Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blank Page Blues

I have the blank page blues….I hate when this happens.  You can liken it to writer’s block or lack of imaginative focus, but whatever we call it, I’ve got it.

Every week, I find myself stuck. Even with my handy dandy content calendar, I cannot think of anything timely or relevant to express.  It is an empty feeling. I often worry if anybody is out there.  Is anybody actually being engaged, encouraged, or uplifted knowing that everybody goes through some type of struggle or life event.  Everything is not perfect.

While there is no lack of activity in my life, finding a story that is compelling, motivating, and in essence humorous, is often a challenge. 

So as I stare at a blank page.  I use the writing technique of brainstorming to see what flows out of my overcrowded mind: bills…depressing, yard work…boring, job…not even gonna…so I type and I stare out the window. The rain is dampening my hopes of a lively, endearing story or tale.  Everything is just wet…and gray.  Soooooooooo…..look at these great shoes......
Gee-Nine West

What has transpired this week that has inspired me?  What great feats have I accomplished that I must brag about on the blog of my existence? How should I inspire the readers to go forth with diligence and determination?

*Crickets* Can’t think of a thing?

However, even in the midst of brain freeze, blank pages, writer’s block or any other hindrance to me expressing my thoughts on paper, I still am so thankful and grateful for all that I have, know, feel, and think.  Writing is definitely a process and takes time and effort to bring forth the best.  It’s just like life, we live, we love, and we learn.  Our lives are full of experiences that we can learn from, share, and appreciate the lessons.   When I write I use this platform to help others to grow and laugh.

This new emergence of thoughts and writing has ignited the FaithWithHeels flame.  I am ready to get back in action and get connected to women (& men) who want to see others grow in business, life, and living. 

So, I guess I didn’t let the blank page blues defeat me as I have filled much of the page with my random thoughts!
Keep Walking in Faith! & fill those blank pages with life,


Anonymous said...

What an excellent summary of how it feels to have writer's block! I HATE when that happens! So frustrating. When this occurs for me, I generally just step away ... no amount of prodding makes my mind engage if the time just isn't right for writing. I love the premise of your blog, and you feature some really cute shoes to boot (pun intended . . . ahhhh);)

Faith WithHeels said...

Hi Linda,


Yes, I get writer's block something terrible.

Keep watching for the boots, typically around Fall!

Erin R said...

Love this post! The whole thing about writing being a process - so true!

Sometimes when we think we have nothing to say, we end up saying a lot.

Allen Hill said...

This Women's High Heels shoes looking so nice and something is different also.

Faith WithHeels said...

Yeah, it's hard when you run out of stuff to say... and I am a talker.