Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No Joke

Hey Ladies,

No Joke, I need your help.

I have asked for some outside help on this give a way project. I am trying to come up with a good way of doing this. Whoever comes up with the best idea gets a pairCheck Spelling. I have sizes 7 through 11. I have shoes and boots (not the winter kind, the dress-up kind).

Leave me a comment on the blog with your suggestion or comment on Monday, November 10, 2008's post. Two pair will be given away next Tuesday, November 18, 2008.

Don't miss out on free shoes.




Stiletto's said...

What about "IF THE SHOE FITS GIVEAWAY". Leave a comment on "How you walk in Faith, With Your High Heels On" as it pertains to Mivida's weekly blog post. If the featured the weekly blog has blessed you and the Shoe fits leave a comment and you will be entered to win.

Tiffany Stuart said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your thoughts about your road. I so understand not wanting to drive too slow and missing the destination. Have a wonderful week!

Pinkshoelady said...

Hey There New Friend!
Thanks so much for visiting me and the encouraging comments you left.

I love your blog!
Especially the shoes!
I am so into high heels...only I have to wait till heaven to wear them! But isn't God good that He is saving a pair of heavenly hot pink ones just for me!

You are a great writer...I scanned your previous posts.

I will be back for sure!

Nice to meet you Lets kick up our heels and chat again soon!

Love ya,

Forgiveness=Blessings said...

Maybe, you can create a series of contests to keep it interesting. Use the same one for a whole month or bi-weekly, and then switch up. For example: 1) Who Said That?- You post a quote from the Bible, and we have to guess who said it. 1st, 3rd, 5th or whichever number person (you choose) answers correctly wins. 2) Jeopardy Questions, where you type the answer (you choose the category), and the correct question wins. This way there is a chance for everyone to compete, learn and have fun while getting a prize. Switching up every month or bi-weekly, will also keep it interesting.

ktandy said...

How about you start a scripture and someone has to finish it!! For instance, LOVE IS PATIENT, LOVE IS KIND.........(please finish the rest & give me the verse it came from)

Bonnie said...

I like stiletto's suggestion!


Anonymous said...

Grace and peace.

I think it's great what you are doing.

Here are some ideas for the give-away ...
1. first-come first served
2. have a prince charming try-on contest -- if the shoe fits its yours
3. assign each entrant a number then pick numbers by lottery, winning numbers win shoes
4. have a short essay contest about why women seem to never have enough shoes
5. have a picture contest where ladies draw their favorite or most ornate or most original shoe
6. Ask people to count the number of pairs of shoes they own -- the one with the least wins, the ones with the most wins or the one with the median or average amount wins
7. Have a contest as to who knows the most songs with the word "shoe or shoes" in the title.

Hopefully these will get you started.

I cannot blog from work.

May you have an excellent and safe day!

Best Regards,
Charlotte Scales

Anonymous said...

Have old soles?
Been praying, believing, and walking with Christ that your favorite soles have just worn out? Put on a brand new shiny pair and get to stepping with Christ for the long haul. Those old soles might have been broken in and worn to your liking, but I believe that God doesn’t want you to continue dwelling on the same trials and tribulations that he has brought you through. So why not put on a new pair and step out in faith that God has something far greater for you to experience and He needs your best foot forward. So, hang up the old fore it has seen many miles and put on the new for there are many more miles ahead!!!

Vee, how about stories of women who had a milestone to bear( a pair of old soles) and how God has made a way for them to walk through it ( end result-a new pr. because God has brought you through it).

Example: Daryl and I have been trying for so long (married for 8 ½ years) to have a child (with boat loads of Dr. appts. & unsuccessful results), that we finally had decided that it just wasn’t meant to be. But that wasn’t the case: It just wasn’t on God’s time. Now is the right time and now we are expecting our first child- Baby Thornton

Tyre Thornton

Anonymous said...

How about a challenge—an act of faith. Since you put out the question of forgiveness and healing, etc. what do you think about having them share an action step they took within the last 3 days (or something like that). The readers can vote. You can give them a window of response like logging their answers on Friday between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and midnight.

Just some ideas….