it was not for the Love of God where would I was He who brought me out of darkness in His marvelous light. Love is a fruit of The Spirit that we all must possess because love goes beyond what I eyes can see and what our ears can hear. It was the Love of God that enabled me to love and forgive those who molested me, abused me in everyway imaginable and those who gave up on me....."But God".

I agree whole heartily that "We that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak"... because as the body of Christ we ought to do as our does: "for when we are weak then are we strong because our strenth is made perfect in Him"~ Smooches


Forgiveness=Blessings said...

Thank you for stressing forgiveness as a part of walking and living LOVE. I think sometimes it is hard for us to walk, live and receive LOVE, because we may have some unresolved forgiveness issues. Thank you for the gentle yet loving reminder that, while we may encounter situations that hurt, it does not mean there is an absence of LOVE.