Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Help Oklahoma

Today's post is dedicated to the people of Oklahoma.

Moore, Oklahoma and surrounding cities were hit with several tornados that ripped through, ravaged the cities, and uprooted lives.

The thing that is most devastating is that the tornados went right through a elementary school.  To date there were 24 people who lost their lives but what has really effected me was the nine children killed during this act of nature.

Like many of you, I watch the news in complete shock.  I looked at the way nature had level buildings, tore up trees and moved cars as though they were matchbox size.  The people of OKC although prepared were not ready for such an act of nature.  

As always American stick together and weather any storm or destruction.  We have an opportunity to extend our hands and help someone else in need.

So I am asking that everyone do something to support the people of OKC.  Contact the American Red Cross for ways that you can help http://www.redcross.org/m/index.jsp.   Or call 313.833.4440.

You can also text Red Cross at 90999 to make a donation.

I encourage you to keep walking...


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Erin R said...

Such a horrible disaster!