Monday, November 24, 2008

What Do You Say.....?

This year has been a season of change, growth and personal reflection. I have learned a lot about this life and the Life. My life has evolved and changed in just a few months, and I am thankful that the Lord has placed me on this journey. My challenge is to make sure that I learn all that is before me and to use it to propel me to my destiny.

I realized that I am not alone as I walk in purpose and look forward to seeing the manifested dreams that He has placed within each one of us. Along this path, I have had to let go of some things that were not conducive to me becoming all that the Lord would have me to be. I have shed some baggage that has held me back, slowed me down and hindered my progress. I refuse to see the negative as a blockade, but will use it to help me rise a little higher. That stumbling block will be my stepping stone.

I am so thankful to every person who has logged on this blog and has encouraged me to do what I do. As you read my thoughts and inspirations from the Lord, I constantly ask Him to deposit in me words of Life and liberty. I am often amazed at what is written as well.

It is truly a wonderful experience to read testimonies, stories and word of life from each one of you. I know that many of you have had trials that would have taken the average person out, but you overcame and your faith was so strong that you did not stagger at the promise in unbelief.

I applaud each one of you for your courage, honor and strength to be transparent. I am grateful that you are supportive of me and encouraging me to go on. I appreciate your words of life and the love I feel when I read your comments and thoughts on how to make this blog better. I Thank you for being my sister, friend, and confidant in the Lord.

I am like a child who has been reminded:

What Do YOU say......?


There are many ways to do something for someone else as a way of showing your gratitude for all that the Lord has given unto you.

This Thanksgiving Holiday, say thank you with a sincere heart. Tell others why you are thankful for them. Say Thank you to the bank teller, the cashier and the paperboy. Do something that shows your thanks to someone outside of your immediate circle of family and friends. Bake a cake for your neighbor, write a thank you note to someone who has blessed or helped you, visit the hospital or homeless shelter and give your time, just to say thank you.

Keep Walking and Much Thanksgiving LOVE!

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Stiletto's said...

Great Post! This truly is a time to reflect on our many blessings and walk in total graditude. In spite of where we may find ourselves standing (in heels), we must say "Thank You Lord".

Keep going forth in the work of the Lord.